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Trulia - Real Estate, Homes for Sale, Sold Properties, Apartments for Rent | Your Complete Housing Resource Real Estate, Homes for Sale, REALTORS, Real Estate Agents, Home Values - HomeGain Professional CoreLogic RealQuest® Professional is a never-ending property and ownership search engine that minimizes cost, increases productivity and guides you toward sound decisions. I t is the nation's largest online property information database, giving real estate professionals instant access to accurate, exportable data on 97% of all property transactions in the U.S. It was purpose built for professional organizations requiring flexible search options from more than 90 search criteria, on-the-fly reporting, an all-encompassing array of mortgage analytics, advanced automated valuation solutions, mapping solutions and delivery options. RealQuest Professional delivers many of our core solutions, including: Foreclosure Activity, LoanSafe®, LoanSafe® Risk Manager, HistoryPro Review®, Freddie Mac HVE®, TrueLTV TM , PreQualPro TM , GeoAVM Cascades, more than 10 individual AVMs, document images and much more. Learn More.

3 Dividend Stocks That Are Now Too Cheap To Ignore The European debt crisis has been an ongoing threat to the market for many months, and now a slowing economy in China and the U.S. is adding to market stress. If that wasn't enough, the "Fiscal Cliff" islooming as we get closer to the end of the year. If Congress and the President don't find a solution, automatic budget cuts will kick in, along with tax increases, which could create a very big blow to this already fragile economy. Investors are in a tough spot because staying in cash or money market type accounts will pay almost nothing, and yet the stock market can be too volatile at times. This means the best strategy for many investors is to stick with what has been working, and that means select dividend stocks. Wellpoint, Inc. Do you trust this author to give you good analysis? Follow and be the first to know when they publish. Follow Hawkinvest (2,040 followers) Value, growth at reasonable price, deep value, contrarian New! Follow these related stocks Share this article with a colleague

Department of Housing and Community Development HousingMaps ABCs of Real Estate 10 "Cheap" Stocks Yielding Up To 12.2% You've likely heard of this valuation method countless times: The price-to-earnings (P/E) ratio that analysts use to compare a stock's current share price to its per-share earnings. By this measure, stocks may appear "cheap." The benchmark S&P 500 now trades at a P/E of 14 times 2013's estimated earnings -- well below a long-term average of about 15. But a low P/E doesn't always spell opportunity. Consider Capital Products Partners (Nasdaq: CPLP) and Ship Finance International (NYSE: SFL), both in the oil-shipping industry. Which is the better deal? It's not that easy. That's where the P/E and growth (PEG) ratio comes in handy. For this ratio, the P/E multiple can be based on next year's estimated earnings, this year's estimated earnings or trailing earnings for the past four quarters. Generally speaking, stocks are fairly priced when the PEG ratio equals 1. So let's take another look at Capital Product and Ship Finance. [Related -3 Dividend Shares At All-Time Highs] -- Carla Pasternak

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