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Resources for Real Estate Sellers

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This is a very thorough real estate list to assist sellers as they consider whether to list their home through the closing process.

An (Almost) Guaranteed Way to Sell Your House in 10 Days: 5 Steps. Well duh!

An (Almost) Guaranteed Way to Sell Your House in 10 Days: 5 Steps

But yeah, most people don't. Most homeowners look around at the closest competition and think, "well, if they are listing their home at this much, I should definitely be able to get at least that much if not more, because I have yada yada yada". This is extremely common but it's also one of the best ways to stay on the market as long as possible. I know this works firsthand because when we tried to sell our property for $349,000 a very similar property popped up in the neighborhood for $299,000. I couldn't believe they were selling that low! Why Isn't My House Selling. Most real estate agents have probably been asked the question “why isn’t my home selling?”

Why Isn't My House Selling

The answer in some circumstances may not be abundantly clear. In other cases, there is no doubt why the house isn’t selling. As a home seller, the thing you dread most is being unable to sell your home. What if you put it up on the market, do all that hard work, and no one is interested? Dwelling on such thoughts can be upsetting, to say the least. But fortunately, your worries are probably somewhat unfounded. Below you will find the most common reasons why your house isn’t selling. 1. Taking pictures of your home with your mobile device might have been good enough ten years ago, but it is certainly not good enough now. You can talk to your Realtor about getting the best pictures taken – whether the Realtor excels at it, knows someone or can find a professional to handle the photos. Photography is one of the most important aspects of real estate marketing. 2. 3. 4. Drones for Real Estate Marketing Gives a Unique View of Your Home.

Market With Drone Photography and Videos My business partner and I invested a bunch of money and time into purchasing a high quality drone, receiving our remote pilots license and learning to fly a drone.

Drones for Real Estate Marketing Gives a Unique View of Your Home

We wanted to provide drone services for marketing our home sellers home. For us, we wanted to bring it drone services in house so we could provide drone photography and drone videography to every home seller where it might seem like a good fit. Because we own the equipment and shoot the footage and stills ourselves we can provide drone services no matter the price point of the listing. Advancement in Drone Technology Makes Aerial Videos and Stills Easy. How to Remove a Popcorn Ceiling.

Popcorn Ceiling Removal Tips One of the more popular home renovation searches is how to remove a popcorn ceiling.

How to Remove a Popcorn Ceiling

With good reason as popcorn ceilings are no longer an appealing feature in today’s homes. Popcorn ceilings were all the rage in the 1960s and for many years after – partly because people liked them, and partly because they made building homes that much easier. As a builder, you didn’t have to create a perfect ceiling with all its tough angles and lines. You could just popcorn the ceiling instead, which covered up any imperfections. Today, few buyers are interested in retaining the popcorn material on their ceilings. Great Kitchens Help Sell Homes. Kitchens Are Key To Selling Homes Selling a house can be both tricky and unpredictable.

Great Kitchens Help Sell Homes

Things that make sense to you, the homeowner, can be a sticking point for buyers. 9 Questions To Ask Before Refinancing Your Mortgage. Chances are, during your time as a homeowner you will be looking at refinancing your mortgage.

9 Questions To Ask Before Refinancing Your Mortgage

Refinancing is a critical financial decision that could potentially help you save a considerable amount of money when done for the right reasons and at the right time. The ability to potentially lower your payment or decrease the time you are paying are definitely worth considering. Before setting your home refinancing plan in motion, it is important to make sure that it is truly beneficial for you. Take time to reassess your financial standing, and ask yourself the following nine questions before pursuing a refinance opportunity.

5 Remodeling Mistakes Home Owners Make that Effect Future Value. There will come a time when a home may not quite suits the owners needs anymore.

5 Remodeling Mistakes Home Owners Make that Effect Future Value

And it come time to decide whether to remodel or buy a new home. In this article we will discuss 5 remodeling mistakes that homeowners make. I will approach the 5 remodeling mistakes from the aspect of value. Of course most homeowners want to get top dollar when the sell their home. And, most homeowners expect to get a return on their remodel in the future. Top 10 Projects To Add Value To A Home On A Budget. How To Cheaply Add Value To A Home Top 10 Projects To Add Value To A Home On A Budget!

Top 10 Projects To Add Value To A Home On A Budget

Every homeowner wants to add value to their home. There are dozens of great ways to increase a homes value that can cost tens of thousands of dollars, such as a full kitchen remodel. The reality is that many homeowners don’t have tens of thousands of dollars laying around to complete such projects. Just because a homeowner doesn’t have a lot of additional money, doesn’t mean that they cannot add value to their home. The Most Annoying Things Home Sellers Deal With. There are few times more exciting than when you finally sell your home.

The Most Annoying Things Home Sellers Deal With

If you are lucky, you wind up making quite a bit of money – money you can use to buy a new home, invest or just have fun. Who doesn’t enjoy that? But the path leading to your sale might not be quite as much fun. In fact, it may be really annoying and tedious at times. What do you charge for a real estate Commission. Every month I can get several phone calls asking “What do you charge for a real estate commission?”

What do you charge for a real estate Commission

Should I Have Aerial (drone) Photos Or Videos Taken Of My Home For Sale? The latest and greatest real estate marketing techniques include virtual reality video, 3D video, high definition photography and aerial photographs and videos. Aerial photographs and videos can present an overhead view of homes and the surrounding features. Aerial pictures of a home are not necessary for every home and in some cases should be the last thing home sellers should pay extra for since it adds very little to the marketing of the home. What Kinds Of Homes Would Benefit From Drone (aerial) Photos and Videos? Homes with a few accessory features in and around the home are great to show off from above so buyers know where the pool is in relation to the main home or where the basketball court is in relation to the garage. Do Open Houses Sell? Real estate agents have long debated the value of open houses. Some sellers wonder if the Open House is worth the work and inconvenience.

Some even complain that agents only do open houses to pick up clients, not to sell their home. There are sellers who wonder why they should open their homes to the public if most people coming through are not serious buyers. Preparing for an open house is a great deal of work because the house should be its perfect, and then you have to be away for most of the day, not to mention wear and tear on the house and the risk of theft. Do you need an open house? Online listings are undoubtedly important. How Do You Calculate The Square Footage of Your Home. The square footage of your home plays a large role in how to market your home and the buyers that will be attracted to your home as well. In this article we will be discussing How Do You Calculate the Square Footage of Your Home?

Obviously, a 1200 square foot home will function much differently than a 4000 square foot home. The cost of construction alone will be quite significant. 5 Wood Siding Care and Maintenance Tips. When it comes time to sell your home having your homes siding in tip top shape goes a long way in increasing curb appeal. Wood siding is certainly a very desirable finish for many home buyers if you show it off looking its best. Allura, a manufacturer of fiber cement products for your home has written a guest post on how to care for your natural wood siding. Regular care and maintenance will go a long way in maintaining the beautiful look of your wood siding. One of the most beautiful siding choices for your home exterior is wood siding.

It offers a classic warm feeling that works well in a variety of regions and on various styles of homes. The upkeep of wood siding isn’t as intense or time-consuming as many believe, especially if you take actions to prevent potential issues before they become a real problem. Do Solar Panels Make Sense For Homeowners? With energy prices and energy consumption trending higher many homeowners think about the idea of installing solar panels on the roof of their home in order to save money on energy bills and possibly boost the value.

Like real estate solar is also location dependent and those homeowners in states with higher average annual sunshine will see a quicker return on investment than those with lower average sunshine or in areas where the sun may be blocked by trees or other geographical features. The type of solar energy system installed can also dictate whether a homeowner will realize a boost in home value in addition to the savings on the energy bill. Types Of Solar Systems While there are water solar heating systems available for sale, when homeowners think about solar panels on a home they think about the kind that can generate electricity. The two different types of solar electrical generation systems available are grid tied and off grid systems.

What is The Legal Requirement For a Bedroom. The Definition of a Bedroom. How Do You Determine Your Homes Value When Selling A Home. How To Purchase And Renovate A Fixer-Upper. What is Dual Agency and Why Buyers & Sellers Should Avoid it. How Does Dual Agency Work? One of my duties as a real estate agent is to explain how agency law works in Massachusetts.

In fact, I am required by law to explain agency law at my first meeting with a prospective buyer or seller client. What To Know About An Estate Sale - 9 Essential Tips For Success. Six Reasons Your Home Did Not Sell. When a home listed for sale expires off of the market without so much as an offer there are a number of common reasons as to why that happened. Some of the causes of having an unsold home are the responsibility of the real estate agent if there is one involved. Other aspects of selling a home are done in coordination with the real estate agent but is the primary responsibility of the home seller (setting the listing price for example). How to Write The Best Real Estate Listing For Your Home. Writing Compelling Real Estate Copy. What To Do When Your Buyer Requests Home Inspection Repairs. You have prepared your house for the market as best as you can, priced it accordingly and have your property under agreement.

Now you are nervously waiting the home inspections results. The buyers have a long list of repair requests. The 3 critical P's when selling your home. Everything else is just cherries on top. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with information and advice from all directions as to the things you need to do when selling your home. You read an article that details the 27 must-do items. They couldn't come up with a nice round list of 30? How To Sell a Family Members Home.

Losing a loved one is a difficult event that everyone deals with at some point in their life. It is overwhelming and can turn your life upside down. The Biggest Flooring Mistakes Sellers Make ... According to Realtors. 16 Spring Home Maintenance Tips For Your Home. The Worst Home Selling Advice Some People Believe. Do open houses sell homes? Should I have an open house?

Marketing Strategies Expert Realtors Use To Help Sell Your Home. Tips For Selling a Waterfront Property. 5 Ways To Make Moving Out Easier - Guide To Moving Out Of A House. 7 Habits of Highly Effective Home Sellers. Denying Showings of Your Home? What is Costing You? What To Clean Up When Preparing Your Home For Sale. Does Sex Sell in the Luxury Real Estate Market? How To Make Your Home More Eco-Friendly. Blow Up your home sale with these 7 common mistakes home sellers make. 5 Important Tips For Selling A Multi-Family Home. Using Drones To Sell Homes. Tips to Not Get Robbed at an Open House. 7 Simple Repairs To Help Your Home Show Better And Sell Faster. Should I Hire A Part Time Real Estate Agent? 1031 Exchange In Real Estate - Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky Real Estate. Killer Tips for Staging Your Home to Sell. 5 Things To Expect When You Choose The Wrong Realtor. How To Know When The Home Seller Isn’t Serious About Selling.

Add Value to your Home for the Next Generation. 9 Reasons to Not Overprice Your Home. Ten Things Home Sellers Should Keep in Mind. Green Home Improvements. 10 Important Real Estate Seller Terms To Know - Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky Real Estate. How To Appeal Your Property Tax Valuation - Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky Real Estate. Selling in a Seller’s Market: Guidelines to Follow. Tips to Help Your Home Sell. The Real Estate Professionals Who Help With Selling Your Home - Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky Real Estate. 12 BEST Summer Open House Tips We've Ever Seen - Housefax Blog. 10 Telltale Signs A Home Is Overpriced. Why is My Home's List Price So Important?

8 Important Reasons Why You Still Need A Real Estate Agent  Pros and Cons of Deferred Showings. PROs And CONs Of Suitable Property Contingencies In Real Estate. 7 Easy Ways to Prepare Your Home to Sell - Housefax Blog. Real Estate Tips on Flipboard. 12 Tips to Increase the Value of your Marin County Home - Marin County Real Estate. How to Transfer a Mortgage to Your Spouse. Comprehensive Guide To Buying Or Selling A Home - Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky Real Estate. Why Sellers Need to Hire a Real Estate Agent. Home Improvement & Remodeling Trends by State - USA. Winter Curb Appeal DOES Matter: Boost Yours with Top Tips.

Smart Home Features That Can Improve The Value Of Your Home (Infographic) - Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky Real Estate. Why Overpricing Your Home is a Bad Idea. Remodeling Ideas to Increase Home ValueWarner Robins Real Estate – Warner Robins GA 31088. Should I Sell My Home During The Holidays. Home Selling Mistakes You Must Avoid - Frederick Real Estate Online. Coral Springs Real Estate/South Florida Real Estate. How To Sell An Inherited Home - Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky Real Estate. Cost Effective Kitchen Upgrades. Should I Use A Discount Broker To Sell My Home? - Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky Real Estate. Selling your Home? 6 Improvements to Net You More Money! How to Enlist Neighbors to Help Sell Your HouseWarner Robins Real Estate – Warner Robins GA 31088. Selling Your Home And The Buyer Cancels. Improvements That Will Boost Your Home's Value. How To Successfully Sell A Home Remotely.

Does Your Home Have Curb Appeal. 10 Things to Do Before Listing Your House for Sale. Things To Avoid When Selling Your Home. What to Look For When Choosing a Storage Facility. What is a Backup Real Estate Offer. Pre-Sale and Staging Tricks to Avoid. Seller’s Moving Checklist. 6 Reasons Your Home is Not Selling. What is Value Range Pricing. How to Sell Your Home in the Spring. Selling A House and Getting Top Dollar.

Coral Springs Real Estate/South Florida Real Estate. 10 Tips For Sellers to Shine During the Inspection. Top Frequently Asked Questions From Home Seller's. Should Sellers Renovate or Sell Their Home.