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Resources for Real Estate Sellers

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This is a very thorough real estate list to assist sellers as they consider whether to list their home through the closing process.

How Do You Calculate The Square Footage of Your Home. 5 Wood Siding Care and Maintenance Tips. When it comes time to sell your home having your homes siding in tip top shape goes a long way in increasing curb appeal.

5 Wood Siding Care and Maintenance Tips

Wood siding is certainly a very desirable finish for many home buyers if you show it off looking its best. Allura, a manufacturer of fiber cement products for your home has written a guest post on how to care for your natural wood siding. Regular care and maintenance will go a long way in maintaining the beautiful look of your wood siding. One of the most beautiful siding choices for your home exterior is wood siding. It offers a classic warm feeling that works well in a variety of regions and on various styles of homes. The upkeep of wood siding isn’t as intense or time-consuming as many believe, especially if you take actions to prevent potential issues before they become a real problem. Do Solar Panels Make Sense For Homeowners? With energy prices and energy consumption trending higher many homeowners think about the idea of installing solar panels on the roof of their home in order to save money on energy bills and possibly boost the value.

Do Solar Panels Make Sense For Homeowners?

Like real estate solar is also location dependent and those homeowners in states with higher average annual sunshine will see a quicker return on investment than those with lower average sunshine or in areas where the sun may be blocked by trees or other geographical features. The type of solar energy system installed can also dictate whether a homeowner will realize a boost in home value in addition to the savings on the energy bill. Types Of Solar Systems While there are water solar heating systems available for sale, when homeowners think about solar panels on a home they think about the kind that can generate electricity. The two different types of solar electrical generation systems available are grid tied and off grid systems. Around. Contract. Bottom Line. What is The Legal Requirement For a Bedroom. The Definition of a Bedroom Working as a real estate agent, many people ask me what the legal requirement for a bedroom is.

What is The Legal Requirement For a Bedroom

They are usually asking because they have a room in their home which may have the potential to be a bedroom. How Do You Determine Your Homes Value When Selling A Home. When it come time to list your home the first question your going to ask “how do you determine your homes value?”

How Do You Determine Your Homes Value When Selling A Home

There is nothing more critical than determining the correct price on your home. There are serious consequences to overpricing your home and letting it linger on the market unsold. How To Purchase And Renovate A Fixer-Upper. Tips For Purchasing A Fixer-Upper How To Purchase & Renovate A Fixer-Upper Mark Twain famously said “buy land, they’re not making it anymore.”

How To Purchase And Renovate A Fixer-Upper

This sentiment has been the driving force behind people that wish to flip a home for a profit. While it can be a good way to earn money on an investment, there are also some items to consider in order to avoid losing money. Getting the right property, correctly estimating costs and sales price, and lining up the money are all vital to making sure this kind of investment is profitable. What is Dual Agency and Why Buyers & Sellers Should Avoid it. How Does Dual Agency Work?

What is Dual Agency and Why Buyers & Sellers Should Avoid it

One of my duties as a real estate agent is to explain how agency law works in Massachusetts. In fact, I am required by law to explain agency law at my first meeting with a prospective buyer or seller client. Real Estate agents can essentially do one of three things; represent a seller, a buyer or both. When a real estate agent represents both parties in a real estate transactions, it is what’s known as dual agency. Over the years many buyers and sellers have asked me how dual agency works. Most people recognize the benefits of working with an exceptional real estate agent. What To Know About An Estate Sale - 9 Essential Tips For Success. Estate Sale Basics What To Know About Estate Sales – 9 Essential Tips An estate sale involves the sale of most or all the belongings of an estate or a family, and most often happens when the head of the estate passes away.

What To Know About An Estate Sale - 9 Essential Tips For Success

Something must be done with all the belongings and/or property, and selling it is usually the most practical way to dispose of it. An estate sale may also involve the sale of a home or other property. People often use the term “estate sale” in different ways. Six Reasons Your Home Did Not Sell. When a home listed for sale expires off of the market without so much as an offer there are a number of common reasons as to why that happened.

Six Reasons Your Home Did Not Sell

Some of the causes of having an unsold home are the responsibility of the real estate agent if there is one involved. Other aspects of selling a home are done in coordination with the real estate agent but is the primary responsibility of the home seller (setting the listing price for example). If a home seller still has in mind the goal of selling their home this list of six common reasons why a home does not sell will help home sellers get back on track and get their home sold. 1. Pricing Overpricing is one of the main reasons a house will not sell. How to Write The Best Real Estate Listing For Your Home. Writing Compelling Real Estate Copy The only way people are going to know about how amazing your house is is if you tell them.

How to Write The Best Real Estate Listing For Your Home

They won’t know how many awesome BBQ dinners they can have out on the back deck, how relaxing the bathtub in the master suite is, how close you are to some great schools or how they can make all of their culinary dreams come true in the extraordinary kitchen unless you tell them. Writing an informative, honest and compelling listing is one of the most important aspects of selling a home. You could hire someone else to do it, like a real estate agent, but they don’t know and love the home like you do. Only someone who has truly lived in the home can describe it to someone else in a way that will really help him or her see why it is such a great house. What To Do When Your Buyer Requests Home Inspection Repairs. You have prepared your house for the market as best as you can, priced it accordingly and have your property under agreement.

What To Do When Your Buyer Requests Home Inspection Repairs

Now you are nervously waiting the home inspections results. The buyers have a long list of repair requests. The 3 critical P's when selling your home. Everything else is just cherries on top. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with information and advice from all directions as to the things you need to do when selling your home.

You read an article that details the 27 must-do items. They couldn't come up with a nice round list of 30? Selling your home is not rocket science. Do the fundamentals and do them well and your home should do really well too. In my personal opinion, these are the 3 critical, non-negotiable action items you need to focus on when selling your home. How To Sell a Family Members Home. Losing a loved one is a difficult event that everyone deals with at some point in their life. It is overwhelming and can turn your life upside down. An extra layer of stress and concern comes when you are tapped to be the executor of a loved one’s estate.

True, you have been chosen and entrusted to carry out the wishes of the deceased, but it is still a difficult and lengthy affair. Following these tried and true tips on how to sell a family members home should keep you organized, motivated, and aid in getting you through this emotional and physical process. When a home is involved, the complications can quickly multiply. The Biggest Flooring Mistakes Sellers Make ... According to Realtors. Flooring Mistakes that People make when selling their house Over the last 10 years, I’ve seen tons of houses, and I’ve worked with so many new home buyers who are remodeling their newly purchased homes (after they close, but before they move in). I see some crazy things, and I hear so many buyers criticizing the flooring choices (as well as design choices) the sellers have made. It seems to me that many sellers are leaving money on the table. Sometimes, they are penny-wise pound foolish, sometimes they just don’t know what will give them the best return on investment, sometimes, they don’t plan ahead/don’t have enough time, and sometimes, the homeowner simply doesn’t have the money to prepare and optimize their house for sale.

The result: They are leaving money on the table and often prolonging their time on the market. Note: I understand that most sellers generally want to spend the lowest amount possible to get the highest return. There are a common themes you’ll see: Biggest Turn-offs. 16 Spring Home Maintenance Tips For Your Home. What Are The Most Important Home Maintenance Tasks To Complete In The Spring? 16 Spring Home Maintenance Tips Let’s be honest, being a homeowner at times can be tough! It always seems like there is a laundry list of things that need to get done. Before you know it, the weekend comes and goes, and it’s hard to find time to conquer the lengthy to-do list. With spring around the corner and the days getting longer – now is a great time to finally get caught up with some of these common household chores. To help get you started, we gathered a list of 16 spring home maintenance tips you can tackle before the spring season hits.

The Worst Home Selling Advice Some People Believe. Do open houses sell homes? Should I have an open house? Marketing Strategies Expert Realtors Use To Help Sell Your Home. Selling a home is not a simple matter of taking a few pictures, putting it up on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and then the home will sell. Tips For Selling a Waterfront Property. The Best Tips For Selling a Waterfront Property. 5 Ways To Make Moving Out Easier - Guide To Moving Out Of A House. 7 Habits of Highly Effective Home Sellers. Some homes get listed and sold within hours or days!

Denying Showings of Your Home? What is Costing You? What To Clean Up When Preparing Your Home For Sale. Does Sex Sell in the Luxury Real Estate Market? Does Sex Sell in the Luxury Real Estate Market? How Sex Sells in the Luxury Real Estate Market With the way advertising in general has been moving, here is a question that you can’t get away from: does sex sell in the luxury real estate market?

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