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Real Estate Valuations, Homes for Sale, Free Real Estate Information

Evaluation Curriculum Overview What is the UW-Extension curriculum in program development and evaluation? This curriculum includes a series of professional development opportunities in evaluation (face-to-face training, distance learning, CD and web-based instruction, print and web materials) relevant to Extension programming contexts and responsive to the learning styles and needs of Extension employees. It includes offerings at both the competency and proficiency levels of learning. It is based on best practices in program development and established standards in evaluation (Program Evaluation Standards, 1994.) Competency is defined as "a sufficient quantity of knowledge, skill and ability to accomplish a particular task or purpose" (UW-Extension Career Development Committee, 2001) Proficiency refers to advanced skill, knowledge or experience that will help an individual carry out a task, position, job with greater ability. Who participates? What is the recommended schedule? How is the curriculum delivered?

InnoVia Login Supported browsers: Internet Explorer 10+, FireFox 36+, Safari 6+, and Chrome 41+ supported (non beta) Screen resolution of 1024x768 or higher recommended Required InnoVia Settings Microsoft Bing Maps Platform API Terms of Use Welcome to The WARDEX ® GuitarTutee | Guitar Tutorial Videos, Chords, Tabs, Lyrics. Sing With Us. Hands on Banking – Educators Whether you're a classroom teacher, a program director, or a college instructor, you understand the importance of a solid financial curriculum. Now, by using Hands on Banking®—the free, fun, and engaging financial program from Wells Fargo—you can help students of any age build a brighter financial future. The Hands on Banking online financial courses include free instructor guides with classroom lessons and activities that will help you guide students through real-life scenarios, group discussions, and other activities designed to teach valuable money management skills and help them take control of their finances. All without endorsements or commercials. The Hands on Banking curriculum is designed for four age groups: Kids—4th and 5th grades Teens—6th through 8th grades Young Adults—ages 15 through 21 Adults Take Advantage of Free Resources The Hands on Banking program is available in English or Spanish and offers many benefits, such as: Education Students Can Use Identify "needs" vs.

Using Technology to Encourage Writing The first time I saw an Elmo (a digital visual presenter) in action, my mind was flooded with ideas about how I could use it in my classroom to encourage my students to write. Since writing with a strong voice is one of the common weaknesses found in the writing of the students in my middle school, I was able to convince my principal to buy one for the English department with the guarantee that I could show him obvious improvements in students' writing as a result of using the Elmo. I was a little nervous and hoped that my confidence was well placed -- having only seen one and not actually having used it. The box arrived several weeks later, and the kids and I excitedly worked together to figure out how to get it to operate. Basically, using a built-in camera, it projects whatever you put on the platform up onto a whiteboard or screen. It didn't take too much time before it was up and running. Hilary went first. After Hilary finished, other students had a chance to revise the same way.

New Cars Pricing and Comparisons Local, Regional and National Car Price Reports at TrueCar How to Use a Press Pot The ubiquitous press pot. It's everywhere. It's seemingly easy to use, right? Well, yes, but a little understanding of the device, how it works, and maybe a bit about the history of the product will get you using yours better. If you want some of the richest coffee you can get, a press pot can deliver. What may surprise most is that you can also get a relatively clean brew from it as well, if you have the right tools and prep everything correctly. The Press Pot History First, a bit of my own history. But how about the real history of the Press Pot? By the early 1900s, the press pot, called a "Cafeolette" starting becoming more popular and was showing up on grocery store shelves. In fact, Bodum is probably more responsible for the common day occurrence of the press pot than any other company. Factors that make a good pot of Press Pot Coffee If there's one thing that you need to take away from this how to, it's this. Let's think about something here. I'll say it once more. Maybe not.

Edge New web 2.0 tools appear each day. Many of these tools were not originally intended for classroom use, but they can be powerful learning tools for today's techno-savvy students and their more adventurous teachers. These sites appear (and frequently disappear) very quickly, launched by creative techno-geeks out there in the world. Many of these tools require a higher-than-average set of teacher tech skills or some extra monitoring to assure student "safety." TeachersFirst Edge reviews these "tools on the Edge" carefully, and with specific ideas for using them safely and effectively in teaching and learning. Especially popular is this subset of the Edge: BYOD Dream Tools: Free tools that work on any device. This is the world your students already know. See General Tips for using Edge Tools - a must for first-time users Browse the full listing of detailed safety/school policy tips or save time by reading them as needed from each tool review. Here's the Edge:

Table of Contents 1 Introduction to SyncJe for BlackBerry. 3 A) Purchasing a License. 3 B) Required Components. 3 2 Installing SyncJe for BlackBerry. 4 A) Download directly to BlackBerry. 4 B) Download to Desktop and transfer files to BlackBerry. 4 3 Settings for SyncJe for BlackBerry. 5 A) Adding required information to your BlackBerry. 5 B) Additional Settings on your BlackBerry. 7 C) WAP Gateway settings for various carriers. 8 4 Synchronize using SyncJe for BlackBerry. 10 A) Start Synchronization. 10 B) New Slow Sync Session. 11 C) Supported information. 11 D) Functions depending on OS version. 12 5 The Settings Dialog.. 13 A) License Name and Key. 13 B) Server URL. 13 C) User Name and Password. 13 D) Folders. 13 E) Auto Sync. 13 F) Only sync events between. 14 G) Transport Options. 14 H) HTTP User Name and Password. 14 I) Debug Log. 15 J) IMEI Number 15 6 Uninstall SyncJe for BlackBerry. 15 SyncJe for BlackBerry allows you to synchronize your Address Book, Calendars, Notes and Tasks with SyncML servers. 1.

Utah Personnel Development Center | Building a Framework for Student Success | Behavior What's New: Anita Archer just visited Utah, check out her materials and video clips: Click Here! See the Online home of the Utah Special Educator: I.M. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook Behavior Least Restrictive Behavioral Interventions (LRBI) Least Restrictive Behavioral Interventions are Utah policies related to the use of positive behavioral supports and behavioral interventions in schools. more >> PBIS & RTI - The Need for Academic & Behavioral Integration A 2.5 hour Wimba Presentation. FBA & BIP Forms The forms provided are samples which districts may choose to use. Utah Mental Health Resources Local Mental Health Agencies Serving Each Utah District (click on any region below for information.) more >> U of U Evidence Based Training for SED/BD Training School Psychologists to be Experts in Evidence Based Practices for Tertiary Students with Serious Emotional Disturbance/Behavior Disorders (SED/BD) more >> Safe & Civil Schools FAO Observer Tool

Install Bookmarklets on Delicious Bookmarklet Our bookmarklet lets you quickly add links from any web page. Make sure your bookmarks toolbar is visible, then drag this button there. Safari users need to enable third party cookies to remain logged in to the bookmarklet. Delicious Web Get more organized by saving links directly from Firefox. In Firefox, choose "Bookmarks Toolbar" in View > Toolbars. Save Buttons With a "Save this on Delicious" button, you can provide your site visitors an easy way to save it to Delicious. Add this link to your page to let people add your site to Delicious. Save this on Delicious