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Real Estate – Homes for Sale – Home Values – International Real Estate – RE/MAX

Real Estate – Homes for Sale – Home Values – International Real Estate – RE/MAX
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Why Do People Become Redfin Agents? Big news! Redfin just published a video about why people become Redfin agents. I make a corny appearance at the beginning and the end, but mostly we just ask Redfin agents what they like about it here. And they respond in very genuine, and sometimes surprising, ways: Redfin has already published how much a Redfin agent really earns compared to other folks in the industry, but never delved into the real reasons Redfin agents love it here: We recorded the video because, like many brokers, we’re still recruiting, even through the slow season. Real Estate Listings - Real Estate Agents | CENTURY 21

David's Bridal Welcomes International Shoppers! Welcome to David's Bridal, the United States' largest bridal retailer. We are proud to offer our wedding and special occasion products to shoppers around the world. Bridal Gowns & Bridal Party Attire Special Occasion & Party Dresses Ceremony & Reception Items Wedding Party Gifts Guest Favors... and so much more International Shopping Tips and Information: Select your county and currency below. If you don't see your country listed, please check back in the future as we expand our service offerings. David's Bridal international retail prices, promotions, and product may vary.

Document Checklist | Bank of America If a member of the household not listed on the loan is contributing to the household expenses, the non-borrower must also provide: If a member of the household who is not listed on the loan is contributing to the household expenses, the non-borrower must also provide: Request for Transcript of Tax Return (IRS Form 4506-T) Opens in a new window Non-Borrower Credit Authorization Form Opens in a new window The same income documentation (see page 2 of the Uniform Borrower Assistance Form) that is required for a borrower Only income that is contributed to the monthly payment, which should be noted in the Household Composition & Income section of the RMA The same income documentation that is required for a borrower Please also provide the necessary documentation for the type of income you receive: If your loan is from your state's Housing Finance Agency, please call your Customer Relationship Manager to understand which documents you need to submit. If you receive a salary or hourly wage:

Coach Tom Ferry | Real Estate Training and Coaching | How to Export Contacts from Top Producer This article will provide information about exporting contacts from Top Producer CRM into a .csv (Comma Separated Value) file that can be edited and saved locally on your computer. A .csv file is a standard file format that can be viewed and edited by a spreadsheet program like Microsoft Excel, and is commonly accepted as an import file by most 3rd party programs and services. Watch the Video Making use of your contacts outside of Top Producer CRM requires three separate steps: Searching for and selecting the contacts you wish to export, choosing an export method and saving the .csv file, and editing the content of the file for your desired use. Note: Before beginning the export, it is only possible to export the information that is within the data fields of Contact and Lead Records, Listings, and Closings. Step 1: Search for Contacts to Export Click Search for Contacts from the Contacts menu in the main menu bar. Click Export Contacts at the bottom of the page. Step 2: Export Contacts

How landlords can steer clear of bad tenants The following article is from Canadian Real Estate Wealth Magazine. Any landlord who has been involved in the real estate rental business for more than a few years has likely come across a tenant disaster, or at least knows somebody who has. One of the most common comments we hear from prospective, current, and former landlords relates to the headaches caused by accidentally renting to a bad tenant. The relationship between landlord and tenant is known to be rocky, at the very least, and disastrous or expensive in a worst-case situation. Bad tenants have left landlords with garbage to clean up after suddenly leaving a property, pet damage and repairs in suites clearly marked as not allowing pets, damage to property after massive parties, junk removal requirements after night-time move-outs, and everything in between. Horror stories are everywhere, and news travels fast: selecting the right tenants is the most important step in the real estate rental business. 1.) Rental application form

Real Estate Agent Software | Sell More Listings | Showing Suite 10 questions I asked when choosing an Agent Recently, my wife got the bug to move just because her brother was (I quickly killed that bug – we are NOT moving). I did however have a chance to interview 4 Real Estate agents. I quickly learned that they are not all created equal. I took some notes specifically for Dumb Little Man. Here are the questions I asked, the answers I got, and the answers I wanted to hear. Q: How are you going to advertise my home? Q. Q. Q: Show me your municipal reporting on the area? Q: What are your stats? Q: How accessible are you? Q: What is your commission? Q: How can I prepare to show my home? Q: Can I have the names and phone numbers of the last 3 people that listed with you? Please note – this is not anti-real estate agent. That’s it – good luck! -Jay