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Walking The Path Of ‘For Sale By Owner’ A First-Time Renter. Tips for the first-time renter If you are looking for a house on rent, and this is your first time, here are a few things that you will need to know.

A First-Time Renter

The first thing that you will need to figure out is how much rent you can afford. A basic rule is to only go for homes where the rent does not exceed about 30% of your monthly income. You will also have to factor in the costs of utilities – electricity, water, etc. An Online Listing. Promoting a property sale online Nowadays, an online listing is no longer seen as a choice – and there should be no reason for it to be, because it is one of the most cost-effective ways of marketing a property.

An Online Listing

The internet allows a property to be visible to a very broad pool of buyers – right from those viewing online listings to users of social media. Let us look at how to go about using this tool the right way. The first rule of online listings is to get the photographs right. On the internet, photographs are the parameter used by prospective buyers to judge a property – even if the home boasts of great features, poor quality/inadequate photographs may make prospective buyers think that the property doesn’t even merit a visit, and make them move on to the many other available options. Features that you should cover include the number of storeys, the size of the plot, number of rooms (also stating the number of bathrooms and bedrooms), total area, etc. Increasing Property Value While On A Budget. Low-cost methods to increase property value While it is a known fact among buyers that investing in renovations and home improvements can increase property value, many buyers may lack the money necessary for a large-scale remodel.

Increasing Property Value While On A Budget

Using Wallpaper In Your Home. Tips for using wallpaper Let us look at what you need to know before using wallpaper in your home.

Using Wallpaper In Your Home

Firstly, don’t go for wallpaper because of a sudden fancy. Do remember that the same wallpaper is used by many home owners for more than 10 years. Therefore, don’t approach using wallpaper with the attitude of “let’s see whether this works”. Take it seriously, and only proceed with using wallpaper after being thoroughly convinced that this is what you want. Don’t get carried away by the ‘latest trend’. However, the same can’t be said about striped wallpaper.

Do keep in mind that elements like wallpaper are only secondary details and cannot compensate for a badly designed home. You could have a word with an architect or interior designer before finalising on the colour and/or pattern of wallpaper – after all, you wouldn’t want to end up with wallpaper that does not go well with the rest of the room. Ahmedabad Real Estate: Reasons Why Property Investment in Gujarat Will Give Good ROI. Listing Price Strategies. Listing price strategies that home-sellers need to know If you are a home owner looking at selling your house, there are a few listing price strategies that you will need to know.

Listing Price Strategies

If you are fine with the home taking a long time to sell, then you can go for a broad pricing range and aim for the top of that range. You can look at how the market reacts to your price. If you are seeing that you are having very few takers for your price, you could try reducing the price – this can be used as an effective marketing tool. However, make sure that your home doesn’t sit too long on the market due to the ‘overpricing’, even if you have all the time in the world to sell it – it might end up acquiring the tag of ‘undesirable property’. In short, if you have priced the home too high, you might notice that your house is ending up sitting on the market for months without any takers. KNOW HOW CAN BUILDER OR INDIVIDUAL SELLER CAN CHEAT INVESTOR.

A Drip Irrigation System For Your Garden. What you need to know about drip irrigation systems Many associate gardening with a lot of hard work.

A Drip Irrigation System For Your Garden

In fact, the word ‘gardener’ immediately brings up the image of a man patiently holding a garden hose for long hours. Well, using a garden hose or watering can to water your plants is definitely hard work, but it isn’t really the smartest way to go about it. One smart way is to leave the job of watering to a drip irrigation system. Drip irrigation systems come with a multitude of benefits. If you install a system with an automatic timer, you can let the system take care of the garden by itself – a major convenience!

Not only does drip irrigation help with water conservation, it also helps with preventing the occurrence of over watering. Saving Time While Moving Into A New Home. Simple time-saving tips The process of moving into a new home can be quite exhausting indeed.

Saving Time While Moving Into A New Home

You have to worry about everything from whether everything is on board the moving van to whether anything will get damaged on the way. Another issue is that of time. Let us look at how to save time during the moving process. The key to saving time during moving is organization. Bathroom Remodelling Mistakes. Mistakes that you need to avoid while carrying out a bathroom remodel If you see that your bathroom requires it, it is a good idea to go ahead with a remodel.

Bathroom Remodelling Mistakes

Whether you are looking at it from the point of view of improving the quality of home living, or increasing resale value, a bathroom remodel is a good investment. However, there are certain mistakes that you will need to avoid while carrying out a bathroom remodel. One of the most common mistakes is setting an unrealistic budget, or not setting aside enough ‘buffer cash’ – after all surprise costs are quite common in remodelling projects. One of the blunders committed by many home owners is overlooking the bathroom exhaust fan. One mistake committed by many home owners is going for the wrong materials. Setting Up A Green Home Office.

How to set up a green home office Many are now seeing the need for setting up a home office in their home, with technology bridging the gap between home and the workplace.

Setting Up A Green Home Office

You must have surely heard of ‘green homes’, but what about a ‘green home office’? Let us look at how to set up a green home office. The first step towards setting up a green home office is reducing the energy consumed. Many spend long hours within their home office, thus making the home office a significant consumer of energy. Front-Yard Landscaping.

Front-yard landscaping tips to boost curb appeal Your front-yard is one of the main contributors to your home’s curb appeal.

Front-Yard Landscaping

While planning out the landscaping for your front-yard, do not forget to consider the house itself – size, architectural style etc. After all, landscaping and the house should complement each other and not clash. You will have to consider many factors like sunlight and hardscaping elements (like driveways, walkeways etc). You should also know what the focal point is. A Seller’s Market. Green Home Improvements That Save Money.

Saving money and the environment For instance, the quickest and easiest green home improvement you can carry out is switching to energy-efficient lighting like CFLs and LEDs. LEDs can be quite costly but are cheap in the long run due to their long life. LEDs For Home Lighting. Tips for using LEDs in your home CFLs and LEDs are seeing more and more users day by day. People are seeing the obvious advantages of CFLs and LEDs over traditional incandescents, without being distracted by the higher pricing. LEDs have more long-term advantages than CFLs. However, they are considerably more expensive than CFLs as well. Let us look at what you need to know before purchasing LEDs for your home.

First, let’s look at the main advantages of using LEDs. Now let us look at some of the drawbacks of LEDs. If you are looking at purchasing LEDs, buy it for areas which see frequent and long use of lighting – like recessed lighting in kitchens. Leaders in real estate development like Adani Realty understand how the choice of lighting can lead to great energy savings. While buying LEDs, only go for products from reputed brands. Compact Bathroom Storage. Increasing a small bathroom’s storage How does one increase a compact bathroom’s storage? Let’s look at a few tips. One easy way of boosting bathroom storage to a large extent is by going for a large medicine cabinet.

Surely, a large medicine cabinet may look slightly disproportionate in a small bathroom, but the benefits simply can’t be ignored. Dealing With Low Water Pressure In Your Home. Tips for handling low water pressure. What You Shouldn’t Forget While Selling A House. A Buyer’s Market. Selling Properties During Different Market Phases. Doing A Comparison Of Real Estate Agents. Choosing the right real estate agent through comparison. Traps To Avoid While Selling A Property. Purchasing A Home With A Relative Or A Friend. Real Estate Marketing.