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Property Buying Process Step by Step - Property Buying Process Step by Step. Tips to Choose a Real Estate Broker. How Home Resale Values Can Be Affected By Pets. How pets can affect your home’s resale value In today’s age of real estate prosperity in India, with grand projects like Shantigram in Ahmedabad by quality real estate developers like Adani Realty, Indians are becoming more and more aware about the finer details about real estate transactions.

How Home Resale Values Can Be Affected By Pets

One of the subjects that Indians have become greatly aware about, are pet-proofing one’s home. It may sound far-fetched, but can pets affect a home’s resale value? The answer is yes, pets can contribute to resale value, albeit in a small way. But one needs to take care of every small detail while looking at resale. One of the major ways that pets can affect your home’s resale value is by leaving scratches on household items, furniture etc. Another issue associated with pet is odour. Pets can also wreak havoc to landscaping. Signals That A Location's Value Will Increase Soon. One of the mantras in real estate circles is 'location, location, location'.

Signals That A Location's Value Will Increase Soon

It is not enough to invest in real estate; you must know where to invest. This is one of the skills of the most successful property investors - knowing where to invest. One of the main ways of earning through real estate investments is through capital appreciation. While it is certain that property values rise over the long term, the same cannot be said for the short term. The property market is very unpredictable and has its cycles - property values can go up or down. Firstly, you will need to see how close the location is to the city centre. Another sign is that of a decrease in the average number of days a property sits on the market before getting sold. Looking at the important parts of a rehab project If you are a property investor looking at rehabbing a property, you will need to know what the core elements of the rehab process are.

Let us look at these core elements. The kitchen is one of the most important parts of a rehab. You will need to take a good look at the kitchen and see whether the cabinets are in working order. If they are, you can brighten up the kitchen by simply repainting the cabinets and replacing the hardware, instead of replacing the cabinets which can be quite expensive. Anchor You will need to look at the existing layout of the kitchen – if there are issues with the layout, you might have to invest in a more large-scale rehab. Steering Real Estate Negotiations The Right Way. Making Sure That Your Rental Properties Are Occupied. Steps towards keeping your rental properties occupied If you are thinking of purchasing a rental property, or currently own rental properties, one of your main aims is to make sure that your properties are always occupied.

Making Sure That Your Rental Properties Are Occupied

Of course, vacancies cannot be completely avoided, but every rental property owner must strive to make sure that vacancies are minimal and as infrequent as possible. Getting The Best Tenants. Tips for getting the best tenants for your rental property As a landlord, you have primarily two assets – your rental property and good tenants.

Getting The Best Tenants

Tenants alone are not an asset – late- or non-paying tenants, or tenants who are troublesome or careless with your property are definitely not an asset, but a liability. As a landlord, you must take every step towards attracting good tenants – tenants who pay the rent on time, do not cause trouble, take good care of the property, etc. A Green Office. Tips for making the office space go green If you are currently running a business, or thinking of starting one, you should give serious thought to setting up a green office or making your current office space go green.

A Green Office

Let us look at how you can go about it. Firstly, you should be fully clear on what going green is all about. It is about design and products that result in minimum energy wastage, pollutants, waste and natural resource consumption. One of the simplest and most effective ways to go about this is through the use of natural light. Another step that you could take to make your office go green is by using the right materials. One way to make your office turn green is to ditch the use of paper as much as possible – not only will this help to save paper, it will also help to increase office efficiency and productivity as digital files are far more easier to search and access by employees, saving time as well as natural resources. Going green is no longer being seen as an option. Before Rehabbing A Property. What to consider before rehabbing a property One of the major ways of earning through the field of real estate is to fix and flip properties.

Before Rehabbing A Property

Fixing and flipping refers to purchasing a property that is not in good condition for a price that is below its market value, carrying out renovations and repairs, and selling the property later for a profit. Let us look at what to consider before purchasing a fixer-upper. One of the main advantages of buying a fixer-upper is that you may not face too much competition from other buyers. Most buyers look for ‘move-in ready’ homes and do not want to go through the hassle of fixing up a home that is not in good condition. Before Purchasing Commercial Property. Should you choose to buy or lease office space?

Before Purchasing Commercial Property

If you are looking at buying commercial property for your business, there are a few points that you will need to consider. Let us look at some of them. One of the biggest advantages of buying a commercial property for your business is the amount of control you will have over the property. You are the boss and you can carry out all kinds of renovations, upgrades, extensions, etc., as you wish. As your business grows and you see the need for carrying out structural changes and extensions to accommodate your business’s changing needs, you will not need to talk to any landlord for permission.

The Right Way To Start Searching For A Home. What to consider before starting your home search One of the most intimidating aspects of the process of purchasing a home is that of the search.

The Right Way To Start Searching For A Home

Home buyers are often confused as to where to start. Let us look at the right way to start searching for a home, and all the factors that you will need to consider. The first thing that you will need to consider is the city in which you wish to buy a house. This is a very important decision. After deciding the location, you must figure out what you can afford. For what you can afford, you may not get all that you want. One simply can’t be too careful while searching for a home – this effort will make sure that you save time and money in the long run. Purchasing A Foreclosure – Pros And Cons. Looking at the pros and cons of purchasing a foreclosure Many people buy homes with the help of financing from lenders.

Purchasing A Foreclosure – Pros And Cons

As part of the agreement between the buyer and the lender, the buyer is required to repay the loan in installments – monthly mortgage payments – for a certain number of years. However, when the buyer starts defaulting on his mortgage payments and is finding repaying on time a difficult task, and the lender doesn’t approve of a short sale or a short sale does not go ahead successfully, the lender will foreclose on the property, and attempt to sell it to recoup what is owed to them. The major advantage of buying a foreclosed property is the discount.

The Importance Of Research. Looking at the importance of research in real estate One cannot help but be filled with envy on seeing those who have made fortunes through property investing. It seems so easy on the surface – just buy a property here, just rent a property out to tenants, just sell a property there and you are a millionaire in no time. Such investors make making money through property investing look so easy. However, the truth is very different. Balancing Property Investing And A Day Job. How to balance property investing and your regular job If you are interested in getting into property investing but lament of ‘not being able to do so because of a regular job’, you will need to know that many individuals who are property investors are also professionals in other fields. Many started off as part-time property investors but got into full-time investing later. Of course, whether or not you want to get into full-time property investing is something that is entirely up to you, but balancing property investing and your regular job is something that is very much within your reach.

Let us look at how to go about successfully balancing property investing and a day job. Attending to maintenance and repairs, screening tenants, looking to the needs of tenants, etc., can take a huge chunk of one’s time and energy. Using Metrics For Real Estate Deals. What you need to know about using metrics for real estate deals Like many real estate investors know, knowing when and what to buy and when to sell is all a game of calculations – of metrics.

Let us look into metrics in more detail. Selecting A Contractor. How to select a contractor for renovations or remodelling Whether you are a property investor or a homeowner, hiring a contractor is something that you will have to do at some point. Let us look at what you will need to consider for making sure that you hire the right contractor. The first and most important thing to check is the contractor’s credentials. Check whether he is a licensed and qualified contractor and how many years of experience he has. You should ask him for references and talk to his previous clients. Those who have submitted mid-level bids can be considered as they tend to be the best balance of quality and pricing. Property Flipping Simplified. Simple steps to follow for flipping properties If you are thinking about getting into property flipping, but are confused as to how and where to begin, let us look at how to go about it step by step.

The first step is to study the local market. Take your time and do not proceed until you have studied your local market thoroughly. Along with this, you should also begin networking and socialising with property investors and flippers. This will teach you a lot about the field, and will bring you allies and potential partners. The second step is to study how to calculate the numbers. Property-Buying Traps. Parameters For Comparing Properties. The parameters used to compare properties.

Motion Sensor Lighting - Adani Realty – India Real Estate. The benefits of motion sensor Motion sensing lighting is a feature that benefits homeowners in four major ways – security, safety, convenience and energy-efficiency. Motion sensor lighting only switches on when required, and switches off automatically, thus using energy only when necessary. In fact, one could go for solar-powered motion sensor lighting for the outdoors. A trip to the bathroom in the night, walking into the kitchen for a midnight snack, using stairs that are not well-lit, walking outdoors in the dark etc – all can lead to slips/trips and falls due to poor visibility.

Often, such accidents involve the elderly. By installing motion sensor lighting, you can enhance your home security – anybody who trespasses onto your property will cause the motion sensor lighting to switch on. Property Marketing Mistakes. A ‘Fed-Up’ Purchase. Using Staging To Sell Your Home. Property Pricing Errors - Adani Realty – India Real Estate. Property Deal Victims - Adani Realty – India Real Estate. Practical Kitchen Ideas - Adani Realty – India Real Estate. Simple and practical ideas for your kitchen. The Importance Of A Real Estate Agent - Adani Realty – India Real Estate. The various functions performed by a real estate agent. How Property Deals Can Fail - Adani Realty – India Real Estate. Purchasing Flipped Properties - Adani Realty – India Real Estate. Adani Realty Building Homes In The Best Locations - Adani Realty – India Real Estate.