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Decorative Concrete Floor Ideas for your House. Concrete one of the versatile building and surfacing material used in construction, but on the contrary its appearance is restricted by style and ideas.

Decorative Concrete Floor Ideas for your House

However recent times have been witness to many such new designs, patterns and styles that are flooding the real estate sector to strike a balance with modernity. Here are a few ideas that will change the way your home floor looked with age old methods replaced by technically advance ones. Select one of your choice that will add the much required high-end feel to the house you have done up so beautifully, read on to find out how? The major techniques that are doing the rounds in the concrete design realm this season are discussed below: Acid stain This method creates a smooth, colourful, glossy finish over the concrete, giving out a professional yet modern and stylish appeal to it.

Knockdowns The technique is used to develop design and traction mainly around wet, slippery areas like pools, steps, walkways with the knock down method. Boosting Home Security With Landscaping. How to use landscaping to boost home security Good landscaping improves a home’s curb appeal to a large extent.

Boosting Home Security With Landscaping

This fact is evident while looking at Shantigram in Ahmedabad – Gujarat’s iconic township by India’s pioneer in real estate development, Adani Realty. The township is truly a delight to look at, and it is easy to see that Adani Realty has only used the best designers and landscape architects for Shantigram.

However, you might not know that landscaping can serve functions beyond curb appeal – like home security, for instance. A Green Kitchen. How to make your kitchen go green Today we are seeing the arrival of large-scale green residential projects like Shantigram in Ahmedabad – a product of India’s top property developer, Adani Realty, and the largest integrated township in Gujarat.

A Green Kitchen

With initiatives like solar streetlights, water recycling, rainwater harvesting, etc., Shantigram is truly as green as it gets. If a home can be likened to a plant, then the kitchen would be the leaves, and hence the ‘greenest’ part of the home. However, is your kitchen truly green? Professional Roof Construction Services.

Tips on hiring professional roof construction services for your home The roof of a house is one of its primary protective agents against the weather.

Professional Roof Construction Services

A single fault in the roof is enough to cause trouble to the entire house during heavy rain or wind. A roof that is not well-built and/or composed of the right materials will even lead to higher energy bills due to poor weather insulation. The situations during which you may have to hire professional roof construction services are: repair, renovation or initial construction. Often, roofs may develop leaks over time. In heavy monsoon regions of India, like Kerala, many homes built a decade or two ago, have developed multiple leaks in the roof rendering it impractical to seal each and every leak.

The Basic Components Of Rainwater Harvesting Systems. The parts that comprise a rainwater harvesting system In today’s times, water conservation is acquiring an increasing urgency.

The Basic Components Of Rainwater Harvesting Systems

One of the best ways of water conservation is rainwater harvesting. Let us look at why rainwater harvesting is such a great solution. Rainwater harvesting eases the load on the storm water runoff and sewer infrastructure. Rainwater harvesting also helps in the replenishment of groundwater levels. It is indeed a wasted opportunity when rainwater simply drains away - especially in a country where the population often faces water shortage. Regardless of the level of complexity, most rainwater harvesting systems are based on the same basic components. Secondly, there is the transportation system. Alarm Security Systems For Your Home. What you need to know about home security alarm systems Home safety is a concern for most individuals.

Alarm Security Systems For Your Home

A vacation away from home can often be filled with apprehension over home security. With the advancement of technology, there are many options available for home security alarm systems. Hard wired home security alarm systems use the electrical wiring within your home for communication between the system components, and the phone line for communicating with the monitoring service. The drawback is that if the power is severed/goes out, the system gets disabled unless there is an alternate power supply like batteries. Wireless home security alarm systems come with the advantage of portability.

Whether the system is hardwired or wireless, you can go for internet-based, cellular network-based etc., alarm systems. Top property developers like Adani Realty ensure that their residential projects are high on security. Homes For Senior Citizens in Shantigram. Adani Group to build retirement homes for the elderly in Shantigram After a lifetime of labour and toil, it is indeed heart-breaking to see the elderly struggle to manage the basic movements of daily life, in their twilight years.

Homes For Senior Citizens in Shantigram

It is truly saddening to see that, after decades of a busy schedule, when free time does arrive, one does not have the environment, support and company, to truly savour it. In this dark situation, there are people who spread light and hope. Like the Adani Group. To build Senior Citizen Living/Assisted Living/Retirement Homes of a global standard, in Shantigram, Adani Township and Real Estate Company Private Limited has tied up with Age Ventures India, a private not-for-profit trust formed in association with HelpAge India. Characteristics Of A Good Real Estate Agent. Looking at what makes a good real estate agent stand out from the rest If you are looking at buying or selling a home, it is highly recommended to hire a real estate agent as he will be a valuable ally and guide throughout the home-buying/home-selling process.

Characteristics Of A Good Real Estate Agent

However, it is not enough to hire just any real estate agent. Questions for Prospective Renters. Exactly Which Questions You Should Ask to Potential Renter Important things that will be required to ask potential renter before renting your property.

Questions for Prospective Renters

Good renter who is prepared to be very careful with your home as well as they are punctual with rental monthly payments will always make your task less difficult landlord a lot. The very first query you simply must inquire to your future renter is actually where he or she is doing work, as well as since just how long. This really is to ensure that you are going to be renting your home to a person who have job security. You will additionally really need to inquire that what amount exactly he or she is getting and their payout must be ideally 3 times more than the lease so that they can make lease payments perfectly.

You will probably must question them relating to the amount of debts which they currently owe, such as car loans, credit card debt and etc. Vacation Rentals – Long-Term and Short-Term. Comparing long-term and short-term rentals If you are planning on purchasing a vacation rental, you can choose to rent it out to long-term tenants or short-term tenants.

Vacation Rentals – Long-Term and Short-Term

Each comes with their pros and cons. Let us consider both options. What Should Be Replaced In Your Rental Property? Looking at the replacements you might have to carry out after purchasing a rental property After purchasing a rental property, you might need to replace or upgrade a few things. Let us look at a few of the ‘usual suspects. One of the first things that you will need to do once the new rental property is in your hands is to change the locks. No matter how great the current locks are, you simply cannot take a chance, as you have no idea who might have a duplicate set of keys. This could lead to security issues like theft in the future. Another thing that you may have to replace is leaking bathroom fixtures like taps, showerheads, toilets, etc. Another thing that you might have to replace is the smoke alarms and the fire extinguishers.

Before Leasing Office Space. What to consider before leasing office space If you are thinking of leasing office space for a new/expanding business, there are a few things that you will need to consider. Let us look at a few points. One of the biggest advantages of leasing office space is the flexibility that comes with it. Features That A Commercial Property Should Have. The Importance Of Listing Photos. Looking at what to consider before taking listing photos of a property We are living in an age where the internet has become a major platform for real estate deals and listings. Coming Out Victorious In A Bidding War.

Looking at how to increase your chances of being the preferred buyer in a bidding war A bidding war can be quite overwhelming for property buyers. In the face of intense competition, it can be easy to feel intimidated and walk away. However, the pressure of other competing buyers should not make you feel so intimidated as to give up on a house that you would really like to buy. If you see the house as worth the fight, why shouldn’t you enter a bidding war? The odds could actually be in your favour. Comparing Single-Family And Multi-Family Properties. Looking at the differences between single-family and multi-family properties. Comparing Turnkey And Do-It-Yourself Property Investing. Looking at the differences between turnkey and do-it-yourself property investing While investing in rental properties, you can choose to go the way of turnkey properties or decide to travel the route of do-it-yourself property investing.

Expenses Of Renters And Homeowners. Comparing The Expenses Of Renters And Homeowners There can be a significant difference in the expenses incurred by renters and homeowners of comparable homes in the same neighbourhood, while assuming they lead similar lifestyles. Let us do a comparison of these expenses. Simple Steps Towards Selling A Property. Using Staging To Indicate A Room’s Purpose. A Rent-Ready Rental Property.

Clearing Debt Prior To Purchasing A Property. Real Estate Versus Stocks. Looking at the differences between investing in real estate and stocks. Preventing Tenant Issues. How to prevent tenant issues from cropping up Many individuals know how owning rental properties can help one build wealth, but one of the reasons behind their hesitation to own rental properties themselves is the many ‘horror stories’ they have heard from landlords regarding tenant issues. However, with the right steps, one can avoid tenant issues from ever cropping up. Let us look at a few tips. One of the main problems faced by many landlords is bad tenants.

Bad tenants could either be late- or non-paying tenants, or those who create a nuisance (arguing with other tenants, loud music at night, etc.) or those who damage the property. Recent blog posts. Commercial Versus Residential Properties. Choosing between commercial and residential properties as an investor. Minimizing Vacancy Rates. Successfully Running A Rental Property. Defeating The Highest Price Offer. Easily Selling Or Renting Out A Property. The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Flipping And Renting Out Properties. Is A Vacation Home A Wise Buy? The Benefits Of Visiting An Open House. Sharing Your Home. Budgeting Tips For Home-Buyers. How To Make Your Property More Appealing To Prospective Buyers.