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Grand Format / Narration non linéaire

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The simple way to create powerful stories. StoryBuilder. „Digital Storytelling“ is a modern way of presenting multimedia stories on a web-based platform.

Since 2012, more and more stories have been told in this way. The most well-known examples are “Snow Fall” from the NY Times and “Firestorm” by The Guardian. The stories show us what is possible in a new age of media coverage, where various aspects of a story can be presented through a combination of words, audios, images and videos. Inspired by these multimedia pioneers, Codevise and WDR developed their own tool for digital storytelling: Pageflow. In contrast to its predecessors, Pageflow can be used again and again, no matter what story is being told. Simple long form. L’idée de ce plugin est partie d’un besoin qui ne parvenait pas à être rencontré pour monter un #longform de manière simple, rapide, et indépendante du thème WP.

Simple long form

Il est désormais disponible via le répertoire des plugins de WP. Scrollytellers, suivez le guide ! Social — Create stories that are made to be shared. Les outils de création interactive #2 — Interactivité & Transmedia. Les outils généralistes Pour conclure, cette liste ne serait pas complète sans deux outils comme Racontr et Klynt, tous deux nés de l’effervescence autour du format webdocumentaire et qui permettent aujourd’hui une grande liberté de création.

Les outils de création interactive #2 — Interactivité & Transmedia

Chacun a connu des cycles de développement différents mais les deux solutions semblent aujourd’hui converger en termes de fonctionnalités et de promesse faite à l’utilisateur. Leurs points communs. How they did it. Digital storytelling: story types & best practices. What is the future of storytelling and which possibilities are out there to cover stories with the help of data and multimedia?

Digital storytelling: story types & best practices

Gregor Aisch, a New York Times graphics editor, talked about different types of stories at the Netzwerk Recherche conference in Hamburg and shared his insights and best practices form across NYT and other publications. Here’s an overview (you will find links to all examples here). Articles with specially designed graphics In this format, graphics break the normal article structure and call attention to its contents like in this example (The Upshot: “To Protect its Empire, ESPN Stays on Offense”).

When scrolling down, users first see the the ESPN bar. Specially designed articles In this case, no traditional article template is used. Here, a lot of pictures were used for the article including two pictures placed side to side which is not usually the case with normal NYT articles (NYT: “Grand Visions Fizzle in Brazil”) Comics / Graphic Novels. Story.AM. App.immersive. Aesop Story Engine.

Story Builder - build and share the next generation story. Twine / An open-source tool for telling interactive, nonlinear stories. Storehouse: Your stories, as they happen. FlameFy, data-driven storytelling platform. Conducttr. Créer des histoires numériques autrement en mode collaboratif ou pas. Lisez, écrivez et partagez des histoires sur Wattpad. Examples for All Your Online Form & Survey Needs. Forms The forms you've been looking for Online forms are an integral, if often unflattering, part of any modern business.

Examples for All Your Online Form & Survey Needs

By matching your style, both verbally and visually, typeforms transform the way you collect data, so you can put your stamp on what you ask. Surveys Turn questions into conversations Increase your completion rates dramatically with the right tool for the job. Free Scriptwriting & All-In-One Production Studios. FOLD: Coming February 1st. Games and news bricks: storytelling ideas from Hackastory. Credit: Screenshot from

Games and news bricks: storytelling ideas from Hackastory

Turning online stories into games and personalising the experience were two of the themes explored at the Hackastory hackathon in Amsterdam last week. The hackathon brought together six teams of journalists, developers, designers and filmmakers, who explored ideas and tools for storytelling in the digital age. “Online storytelling does not have a tradition yet,” wrote the organisers on the website, comparing it to filmmaking, which has had 100 years to develop a structure and a process. Journalist and documentary filmmaker Albertine Piels, one of the organisers of the hackathon, said the hackathon was intended as an opportunity not only to experiment with tools but also to connect with others in the industry. “We all know how to write a story and how to make a reportage for a TV show, but with online storytelling you need so much more,” she said. Widgetic - Create galleries, players and more without code. Prezi. For Teams. Managea team of authors followlearner success.

for Teams

Créer une page responsive. This entire page is powered off of simple, hand-writeable JSON.

créer une page responsive

Or you can use the story maker tool. The goal is to make responsive magazine feature style mini-sites as easily as possible. StoryMap JS - Telling stories with maps. Odyssey.js. Tripline. Une nouvelle cellule Webcréation pour RTBF Interactive - RTBF Actualite. La Webcréation de la RTBF s’articule dès aujourd’hui autour de 5 pôles : Les webséries proposent des histoires tous genres confondus (fictions, humour…) dans des capsules courtes à visionner et partager sans modération.

Une nouvelle cellule Webcréation pour RTBF Interactive - RTBF Actualite

Typique, Les Textapes d’Alice. Les expériences transmédias immergent les "expérienceurs" dans un univers global qui se décline sur différents médias développant chacun une narration propre. What the Fake, Le Prince Charmant.