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Snapchat has nailed mobile-native video. Give Snapchat credit for knowing its medium.

Snapchat has nailed mobile-native video

Its new original video series, “Literally Can’t Even”—part of a new video and content effort called Discover—feels at home on an iPhone in a way few others do. The show, starring Sasha Spielberg and Emily Goldwyn—two 20-something daughters of Hollywood legends—is perfect in the context of Snapchat. It’s short, fast-paced, funny, and simple. It’s precisely the sort of video “snack” someone might find amusing while standing in line or waiting for a friend to respond in the app. (Snapchat’s user-generated “Stories” are also turning out to be entertaining.) But the best part so far is its mobile-native format. Video apps have long struggled with this reality.

To be sure, not all of Snapchat’s video looks this good. Snapchat’s entry into mobile video comes as the industry is finally coming into its own—and is potentially poised to explode. Uk.businessinsider. The world’s shortest cooking show is evidence that you can do interesting work in 15 seconds on Instagram. VIDEO. Un panda s'amuse à glisser dans la neige. SPORTS D'HIVER.

VIDEO. Un panda s'amuse à glisser dans la neige

Nous vous parlions récemment des chiens qui font du surf sur les plages, voici maintenant les pandas qui dévalent les pentes enneigées, façon glisse sur une luge ! 12 Best YouTube Channels for Kids and Teens  By Caroline Knorr, Common Sense Media parenting editor YouTube's statistics never cease to amaze: more than 1 billion unique users per month, over 6 billion hours of video watched per month, 100 hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute.

12 Best YouTube Channels for Kids and Teens 

Fine, but what if you want to find something for your kids to watch besides expletive-laced game commentary and twerking videos? You're in luck. Among the millions and billions, there's a tiny slice of really good stuff -- stuff that's creative, innovative, eye-opening, mind-expanding, and even practical. But the truly excellent content is not always easy to find. We set out to find the 10 best channels for kids on YouTube; we wound up with 12. Mother Goose Club. Gluten Sensitivity Probably Fake. L'Ecosse peut-elle devenir indépendante ? YouTube Reportedly Developing a Version for Kids. As the biggest video sharing site by a landslide, YouTube attracts people from all walks of life, for better or for worse.

YouTube Reportedly Developing a Version for Kids

Yet the Google-owned company is reportedly developing a version of the site for kids under 10 years old, and has even gauged the interest of video producers willing to create child-oriented content, according to multiple sources cited by The Information. The goal would be to offer a site that parents could trust, free of both videos and comments that many adults would prefer children not see. C'est quoi, la démocratie ? Vente de Yolis Biyoux. Comment Facebook va s'attaquer à Snapchat. Le réseau social prépare une nouvelle application de photos et de vidéos éphémères, Slingshot.

Comment Facebook va s'attaquer à Snapchat

Une réponse à l'application Snapchat, appréciée par les adolescents. Facebook est impatient de se mesurer à Snapchat. Lundi soir, le réseau social a mis en ligne par erreur une nouvelle application pour partager des photos et des petites vidéos avec ses amis, avant de la retirer peu après. «Nous avons publié par erreur une version de Slingshot, la nouvelle application sur laquelle nous travaillons. Elle sera disponible rapidement et nous avons hâte que vous puissiez l'essayer», a expliqué un porte-parole. Cela fait plusieurs mois que Facebook travaille sur cette réponse à Snapchat. CNN wants to learn startup tricks. It used to be that news networks were most proud of poaching talent from other broadcasters.

CNN wants to learn startup tricks

Nowadays, they’re most proud of plucking from the ranks of buzzy startups. Look no further than CNN, which is looking to buff up its innovation credentials by bringing on one of the driving forces behind NowThis News, a mobile-centric video news startup that’s backed by Lerer Ventures and often thought of as ahead of the curve when it comes to where media is going. Ed O’Keefe, formerly editorial chief at NowThis, joins CNN as its vp of CNNMoney and Politics channels. He will focus on the politics channel and the business site. The latter is at a pivotal time, as CNN is getting ready to take it over from JV partner Time Inc. as the publisher prepares to separate itself from Time Warner.

CNN is in the midst of a big overhaul under worldwide president Jeff Zucker. ”Ed had unique talents that we need and we want here,” said Meredith Artley, vp and managing editor of How Vice is helping brands to connect with Generation Y. Earlier this month, News Corporation's vice president for strategy highlighted how publishers can bring their storytelling skills to the table to work with brands in different ways.

How Vice is helping brands to connect with Generation Y

Different approaches are being taken by different publishers in terms of creating content for brands, from sponsored content carried on a publisher's own site, to bigger, standalone branded projects. And Vice Media is also harnessing the opportunity to work with brands, powered by its understanding of, and strong engagement with, Generation Y. Carsten Kritscher, commercial director of Vice Media, explained at the Digital Innovators' Summit today why this audience is so important, and how Vice Media is working with brands to help them reach this generation.

Generation Y According to Kritscher, Generation Y is a $2.45 trillion opportunity, and as they distance themselves from traditional media it means publishers and brands are having to meet them on new digital platforms. Jeunesse. France 3 lance le premier JT pour enfants. Envoyé spécial.

Jeunesse. France 3 lance le premier JT pour enfants.

Pendant que les chefs d'État et de gouvernement des 28 pays de l'Organisation du traité de l'Atlantique Nord atterrissaient paisiblement à Strasbourg, les participants au contre-sommet se rendaient péniblement en périphérie de la ville, à Illkirch-Graffenstaden. C'est là que se tenait la journée de conférences et de débats, organisée par une coordination internationale d'associations opposées au maintien de l'OTAN. Making Devices Child-Friendly - Video. Episodes vidéo de la série.