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Changing the Narrative for War    by Philip Giraldi

Changing the Narrative for War    by Philip Giraldi

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Stories of Change Applies narrative analysis to the study of social movements. Despite the amount of storytelling in social movements, little attention has been paid to narrative as a form of movement discourse or as a mode of social interaction. Stories of Change is a systematic study of narrative as well as a demonstration of the power of narrative analysis to illuminate many features of contemporary social movements. Davis includes a wide array of stories of change—stories of having been harmed or wronged, stories of conflict with unjust authorities, stories of liberation and empowerment, and stories of strategic success and failure.

Socialism vs Capitalism This Hub is the last of six in a series. Previous entries include: Define Socialism; Pros and Cons of Capitalism; Experiments in Socialism; and Socialism in America. All nations that have fully implemented Socialism have experienced a drastic drop in their standard of living, marked by both a lack of goods and food. Each has seen the loss of civil rights, liberty, and freedom. All have witnessed the emergence of a savior figure. The people starve to death. Bush and Clinton Counter-Terrorism Czar Alleges Massive 9/11 Cover Up Richard Clarke – the top Bush and Clinton counter-terrorism czar – alleges that there was a high-level decision in the CIA to suppress key information regarding two Al Qaeda hijackers inside the U.S: Clarke theorizes that top CIA brass tried to recruit the hijackers and turn them to our side, but were unsuccessful. And – when they realized had failed – they covered up their tracks so that the FBI would not investigate their illegal CIA activities , “malfeasance and misfeasance”, on U.S. soil. It’s not just Clarke. Many high-level government counter-terrorism experts doubt the CIA’s version of events.

Found these little tid-bits at Prison Prison Planet is a very reliable, verifiable source of INDEPENDENT new with-out the bullshit and propaganda. « wakeupandunite Raise Awareness about Animal Rights, Monsanto & Geo-Engineering, Verifyable, Independent News with NO BullShit propaganda! Found these little tid-bits at Prison Prison Planet is a very reliable, verifiable source of INDEPENDENT new with-out the bullshit and propaganda. Posted: April 19, 2012 in Great Sites!

Economy Heading for a Systemic Collapse into Hyperinflationary Great Depression Economics / Great Depression IIAug 05, 2010 - 02:29 PM GMT By: The_Energy_Report When Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke admits to seeing an "unusually uncertain" economy ahead, it's pretty terrifying to imagine what he's really thinking. What John Williams envisions—and he's by no means looking to the far horizon—is a systemic collapse, a hyperinflationary great depression and the cessation of normal commerce. Despite that bleak outlook, however, when the economist and editor of sat down for this exclusive Energy Report interview, he also had some good news.

New U.S. or American History Narratives and Syntheses Issue No. 108 (June 2007) -- Mark Satin, Editor Re-inventing American history When narratives collide, compromise is not the answer Last month I mentioned that one reason Israelis and Palestinians don’t get along is that they’ve bought into competing and mutually exclusive “narratives” of their past (expertly articulated by Alan Dershowitz’s The Case for Israel, 2003, and Rashid Khalidi’s The Iron Cage, 2006, respectively). Everything You Love You Owe to Capitalism - Llewellyn H. Rockwell Jr. [Day 25 of Robert Wenzel's 30-day reading list that will lead you to become a knowledgeable libertarian, this talk was delivered at the Mises Circle in Seattle on May 17, 2008.] I'm sure that you have had this experience before, or something similar to it. You are sitting at lunch in a nice restaurant or perhaps a hotel.

Right To Know Blog August 16, 2012 As the summer winds down, family barbeques are in full swing and supermarkets are filled with shoppers searching for the right foods to grill up with friends and neighbors. But do they really know what they’re buying? What they may not know is that Walmart has admitted it will soon start selling agrichemical giant Monsanto’s sweet corn, which has been genetically engineered with an insecticide inside it -- not on the corn, but IN it. Bt toxin works as an insecticide by disintegrating the lining of insects’ stomachs when they chomp on the corn. presents diagrams showing how corrupted American ‘democracy’ really is Madison Ruppert, ContributorActivist Post A phenomenal series of Venn diagrams at the end of this article shows in painstaking detail just how corrupted our political system in the United States has become. When I look at the the connections of Goldman Sachs, it makes me wonder how anyone thought that people actually had the brazenness to claim that those pointing out the revolving door between Wall Street and Washington conspiracy theorists. Thankfully, as is often the case, the so-called “Government Sachs” conspiracy theorists were right all along, and when it is laid out as it is above it makes it obvious why this is the case. These are perfect visual representations of how what should be our government has become a government that serves corporate interests to the detriment of the American people. Take the White House’s move to block the release of a Monsanto-linked lobbyist’s e-mail, for instance.

American Thinker: Paul Krugman Gives Up A marvelous thing happened over on Paul Krugman's blog at the New York Times last week. Krugman effectively conceded defeat on a range of economic debates. Who defeated him? People who posted comments on his New York Times blog.

Op-Ed: A National Strategic Narrative and Grand Strategy for the 21st Century Op-Ed: A National Strategic Narrative and Grand Strategy for the 21st Century Former U.S. Army Chief of Staff General Gordon L. What a Libertarian Is and Is Not What a Libertarian Is - and Is Notby Sam Wells A libertarian is a person - any person - who consistently advocates individual freedom and consistently opposes the initiation of the use of coercion by anyone upon the person or property of anyone else for any reason. (Coercion is here defined as any action taken by a human being against the will or without the permission of another human being with respect to his or her body or property. This includes murder, rape, kidnaping, assault, trespassing, burglary, robbery, arson and fraud.) Some libertarians (such as the late Robert LeFevre) not only oppose all forms of initiatory coercion, but also the use of retaliatory coercion (revenge or criminal justice). The vast majority of libertarians, however, maintain that physical force used in self-defense or defense of one's family or property is fully justifiable.

» National Weather Service Follows DHS In Huge Ammo Purchase Alex Jones Hollow point bullets designed to cause maximum organ damage Paul Joseph Watson Tuesday, August 14, 2012 UPDATE: DHS Now Covering Up Ammo Purchases?

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