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An introduction to 4x5 large format photography Part: 1. An introduction to 4×5 large format photography Part: 1 by Benn Murhaaya I have been meaning to have a 4×5 introduction on the site for a long time, so when Benn Murhaaya offered to write one I jumped at the chance.

An introduction to 4x5 large format photography Part: 1

This is fantastically detailed intro, so detailed in fact that I have broken it into 2 parts. This is a complete guide on how to get set up using a 4×5 camera. Please note, some of the photographs contain nudity. Enjoy. Have you ever seen those beautiful detailed portraits with that dreamy shallow depth of field and insane bokeh? The Camera Even today, many brand new cameras look like they were made hundred years ago or have a very similar form only made with modern materials.

Deardorff Cameras. Welcome to the documents page of L.F.

Deardorff Cameras

Deardorff & Sons, Inc. On this page, you’ll find downloadable PDF versions of original Deardorff catalogs, brochures, and much more. This page, like our gallery page, will be expanded and updated often, so check back. If you have original Deardorff documents that you do not see displayed here and wish to share those, please contact us. Please note that these documents are low-res searchable PDF’s COMING SOON: A full collection of high-res PDF documents and images will be available on a custom USB drive. Deardorff View Cameras with Front Swings (*One of Merle’s daughters and her children are featured in the cover photo) Deardorff 14x14 and 17x17 Enlarging, Reducing and Copying (ERC) Camera. Explorator_eng. La Fotografia in Grande Formato.Accenno Storico e Applicazioni del Banco Ottico - FM. Sinar P Introduzione Concetto di fotografia in grande formato La fotografia in grande formato, nasce con la nascita della fotografia o meglio dei primi esperimenti fotografici.

La Fotografia in Grande Formato.Accenno Storico e Applicazioni del Banco Ottico - FM

Per grande formato, non va intesa l’immagine stampata, ma il negativo o positivo originale. Negli ultimi cento anni siamo stati abituati a formati “flessibili” dal punto di vista della maneggevolezza e in grado di essere riprodotti in più copie, avvalendosi anche del sistema d’ingrandimento delle immagini per una migliore lettura del soggetto fotografato. Catalogo collezioni - Lamperti e Garbagnati - museoscienza. Recensione Toyo 810M (8x10”) Figura 1 - Visione di insieme Oggetto della recensione è una folding 8x10 (20x25) , abbastanza unica nel suo genere , la Toyo 810M.

Recensione Toyo 810M (8x10”)

Si tratta appunto di una folding , quindi richiudibile, del peso di circa 7Kg interamente costruita in alluminio dalla struttura assolutamente solida e granitica . Attualmente risulta essere, assieme alla Canham JMC 810 l’unica folding in metallo per il formato 8x10, e mi riferisco al termine folding in senso stretto in quanto esistono soluzioni alternative anche più leggere ma con schema costruttivo diverso e più simile ad una monorotaia (soluzione tipo Arca Swiss) . 8 x 10 Field Plate Camera - Guillory Cameras. Classic and Large Format Camera Repairs, Customizations, Rehabilitations, and Use. Okay, I’m starting to remember what shooting large format is about. 4×5 is not large format. 8×10 is.

Classic and Large Format Camera Repairs, Customizations, Rehabilitations, and Use

There’s a completely different set of operations, and concentration, and focus. For me, anyway. YMMV. But for me, there’s a world of difference when I step up in format, and it surprises me how quickly I lost that. Anyway, far from art, but I sat Maddie in front of the Eastman today. Playing around with my nephews today. 70D and home-brew pano rig. Vcam.htm. LINHOF 4X5 KARDAN B OR Bi 4X5 Linhof Bi: This is better than most Bi's because it has chrome knobs instead of painted knobs--that the paint is always worn off of.


It also has the original vintage leather bellows in Mint condition; no bellows are superior to these. Available with camera are extension rails, bag bellows and lensboards listed below. Mint-, $1400, Ex+, $1200 (Cleaner camera illustrated. ) Kardan Color intermediate standard + bellows with frames to mate with this standard. Bellows.

Large camera making

Construction of a Square Camera Bellows. The references I have seen to making camera bellows were all helpful to some degree, but all modern information concerned constructing a tapering bellows.

Construction of a Square Camera Bellows

Such a bellows allows for a larger compression (i.e., minimum extension), but that was not one of my primary design parameters for a portrait camera. (And the finished bellows I made compresses to under 2" anyways.) For others making more traditional landscape field cameras where weight and size are more of a concern, a tapering bellows may be more desirable. Making film holder..need idea... Using 8x10" Gibellini's Folding Cameras. LF Links. A large format photography home page. Discussing Building a camera in New Zealand large format. Tony and Rachel says: Yep thats the stuff.

Discussing Building a camera in New Zealand large format

I have nothing to compare this film too but seems fine to me , with no experience though I would not think this is not an informed view:) I used your advice of treating it like FP4 plus and seemed to get predictable results, thanks... might get some more later. agh, wish I had seen that offer before I went away for the weekend, oh well. Leggi argomento - Iniziare con il grande formato. Lenti spesse e obiettivi. Lenti spesse ed obiettivi Le lenti spesse Questo paragrafo ha lo scopo di introdurre il concetto punti cardinali e di dare un'idea del tipo di errori che si compiono applicando alle lenti reali, le formule per le lenti sottili.

Lenti spesse e obiettivi

Le lenti sottili vengono considerate prive di spessore, quindi si considera che il percorso dei raggi devia in corrispondenza del piano a cui viene idealmente ricondotta la lente. Lente sottile. GF FORUM.