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Dimanche 19h. Eteignez la télé, regardez «En direct de Mediapart» Vous ne voulez pas voir Marine Le Pen et vous ne supportez pas les soirées électorales sur les télés.

Dimanche 19h. Eteignez la télé, regardez «En direct de Mediapart»

Mediapart est là qui vous propose, dimanche à partir de 19 heures, une soirée exceptionnelle «En direct de Mediapart», en vidéostreaming et en accès libre, pour découvrir et analyser les résultats des élections européennes. Voici le détail du programme : 19h-19h45. Le grand entretien. Vox Media, HuffPost Live share secrets of scaleable video. For publishers looking to close the mobile revenue gap, video seems a likely choice.

Vox Media, HuffPost Live share secrets of scaleable video

Not only are video CPMs through the roof—$24.60 versus $3.00 for mobile and $1.90 for desktop display, according to ZenithOptimedia—but the mobile audience is promising. In 2014, 89 million smartphone users will watch video once a month, along with 113.4 million tablet owners, according to eMarketer. “As more and more text-based content is created in the world, the inventory becomes less valuable,” said Justin Stefano, co-founder and CEO of Refinery29. Why cinema could influence online video journalism. "There is no such thing as 'the news' in the way it was 50 years ago", believes David Dunkley Gyimah, an award-winning video journalist and a lecturer at the University of Westminster.

Why cinema could influence online video journalism

Speaking at the International Journalism Festival in Perugia, he noted that though much has changed in the news industry, the format and methodology for video reportage has not. For video and broadcast journalism, especially for news, the standard 'package' has remained the same since the 1950s, he said. On the other hand, the way journalists produce and distribute the written word has changed more than anyone could have envisaged.

YouTube News Network The Young Turks Raises $4 Million In Funding. Less than six months after The Young Turks Network (aka TYT Network) raised over $400,000 from its fanbase to build a new studio, the internet’s “fiercely” independent news source and burgeoning YouTube multi-channel network has received another influx of cash.

YouTube News Network The Young Turks Raises $4 Million In Funding

TYT Network announced today it’s raised $4 million (with an option to go up to $8 million) from Roemer, Robinson, Melville & Co., LLC (aka RRM), a private equity fund led by 2012 Republican, American’s Elect, and Reform Party presidential candidate and former Louisiana Governor and Congressman, Buddy Roemer. “We believe TYT will be one of the critical players moving forward in a new media world – edgy, unfiltered news commentary at its best. They are a lot like me, sometimes wrong but never in doubt,” said Roemer in the release. “We expect their news to continue to push the envelope and their business to grow exponentially.” Roemer and Uygur do more than “understand money’s damaging influence on our government.”

10 viewing trends for 2014 that will change the way we watch TV. The MIPTV conference in Cannes is where the television industry gathers to buy and sell shows, while debating the changing attitudes of broadcasters and producers, the shifting habits of viewers and the disruption coming from new technologies.

10 viewing trends for 2014 that will change the way we watch TV

This year's show was a mixture of stars – traditional celebrities, but also fresh-faced YouTubers with audiences in the millions – and strong opinions about how we're watching TV now, and how this may change in the years ahead. 1 Twitter wants to be the 'social soundtrack' for TV social networks Twitter and Facebook are competing to become the online watercooler where people discuss their favourite shows. Disney Officials Say Online Offerings Boost ESPN Audience. Walt Disney Co.

Disney Officials Say Online Offerings Boost ESPN Audience

(DIS) executives said consumers who listen to ESPN radio and interact with the sports channel’s websites spend triple the amount of time with the company as those who just watch the TV network. Fans who take part in’s fantasy football or use the Watch ESPN app are with the company 17 hours a month on average, versus five hours for people who only watch TV. The data demonstrate that online and mobile offerings boost engagement with ESPN, as well as the potential for ad sales, executives told analysts today at ESPN’s offices.

“It’s exploded the misconception that digital media would cannibalize television,” Arthur Bulgrin, ESPN’s senior vice president of global research and analytics, said at the investor event in Bristol, Connecticut. “The overall time spent with ESPN media more than triples and at the same time TV viewing goes up. How Major League Baseball Is Quietly Driving Live Online Video. Elements memoire.

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Formats courts. Formats sujets. DLD14: Il faut trouver la voie des vidéos en ligne. Crédit: AA “La télévision n’est pas morte.

DLD14: Il faut trouver la voie des vidéos en ligne

Tellement pas morte du tout!”. Ces mots sont ceux d’Henry Blodget, le fondateur et président de Business Insider, un site d’informations créé en 2007 qui compte aujourd’hui 65 journalistes, 2 millions de lecteurs par jour et produit 4 millions de vidéos par mois. Chargé de modérer une discussion sur les vidéos en ligne à la conférence DLD 2014 à Munich, en Allemagne, il montre sur une présentation les revenus générés par la publicité à la télévision depuis 2007 – 3,6 milliards de dollars devraient être investis dans des publicités télévisées en 2014.