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OKIO-STUDIO. Emissive – Créateur d'expériences immersives. The Enemy. Le dernier gaulois - Episode 1. Nous marchons tous en direction de la grande bataille et je pense à ce que je laisse derrière moi.

Le dernier gaulois - Episode 1

Je pense à ma famille, à mes terres et à mon peuple. Je pense à la maison de mon père et les souvenirs affluent sans que je ne puisse rien faire. Je revois l'épaisseur des murs en torchis de mon enfance. Les mille bruits du vent sur le toit de chaume. En hiver, je passais des heures à jouer avec la buée que je soufflais. Je contemplais le feu projeter des ombres et les faire danser sur les gigantesques murs de la maison. Le feu étincelait sur le casque de mon père. Aujourd'hui je porte son casque et j'ai la gorge brûlante. "Respire Apator, respire! " Je refais le chemin que je connais si bien. Le contact des pieds nus sur le sol toujours gelé. Les nervures et les nœuds du bois sous les doigts quand on se tient sur le seuil de la porte.

La petite cour en terre battue qui me semblait si vaste. Story Spheres. E M I L I O V A V A R E L L A. MEMORYSCAPES, 2013-2015.


Multimedia installation (holographic prints, immersive audio installation, digital photos, book); variable dimensions. MEMORYSCAPES investigates how memory and reality affect one another, through notions of architecture and related mental images, resulting in a complex body of work that includes immersive audio installations, multimedia documentation, and cutting-edge holographic technology. In 2013 I started looking for Italians living in New York City who would allow me to interview them; specifically ones who expressed an emotional link to the city of Venice. I wanted to explore how an objective 3D model of Venice could be altered and glitched by the collective memories of its former residents.

Through the interviews I gathered large amounts of architectonical data (structures, distances, descriptions, dimensions, details) as well as stories and memories that were audio-recorded, creating a memory archive. Long-Form Learnings - Immersive. Despite doubts over whether long-form would survive online, with a surge in short-form content for shorter attention spans, the desire to dive into a longer read has not faded.

Long-Form Learnings - Immersive

If anything, the past year has taught us that a reading diet need not lack in variety, and that actually, both short, and long-form writing, is pleasing readers in the digital world. In some cases, such as the example of BuzzFeed, the two can even exist within the same 'walls' of a single website, with both short-form bursts of content, and detailed investigations, part of the mix.

Bringing The Magazine Cover Story To Life - Immersive. Looking back at the creation of the Danny Brown piece, Evan remembers the flood of ideas and concepts at the start, with one particular meeting based in a room filled with paper outlining storyboards and other ideas – including a plan to strap the musician into a harness for the photo shoot.

Bringing The Magazine Cover Story To Life - Immersive

And while this idea came to fruition, Evan highlighted the importance of remaining flexible to change, and not putting too many plans in concrete too early. “We felt constrained by the scenes that we had defined initially,” he explained, adding that in one example they “realised later on that we were doing ourselves a disservice by adding more development”, as they were unsure it would garner additional engagement time.

So while there may be a lot of good ideas at the start, there is a need to be more selective nearer the end, which can be hard. Oculus VR se lance dans la production cinematographique. La filiale de Facebook Oculus VR entre dans la production filmique avec son nouveau Story Studio dont l’objectif est de développer des expériences se rapprochant du cinéma, en 3D temps réel, entre vidéos à 360° et jeu d’exploration.

Oculus VR se lance dans la production cinematographique

On connaissait déjà les capacités immersives de l’Oculus pour des vidéos ludiques, comme « Colours of Muskoka, The Big East« , mais qu’en est-il du cinéma ? Story Studio. What It’s Like to Try Magic Leap’s Take on Virtual Reality. Breakthrough A device that can make virtual objects appear in real life. Why It Matters The technology ­ could open new opportunities for the film, gaming, travel, and telecommunications industries. Key Players Magic Leap Microsoft.

The Most Northern Place. #webdoc #transmedia. "All the time. Every day." Surviving street harassment in Mexico City. — Fusion. ARTE and the NFB. THE HIERARCHY. Mythaphi. Portal. Une expérience interactive inédite basée sur les livres de Harry Potter et créée par J.K. Rowling. Lazarus Mirages. MediaEntityHome. Collapsus: The Energy Risk Conspiracy. ROME. The Silent History. Polarsea 360. Project Syria: An Immersive Journalism Experience. Project Syria: Premieres at the World Economic Forum  PROJECT SYRIA: AN IMMERSIVE EXPERIENCE Nearly a third of the population has been displaced in the ongoing war in Syria and no group has been as severely affected as the children.

Project Syria: Premieres at the World Economic Forum 

According to a joint statement issued by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and UNICEF last August, one million children have already been forced to flee Syria since the start of the country’s civil war. Some news reports indicate that children are actually being specifically targeted in the violence. The World Economic Forum has commissioned an immersive journalism piece to try to tell the plight of these children. Immersive journalism piece uses new virtual reality technologies to put the audience “on scene” and evoke the feeling of “being there.” Hunger in Los Angeles. Immersive Journalsim – Use of Force