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Prezi - Ideas matter.

Prezi - Ideas matter.

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CreativeFlyerCreativeFlyer This week we have a free flyer club collection wich is called Free PSD Club Flyer Templates and includes 15 free psd templates from latin flyers to club and dj party or just elegant glamorous events. These flyers are perfect for club events, or a dj / band night, with a modern look and feel, and the flyers are all PSD format including some great club flyers with some elegant and sexy glamorous flyer templates. They are easy to use, just download these dj and club free flyer templates and customize to your needs and they are ready to print.

Get Muvizu When you download and install Muvizu:Play you are required to accept an End User Licence Agreement (EULA) which concisely outlines the dos and don’ts of the commercial exploitation of footage from Muvizu:Play. But in the interests of plain language, here’s a summary of the rules: Muvizu:Play is a free trial of our software. Salman Khan (educator) Salman Amin "Sal" Khan[2] is a Bangladeshi American[3] educator, entrepreneur, and former hedge fund analyst. He is the founder of the Khan Academy, a free online education platform and nonprofit organization. From a small office in his home, Khan has produced more than 4,800 video lessons teaching a wide spectrum of academic subjects, mainly focusing on mathematics and the sciences.[4] Salman Khan was born and raised in Metairie, Louisiana.[8] His mother was born in Calcutta, India and his father was born in Barisal, Bangladesh.[3] Khan attended the public school Grace King High School in Metairie, Louisiana, where, as he recalls, "a few classmates were fresh out of jail and others were bound for top universities

3 Tips for Professional Looking PowerPoint Slides PowerPoint slides have long been an essential component of most business meetings and professional presentations, and for almost as long as people have been using PowerPoint for these functions, they have been searching for fresh ways to make their slides more engaging and eye catching. In an effort to spice up their presentations, however, many business people fall victim to the over-cluttered slide…or the chaotic image collage slide, or worst of all, one of those slides that has so much going on that no one quite knows where to focus their attention. Well fear not, we can help you avoid the pitfalls of PowerPoint “over design” with these three simple PowerPoint tips for more professional slides. Below I have outlined each PowerPoint tip, with before and after examples, and then at the end of this post I have included a brief video tutorial to show you how to put these tips into action on your own slides. PowerPoint Tip #1: Using borders to give uniformity to images

Pervasive Entertainment Transmedia storytelling offers opportunities for varying degrees participation and the blurring of fictional and real worlds. “Pervasive games” for example are those, like the ARG, that expand a fictional world into real physical spaces and take place at any and all times of day or night. These dimensions of transmedia have been examined before in the context of virtual worlds. At the 2002 Game Developers Conference, Raph Koster and Rich Vogel described a “storytelling cube” with the following three axes: Control: How much freedom does the audience have to create their own experience and how much control will you have as the author?Impact: What long-lasting impact will the audience have on the evolution of the experience?

Thinglink : 7 façons pour les journalistes d’utiliser l’image interactive Toute l'actualité Bloc Une salle de sport sera construite ici Bloc maintenance et Brigadier General Marshall B. Make in minutes, share online. Build a web booklet from your own content or convert an existing PDF. Our design tool is code free, drag and drop simple. One click publishing to multiple locations on the web and a curated classroom web booklet gallery.

Stephen Covey Stephen Richards Covey (October 24, 1932 – July 16, 2012) was an American educator, author, businessman, and keynote speaker. His most popular book was The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. His other books include First Things First, Principle-Centered Leadership, The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Families, The 8th Habit, and The Leader In Me — How Schools and Parents Around the World Are Inspiring Greatness, One Child at a Time. He was a professor at the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business at Utah State University at the time of his death.

10 Royalty Free Music Sites Every Online Video Creator Should Know Finding free, legal music for your online videos can be difficult. As an online video creator you want the perfect soundtrack for your video masterpieces, but you also want to make sure that you don’t break any copyright laws. After all, there’s nothing more frustrating then working hard on a video only to have YouTube take it down because of a music copyright violation. Luckily there are some great sources online where you can find the perfect music for your video project. We’ve put together a list of ten great sites for finding royalty free music for your online videos. Updated: 6 More Places Video Creators Can Find Royalty-Free Music

Storyboard That Classroom Edition - Starting at Just $9.95 per month Got it! This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website More info You Teach. They Create. “4 Stars and Editors Choice.” MacUser Dec. 2013 "Awesome!... It's intuitive and it has a wider selection of title treatments and templates - love the retro look!" Chris Shoemaker, Co-Founder of Freshi Media "Outstanding."

5 Ways to View PowerPoint Presentation on iPad Have a pile of PowerPoint presentation files and wanna view them on your new iPad? Though playing PowerPoint presentation on iPad is wanted for most iPad users, Apple doesn't have a plan to develop any tool for it. The good news is that with some wordarounds, you can view PowerPoint on iPad freely. Below 5 ways are introduced for you to play PPT on iPad. The War Against Teachers as Public Intellectuals in Dark Times (Image: Students in class via Shutterstock)Please support Truthout’s work by making a tax-deductible donation: click here to contribute. A little learning is a dangerous thing. - Alexander Pope The tragic deaths of 26 people shot and killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., included 20 young children and six educators. Many more children might have been killed or injured had it not been for the brave and decisive actions of the teachers in the school. The mainstream media was quick to call them heroes, and there is little doubt that what they did under horrific circumstances reveals not only how important educators are in shielding children from imminent threat, but also how demanding their roles have become in preparing them to negotiate a world that is becoming more precarious, more dangerous - and infinitely more divisive.

Presenter - Prowise Prowise Presenter is screen-independent cloud software that you can access anywhere, such as at home or at work, and from every type of a notebook, tablet, PC or digital board.

hi remember to check out my pearltree. Im around for 2 weeks but i have 337 pearls. by ian123 Feb 1

Prezi is a free resource that can be used for presentations. It is similar to powerpoint but contains more movement and options. It has great tutorials for those learning to use the site. Teaching Tips Use for presentations classwide, for students and for groups Great for researching and presenting findings Use for speeches Groups projects Easily editable and sharable Accessible from anywhere so students can work at home or school without using a USB port. by k3nolen Sep 27

There's also, and, for Education, or MS office alternative... by ocpourvoir Mar 28

Slide rocket has been bought by another company. Glogster is now a pay service. I did add Museum Box. by arttech2 Mar 28

Look at SlideRocket (like PowerPoint on steriods), and Glogster (great for online interactive posters). One of my all time favorites is MuseumBox. Really awesome site for teaching and student presentations. by douberlk Mar 27

I agree... I am looking for videos for our examsn.. do you know a site???Or a pearl ??? by sujobo Mar 26

sorry, I have no more examples but check it out, it's really easy to use (my students like it)! by sigridm Mar 20

We have made great advancements with Prezi for our own educational use! We have learned how to save a non editable Prezi if there is no Internet access. We have also learned how to add music on a video to auto play music through the "show". Can I say an AWESOME tool ANY LOUDER?!!! by brineyj May 8

I will have to try the meeting feature. I can see the advantage in a classroom setting. Thanks for the idea! by gaillegrand Apr 24

Hi Jordi, I love reading all the responses here, and the replies in French I put into Google when I don't quite understand. Prezi is fun! Like you, I have only scratched the surface. Gail by gaillegrand Apr 24

I am glad people found it useful. I have only scratched the surface of what it can do. Sorry, I don't speak French! by jordisunshine Apr 24

I use this site frequently with students. Very friendly with them but they have to use school appropriate you tubes by brineyj Apr 4

Prezi is awesome - love it for use of Dynamic presenations. It;s more interesting and one can embed audio and video. Way to Go!! by telljuicy Dec 13

A non linear presentation tool - include multipletypes of media and help readers work from the picture picture to zoom in on various arguments or illustrations. by shellyw39 Dec 12

Hmmm :-? might risk it and do a uni presentation in it next year, maybe it will bump up my grade by a tiny bit. by taranasus Jun 29

I loved that one too. It's on my "must use" list. Thanks for letting me know. Just started on Pearltrees. Didn'ty know we could comment until now :-) by djmer1 Jun 24

I used Prezi for a presentation and thought it worked great. It is so easy to use. by dorothywitt Jun 23

Yeah I like Prezi, important thing to keep in mind is that you need to be careful about zooming too much or flying about too much as people will feel dizzy! There are some great examples of how you can control to the prezi well to avoid the above. I'm using it for my forst event in July online too! by guitar1977 Jun 21

No problem mindshare, any time! I love the comunity on pearltrees! Everyone is so nice. by taranasus Jun 19

Thank you, taranasus. The Learn Section, that you gave me the link to, is quite complete! I have just viewed the par ton importing PowerPoint and I will try that first. Next I'll take a look at reusable prezis. Thanks againfor your help. - José by mindshare2000 Jun 19