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New Logo for Serpentine Galleries by Pentagram. About (Est. 1970) “The Serpentine Gallery is an art gallery in Kensington Gardens, Hyde Park, central London.

New Logo for Serpentine Galleries by Pentagram

It focuses on modern and contemporary art. The exhibitions, architecture, education and public programmes attract approximately 750,000 visitors a year. W FTW (for the Whitney) Established in 1930, the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York is devoted to the art of the United States presenting a “full range of twentieth-century and contemporary American art, with a special focus on works by living artists.”

W FTW (for the Whitney)

Its permanent collection contains approximately 19,000 paintings, sculptures, prints, drawings, and photographs, representing more than 2,900 artists and is considered one of the finest in the world. Currently located on Madison Avenue at 75th Street since 1966, the Whitney will move to a Renzo Piano-designed building dozens of blocks south in the Meatpacking District facing the popular High Line in 2015. In preparation for this move, the museum has introduced a new identity designed by Amsterdam-based Experimental Jetset. Introduction and animation possibilities for the new logo. “It would be much easier to present the history of art as a simplistic line — but that’s not the Whitney”.This sentence immediately conjured up an image, a shape.

New Theatre on Rotation. Established in 1932, the New Theatre is a proudly independent theater in Sydney, Australia.

New Theatre on Rotation

“We’re not slick, we’re not refined and we don’t conform,” is only one of many statements it makes, “We believe in artistic and social expression, not just escapism. 10 logos architecturaux. The Surprisingly Smart Strategy Behind London’s Infamous Olympic Branding. Say what you will about London’s Olympic logo--and many people have said, and are still saying, many, many things--it is nothing if not memorable.

The Surprisingly Smart Strategy Behind London’s Infamous Olympic Branding

International branding consultancy Wolff Olins was no stranger to Olympic identities, having created the mark for the 2004 games in Athens. V Marks the Spot. Located in Central London, the Victoria district is a high traffic area thanks to Victoria Station, a complex that serves the Underground, railway, and buses, with more than 100 million passengers going through every year.

V Marks the Spot

Victoria also includes Tate Britain, Buckingham Palace and three Royal Parks, but unlike other districts like The City, Soho, or the South Bank, Victoria doesn’t quite have a defined personality. Land Securities, the largest commercial property company in the UK that develops and manages high-end office, retail, and residential space and has many properties in Victoria is looking to establish an identity for the district, which has been designed by London-based SomeOne.

Promo video. A little long, but good to get a sense of the place. Identity elements. Shrewsbury's new brand campaign. Tired of being overshadowed by the better-known neighbouring towns of Hay-on-Wye and Ludlow, Shrewsbury in Shropshire is hoping a new £25,000 brand identity and campaign will help put it more clearly on the tourism map...

The identity and brand campaign, created by two London agencies, & Smith and We All Need Words, was commissioned by Shropshire Council on behalf of Destination Shrewsbury, with the main aim of promoting Shrewsbury as a prime location to live, work, visit and invest in. Graphically, the Shrewsbury branding is based on a large original black and white pattern which nods towards the many wood-beamed Tudor buildings in the town. The pattern has been applied to business cards and some of the graphic elements appear in a specially adapted version of Dalton Maag typeface Efra which acts as the official brand typeface for headlines. The idea from the offset was to create something that local businesses could use and employ to help market themselves.

Brand New Highlights. The Next Microsoft - journal - minimally minimal. A New Look for Canada. Just in time for Canada’s 145th birthday (July 1 is Canada Day, in case you forgot), Studio 360 gives our northern neighbor a brand makeover.

A New Look for Canada

For the last several weeks, we’ve been looking at the image challenge Canada has here in the United States. A Deft Rebranding Of Canada Tackles Its Hazy Identity Abroad. For five seasons beginning in 1987, MTV produced a goofy but smart trivia game show called “Remote Control.”

A Deft Rebranding Of Canada Tackles Its Hazy Identity Abroad

Three contestants sat in leather La-Z-Boys and answered questions under headers like “Bald Guys,” “Brady Physics,” and the trickiest of them all--“Dead or Canadian.” Rich Little: dead or Canadian? PBS’s Robert McNeil: dead or Canadian? (Answers: They’re both Canadian.) Madefire Makesawesome. Launched earlier this June, Madefire is a new digital publishing platform for comics and graphic novels through two main features: a desktop web tool where creators can produce their stories, and an iPad that delivers the content, or “Motion Books,” on steroids with animation, music, and sound effects.

Madefire Makesawesome

Among notable artists contributing to the first wave of Motion Books is Watchmen creator Dave Gibbons with the comic “Treatment” and one of the founders of Madefire is Ben Wolstenholme, CEO of Moving Brands, who engaged his team to design the new publishing venture’s identity and user interface. The core Madefire identity assets — including fonts, colour palette and textures — pay homage to the vernacular of traditional comic visual language. “We wanted to create a powerful symbol that would be at home within the world of graphic novels. There’s absolutely no room for flimsy complexity in this world. Ollo logo. Ollo is currently being soft-launched as a new telecoms brand providing high-speed internet access to emerging markets.

Ollo logo

“The logo is the first to exploit the new multi-touch hardware of smart phones and tablets. Custom software allows for interactive manipulation of the logo to become a creative tool in building the visual language. Playing with the interactive logo allows the designer to create an infinite number of brand-orientated digital assets that can be integrated into the brand.” Quoted from the Bibliothèque website. More images, info, and interaction on Bibliothèque. Via

No Hugs and Kisses for XO from this Reviewer. Established in 1996, XO Communications is a “nationwide provider of advanced communications, managed network and IT infrastructure services for business, large enterprise and wholesale customers” providing internet service, networking, cloud computing, among other services.

No Hugs and Kisses for XO from this Reviewer

They have more than 3,200 employees and serve 85 metropolitan markets. Earlier this month, XO Communications introduced a new identity. No credit was given — leads welcome. Mohawk Connects the Dots. Established in 1931, Mohawk, a fourth-generation family-owned business, is the largest privately owned manufacturer of fine papers and envelopes for commercial and digital printing in North America. Mohawk employs over 580 people and operates three paper machines in two mills in upstate New York and two converting facilities in New York and Ohio, with warehouses around the U.S.. Popular paper brands under Mohawk’s portfolio include Superfine, Navajo, Via, Beckett, and Strathmore. Last week Mohawk announced a major reinvention of their business to “thrive in today’s digital world” and today marks the launch of a snazzy new website designed by Hydrant and developed by Avatar, as well as the introduction of a new identity designed by Pentagram partner Michael Bierut and associate partner Joe Marianek.

Disclaimers: I worked for Michael Bierut at Pentagram. When I worked there I worked on Mohawk projects. Qagoma. Established in 1895, The Queensland Art Gallery in Australia is one of the leading visual arts institutions in the country with more than 14,000 Australian and international paintings, sculptures, decorative art objects, multimedia installations, and works on paper. In 2006, the Gallery of Modern Art was opened as a sister institution to focus on contemporary work. For a quick distinction the Gallery offers that “the historical (pre-1970) collections are displayed at the Queensland Art Gallery, while the contemporary collections (1970 onwards) are displayed at the Gallery of Modern Art.” This month the “Queensland Art Gallery|Gallery of Modern Art”, a mouthful, has been rebranded as QAGOMA an abbreviated abbreviation of QAG and GOMA, with a new identity by Interbrand Australia. The brand program was designed to bring the two galleries together.

Launch video. Les gros mots de Genève. C’est mon coup de cœur de ces dernières semaines. Une identité visuelle originale, qui ose faire tout haut ce que beaucoup ont refusé de faire tout bas. Tandis que le Salon du Livre de Paris ouvre aujourd’hui avec un nouveau logo relativement commun (une colombe et un livre, pour info), la nouvelle identité visuelle du Salon International du Livre et de la Presse de Genève, en Suisse, est une sorte d’ovni, quelque chose qu’on ne voit que très rarement dans le domaine. Et pour cause, puisque cette identité visuelle prend au mot chaque support de communication du salon. Vous voyez ce que je veux dire ? Non ? Le logo du Salon du Livre de Genève. Boom Goes the Cloud. In Beta and Alpha versions last year, CX (formerly Cloud Experience), a “cloud storage and data file management system,” launched this month.

Aiming to compete against Dropbox, CX allows users to sync their files, e-mail, and calendar on the magic place that is the cloud and they are trying to do it with more graphic and social media flair than Dropbox. Their new identity has been designed by Moving Brands. Cloud Experience had already invested heavily in the domain name [], so a thorough naming process working within these limitations led to the solution of ‘CX.’ 20 Fabulous Websites for Logo Design Inspiration. As a precious com­mod­ity for your business, logo designing is a tough task.

Whether you’re a logo designer or just interested in learning more about logo design, you’d like to see some excellent examples of other best logo designers around to get a bit of inspiration and to boost the creativity. Do you need design inspiration now to achieve instantly recognizable logos? Just browse through logo collections online.

Below I’ve put together a list of 20 incredibly useful logo Inspiration sites that offer tons of creative logos, helping you get some new and fresh ideas. 50 Excellent Text Orianted Logo Designs. It's Okay to be the King. 45 Incredible Logo Designs #5. Ben Eine. Contributed by Jenefer Hughes of London-based design studio Root. Ben Eine is one of London’s most prolific and original street artists who specialises in the central element of all graffiti — the form of letters. Tourist – a creative digital and print agency, London. Addition. Contributed by Nicholas Cary of Richmond, Victoria-based Studio Verse. — Pattern concept — a derivative of the Addition marque. J Fletcher Design – Graphic Design & Art Direction – Charleston, SC » Celadon.

Fruita Blanch. Contributed by Eduard Duch of Barcelona-based design studio Atipus. Fruita Blanch is a family business with a long tradition. Accueil. A to S is the New A to Z. OCAD U, All New. Vanessa Lam. There is no "i" in Thnk. Seriously, there isn't. Eurostar. MIT Media Lab Identity. Geek chic - the johnson banks thought for the week. Antarctic Voice. Animax Branding. The People’s Supermarket. Condom Campaign Highlights Dizzying Costs of Having a Kid.

BE DANDY L'actualité des identités visuelles. Vintage Logos. Typographic town logos in hiragana/katakana. Trade marks and symbols by Stefan Kanchev. LA CÁSCARA AMARGA. Les joyeux de la couronne. Pieces of Melbourne. Aol. Generation. Next. The Abu Dhabi Brand: Rich.