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Everyday Cooking Recipe Blog - Everyday Cooking Articles & Meal Ideas. 15 Cake Mix Recipes You Need In Your Life - PureWow. 7 Secret Ingredients That Make Cake Mix Taste Homemade - PureWow. It’s your Great Aunt Mildred’s 80th birthday party and you’re on cake duty.

7 Secret Ingredients That Make Cake Mix Taste Homemade - PureWow

The only problem? You’ve got eight billion other things to do, and this red velvet triple-decker isn’t going to bake itself. Or is it? Here are seven cheats to make cake mix taste like you made it from scratch. They’ll never know. RELATED: How to Fake Homemade Cupcakes in 30 Seconds Whole Milk: Substitute the water in the recipe on the side of the box with milk for a dense texture.

Sour Cream: Add the ingredients as directed, then include two dollops of sour cream to make the cake extra moist. How To Poach Eggs - PureWow. How to Make Peeling Hard-Boiled Eggs Easier - PureWow. It’s considered the Triple Crown of hard-boiled eggs: a golden, creamy yolk; firm whites; and a perfect, smooth peel.

How to Make Peeling Hard-Boiled Eggs Easier - PureWow

You’re this close to cooking up perfection, but if the last few attempts have ended in carnage (aka egg whites refusing to separate from the shell), then here’s the next trick—of all the hundreds you’ve already tried—to add to your roster. What to do differently: Instead of placing your eggs in cold water to eventually come to a boil, wait until the pot is fully bubbling before you drop your eggs in. We know, it’s a radical departure from your usual “drop the egg in water, let the water come to a boil and then take it off the heat” approach, but if peeling is your main concern, trust us on this one. Here’s why the “hot start” works: The impact of the high heat right up top gets the egg whites to bond with each other (aka yay). Use Mayo for Delicious and Fluffy Scrambled Eggs - PureWow.

Scrambled eggs are a classic staple of any breakfast menu.

Use Mayo for Delicious and Fluffy Scrambled Eggs - PureWow

And yet, for something that’s so commonly cooked and consumed, there’s a world of difference between perfect tufts and rubbery curds. Food personality (but really scientist) Alton Brown cracks the code on what makes the best scramble in his new book, EveryDayCook—and it’s not what you’d expect. Rather than some fancy technique or ideal temperature, it’s a single simple ingredient that upgrades your eggs. Best of all? You probably already have it in your kitchen. So what is this mystical ingredient? Turns out, our favorite sandwich condiment adds just the right amount of creaminess to the mix. RELATED: Every Kind of Egg Order Finally Explained. Use Mayo for Delicious and Fluffy Scrambled Eggs - PureWow. How to Flip an Egg Like a Pro - PureWow. You’ve already mastered the secret to making the fluffiest scrambled eggs ever.

How to Flip an Egg Like a Pro - PureWow

Now it’s time to prove you’ve got more than one brunch trick hidden up you sleeve. Give them the ol’ razzle dazzle by flipping your fried eggs with ease. Step 1: Grease a non-stick pan with butter to get it extra slippery. Step 2: Crack an egg into the pan. Easy 10-Minute Deviled Egg Recipe Trick - PureWow. Deviled eggs.

Easy 10-Minute Deviled Egg Recipe Trick - PureWow

Either you find them gross or you crave them every second of the day. If you happen to fall in the latter group (like us), this becomes problematic, because, let’s face it: They’re time-consuming and they make your house smell. Thank goodness we caught cookbook author Julia Turshen chatting on Fresh Air about her new book, Small Victories, because one of those “small victories” includes a genius trick for making a delicious ten-minute deviled-ish egg. □10 AMAZING Kitchen Hacks & Ideas You NEED To Try! May 2017□ 10 FOOD HACKS - KITCHEN TRICKS. 10 FOOD HACKS - KITCHEN TRICKS.

12 CRAZY YET GENIUS COOKING TIPS. 6 FOOD HACKS. 6 Amazing Cooking Tricks. 6 Kitchen Tricks - Food Hacks. 6 Kitchen Tricks - Food Hacks. 6 Amazing Cooking Tricks. 38 DELICIOUS ONE-MINUTE RECIPES. 35 UNBELIEVABLE COOKING HACKS. 33 Kitchen Hacks That Are Borderline Genius. How to Make Peeling Hard-Boiled Eggs Easier - PureWow. Tasting Table (2017’s Best Cooking Recipes, Ideas & Advice) If you're a frequent brunch-goer, you've likely experienced the highs and lows of hollandaise.

Tasting Table (2017’s Best Cooking Recipes, Ideas & Advice)

The highs come when the rich and creamy sauce is poured over your eggs Benedict, and you know you've reached the pinnacle of brunchdom. The lows come when you realize the classic dish is too intimidating to make at home. How She Cooks Bacon Is Absolutely Brilliant. I'm Doing This From Now On. Bacon is beloved by almost everyone around the world.

How She Cooks Bacon Is Absolutely Brilliant. I'm Doing This From Now On

So, when we saw this amazing video our mouths were watering instantly! We here at SFG can't get enough of this sweet, sweet bacon footage. We all know bacon is delicious and can do no wrong, but after some research we were shocked to discover a number of bacon facts we never knew about. Once we found them, we knew we had to share some of them with our bacon-loving public. The following facts were found on BaconToday's website: - Bacon has been around since 1500 B.C. - New York and Los Angeles are the top two bacon consuming cities in the U.S. - Americans enjoy belly bacon.

. - There are a number of different bacon-flavored alcoholic beverages around the world (Vodka, Beer, Bourbon, etc.) - The average American eats 17.9 pounds of bacon every year! As we previously mentioned, we absolutely love anything bacon-related. A New Way To Cook An Old Favorite. The omelet is perhaps the most versatile breakfast item out there.

A New Way To Cook An Old Favorite

It's a simple enough recipe to master and you can fill it with just about anything you'd like. On top of that, omelets are relatively inexpensive to make and don't require too much prep time. Most people will cook an omelet in a frying pan on the stove, while some may opt for the oven or a microwave.

How To Make A Christmas Dinner In A Mug In Just Five Minutes. How To Cook Mashed Potato: TV Chef Shows Why We've Been Doing It All Wrong. Revealed: What The Drawer Under Your Oven Is Really For. Different Ways To Chop An Onion. 30 Things Every Grown-Ass Woman Needs in Her Apartment - PureWow. 21 Things a Hostess Should Have On Hand - PureWow. Easy Hostess Tricks That Will Impress Guests - PureWow. How to Set a Table for Dinner Guests - PureWow. Trick to Change the Way You Grocery Shop - PureWow.

Story of our lives: We go grocery shopping, come home with the goods, and then as we’re putting away the broccoli, realize we already had a head hiding out in the back of the fridge.

Trick to Change the Way You Grocery Shop - PureWow

Dammit. Here, a genius way to streamline for next time and save yourself some cash. Metaspoon. Who doesn’t love a good life hack right?


Especially when all these hacks really do is make life oh-so much easier. Now enter a set of hacks for what you’re most passionate about—fishing, painting, or how about even cooking? With the growing passion of being creative in the kitchen, we’re sure there are many of us out there who can use a nifty trick here and there that can makes the creative thinking process in the kitchen a bit more seamless. Because otherwise we’re all thinking about how to save that half-eaten avocado from turing brown—are we right, or what?

So, in light of the most common kitchen complaints that make the rounds, we present to you the following kitchen hacks that will make such a difference in the life of every chef, (inspiring or not!) 1. 2. 3. Trick to Change the Way You Grocery Shop - PureWow. I've Been Cutting Apples ALL WRONG! This Is Genius... Fruit is like nature’s candy. It’s fresh, juicy, and can always satisfy your sweet tooth. With breakfast, lunch and dinner, or on it’s own as a snack or dessert, it doesn’t get much easier than grabbing your favorite piece of fruit to fill your tummy while getting also getting in a ton of nutrients and vitamins. Although people of every age enjoy a nice fresh piece of fruit, some people can be a little bit fussier than others when it comes to the fruit they choose to eat.

Nifty - 7 Genius Ways To Cut Fruit □ Impress your... Metaspoon. I love condensed milk. Sweetened condensed milk, if you want to get technical, but I’ve literally never seen anyone use unsweetened condensed milk. As its name suggests, condensed milk is made from cow’s milk that has been condensed through the removal of some of its water content. It’s then mixed with sugar and what you’re left with is a thick and creamy sweet product. Condensed milk is typically used in many different cuisines as a key ingredient for desserts. Personally, I’ve always enjoyed eating strawberries dipped in condensed milk and as a sweetener for my coffee. Different Ways To Chop An Onion. □ Top 10 Cool Kitchen Gadgets □ That must have in Your Kitchen #2 □ Part -2.

10 Easy Food Hacks You Can Do At Home. 6 Kitchen Tricks - Food Hacks. 30 Surprising Things You Can Make With Your Muffin Tin. Ann-Marie Loves Prevailing kitchen wisdom would tell you that muffin tins are good for exactly two things: the muffins you occasionally start your day with, and the cupcakes you end it with on special occasions. Prevailing wisdom is wrong. We can make so much more than those two baked goods with our muffin tins, and what’s more, many of these ideas are totally healthy— and some aren’t recipes at all!

Check out all the different things you can make, and start looking at your muffin pan in a new light. So many good ideas! Eplucher Facilement Une Orange. Brilliant Trick to Peel an Orange That Is Sure to Impress Your Friends. Slow Cooker Meatloaf. DailyMail Life Hack: Never have tangled headphones again. 17 Genius Tips That Will Change The Way You Cook Forever! How to peel tomatoes easily. How to Peel a Potato with Your Bare Hands - Videos. How to Peel a Potato with Your Bare Hands - Videos. AOL Mail: Simple, Free, Fun. 18 seriously cool ways to use ice cube trays. Has anybody ever tried to add flowers to some ice cubes? We certainly haven’t. But it seems that we should have.

They can make any drink much more interesting, even if it’s just plain water. We recommend that you start getting ready for the next heat wave right now, and play around with ice cubes. Coffee designlovefest If you have some coffee left in the pot, try freezing it, and then add iced coffee cubes to your milk. Wine. How to Peel and Cut Orange 3 Easy Way. Facebook. 7 Steps to the a simple savoury roast beef. .Follow along for seven steps that will lead to a succulent roast beef.Preheat oven to 400F. Remove meat from the refrigerator and let stand an hour before cooking.Liberally season with Kosher salt and freshly ground pepper on all sides.Place the rosemary on the roasting rack.Place the roast standing up on the rosemary.Put the roast into the oven and cook for half an hour.

Reduce the oven to 350F and continue cooking for 1 to 1 1/2 hours until the roast reads 125F-135F, for medium rare.Remove from oven and tent with foil and let rest for 20 min. The roast will continue to cook.Slice and serve. Get the complete recipe here.10 Best Beef RecipesSlow Cooker Roast BeefThis is the most flavourful roast beef you'll ever eat. Succulent sirloin tip roast is simmered in a blend of Guinness, red wine and root vegetables. The Surprising Trick To Making The Best Steak Of Your Life. At his world-renowned Chicago restaurants Alinea and Next, Chef Grant Achatz has become famous for using cutting-edge technological implements to invent daring dishes never before seen or tasted by humans.

But he doesn't actually think that any of the wondrous tools he deploys -- PacoJets, nitrous oxide canisters, blow torches, immersion circulators -- are necessary for restaurant-quality food. He thinks there's a single basic element that differentiates most home and restaurant kitchens. How To Chill Warm White Wine With Grapes And More Helpful Life Hacks. You Can Peel Potatoes In Seconds With A Power Drill. Kate’s grocery planner. Unfortunately, the beginning of 2010 has me battling an epic cold, so the first few diys are going to be simple, mellow projects that you can do on a sick day or in front of a movie. i know that resolutions are kind of overwhelming, but i find that taking the time to complete a couple organization projects early really helps things go easier throughout the year.

10 Things You Have Been Doing Wrong. 15 cooking hacks for kitchen novices. Jamie Noguchi 06/16/14. 10 Incredible Food Life Hacks you need to know. Kitchen Utensil Hacks To Speed Up And Spend Less. Cooking can be time consuming and expensive...but you don't need a whole day, or the fanciest gadgets, to make great dishes. Instead of spending your hard-earned cash on utensils or cool kitchen gadgets, learn how to get the most out of your current kitchenware. You'll Be Grateful On Thanksgiving For These 13 Cooking Hacks. Thanksgiving is about spending time with family and friends. 7 Pizza Hacks That Will Change Your Life. 15 Kitchen Organizing Tips. Banish clutter, confusion and chaos in your home with these easy kitchen organization tips. Sick and tired of trying 10 lids just to find the one that fits the pot you’re using, or digging through all the spices in your cupboard to find the oregano? Videos. How-Tos. Lick The Bowl Good: Mr. H's Specialty. Mr. H is not a cook, but every once in a while he gets in the kitchen and makes me breakfast. He makes great cinnamon toast and scrambled eggs. This Super Easy Way To Skin A Watermelon Is Driving Everyone CRAZY. Aol. Stop Burning Your Bacon With This Stupidly Simple Breakfast Trick.

Use This Super-Simple Hack To Get Your Cling Wrap To Stick. MAY 8, 2015 — By Emily Geraghty Emily Geraghty Emily Geraghty is a DIY writer and video specialist for ViralNova. Previous to ViralNova, she worked in digital content and video production for MTV, Allure, Glamour and LogoTV, as well as reality television development. In her free time she runs the fashion blog That Cheap, a blog about thrift store shopping and inexpensive beauty trends. There's a lot of buzz about life hacks on the Internet these days. 1. Add one cup of heavy whipping cream, a pinch of sugar, and a half teaspoon of vanilla extract. 2. 3. Food Hacks: How To Scoop Ice Cream With Ease. The secret to serving frozen ice cream doesn't start with the scoop. 28 Brilliant Food Hacks That Will Make You A Kitchen Genius.

27 Food Hacks That’ll Make You Run For The Kitchen. You’ll Thank Me Later For #5… YUM! Five Delicious And Easy Apple Hacks And Tricks You Can Do In The Kitchen. Kitchen Utensil Hacks To Speed Up And Spend Less. Five Delicious And Easy Apple Hacks And Tricks You Can Do In The Kitchen. 19 Ways You Can Use Ice Cube Trays For Other Than Water. Keep Green Onions Fresh for Months: 10 Cool Life Hacks for Your Kitchen. 10 Cool Life Hacks for Your Kitchen. Mom Hack: How To Dice an Onion Like a Pro. 10 Foods Dietitians Say You Should Always Keep In The Kitchen. 10 Foods Dietitians Say You Should Always Keep In The Kitchen. 12 Things You Should Definitely Cook On A Waffle Iron. Chefs Reveal The Biggest Mistakes Home Cooks Make. Chefs Reveal The Biggest Mistakes Home Cooks Make. Chefs Reveal The Biggest Mistakes Home Cooks Make. Freezer Storage: How Long Can You Keep These Frozen Foods? Freezer Storage: How Long Can You Keep These Frozen Foods? Use This Super-Simple Hack To Get Your Cling Wrap To Stick.

This Awesome Carrot Cutting Trick Will Blow Your Mind. Learn A Simple Trick To Peeling Potatoes In No Time. Learn A Simple Trick To Peeling Potatoes In No Time.