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Lavender and Honey Cake. Lavender and Honey Cake Enjoy this delicate lavender-infused butter cake with a dollop of plain yoghurt and a pot of hot tea.

Lavender and Honey Cake

Serves 6–8 2 stalks lavender, flowers (or 2 tbsp purchased lavender flowers) ½ cup caster sugar 250g unsalted butter, at room temperature ¼ cup honey 3 eggs 1½ cups self-raising flour ¾ cup buttermilk 2 tbsp sifted icing sugar, to serve lavender flowers (extra), to decorate thick cream, to serve 1 Preheat oven to 180C. 2 Using an electric beater, beat lavender sugar, butter and honey until light and creamy. 3 Stand for 5 minutes before releasing clamp and inverting cake onto a wire rack.

Note: it’s important to use lavender that is homegrown and pest free, not commercially grown lavender that may have been sprayed with chemicals. 4 Rules for Successfully Swapping Honey for Sugar in Any Baked Goods — Tips from The Kitchn. (Image credit: Coco Morante) Lately I've found myself pushing aside the container of sugar in my pantry in favor of honey.

4 Rules for Successfully Swapping Honey for Sugar in Any Baked Goods — Tips from The Kitchn

It's not that I have anything against sugar — I just love the earthy sweetness honey imparts on baked goods. And the coolest part about baking with honey is that each varietal lends a different flavor to the end product. Orange blossom adds a citrusy, floral note; wild raspberry is reminiscent of the berry itself; and buckwheat is almost molasses-like. But when it comes to swapping in honey for sugar in a recipe, it's not simply an even trade. 1. "You definitely want to reduce the overall amount of sweetener when swapping white sugar for honey, as honey can be two or even three times as sweet depending on the honey," says Shauna Sever, author of Real Sweet: More Than 80 Crave-Worthy Treats Make with Natural Sugar. The Rule: For every 1 cup of sugar, substitute 1/2 to 2/3 cup honey. 2. 3. The Rule: Add 1/4 teaspoon baking soda for every 1 cup honey used. 4 Rules for Successfully Swapping Honey for Sugar in Any Baked Goods — Tips from The Kitchn.

The Old Fashioned Way: Homemade Ginger Beer.

Simple salads

Ultimate spaghetti carbonara. 5 Ingredient Granola Bars. John and I kind of have a thing for granola bars.

5 Ingredient Granola Bars

It started when we discovered the glory that is Trader Joe’s Apple (Pie) Bars. Then, we got into more basic versions with rolled oats. But somewhere along the line we got suspicious of the ingredients – namely high fructose corn devil – and strayed away from them altogether. However, sometimes you really just need a snack that has some serious staying power. And being that this is Minimalist Baker, you know I wanted something simple. The base for these bars is dates – the natural sweetener supah powah. That’s it. If you can’t jive with peanut butter simply swap in almond, sunflower or another nut/seed butter.

Speaking of delicious, these little guys are dreamy. Simple flavors, wholesome ingredients, salty-sweet and lots of crunch. These really are the perfect bar for a hearty snack because they keep you full for hours and don’t provide a sugar overload. Healthy 5-Ingredient Granola Bars Author: Minimalist Baker Recipe type: Snack Ingredients. Jupiter Structural Layer Cake. When I posted the Earth cake, I did not expect it to get anywhere near the amount of attention it received.

Jupiter Structural Layer Cake

Getting featured on the Facebook pages Think Geek and I Fucking Love Science was a total highlight of my blogging life. I’m big fans of both pages so it was kind of surreal. A lot of my Zoology graduate mates are also fans of IFLS and you’d often hear conversations in the Masters office beginning with, “Did you see that post by IFLS today?” So I woke up to several of them messaging me about it and we all got super excited over it. With the exposure those pages brought came a whole lot of people who wanted to know how to make it. One question I got asked a lot was if it was possible to make it a sphere. Choosing a favourite planet was tough. In the end I settled on Jupiter predominantly for one reason: its Great Red Spot. The red spot is one of a number of storms you can see all over Jupiter. Here’s a 360 of the cake: ETA: Tutorial is now here.

Like this: Like Loading... Classic scones with jam & clotted cream.