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Blue Hawaiian Party Punch. The Famous Woolworth Ice Box Cheesecake – 1K Recipes! Woolworth’s Cheesecake A while back, a family friend asked me if I had the recipe for Woolworth’s cheesecake.

The Famous Woolworth Ice Box Cheesecake – 1K Recipes!

I didn’t even remember that they had a cheesecake, so I surely didn’t have the recipe. Anyhow, that of course provoked me to launch an internet search for the recipe. Now I can’t be certain if this is the actual recipe… there are a lot of them out there, but this is the one I tried. The first time I made it, I thought “wow… this is a LOT of dessert”… So invited some friends over and shared it with them. Now while this is called “cheesecake”… it’s really not. Next Page »


TRY THESE AT LEAST ONCE. DRINKS. COOKING HACKS. VINTAGE RECIPES. RECIPES 5. RECIPES 4. RECIPES 3. RECIPES 2. RECIPES 1. Pizza recipes. How to Make a Perfect Pie Crust - PureWow. Pie-lovers might debate about which filling is the best of the best (it’s blueberry crumble, no contest), but there's one thing we can all agree on: subpar crust can ruin everything.

How to Make a Perfect Pie Crust - PureWow

Lucky for you, we’ve got a cool little trick to master the flaky base. What You Need: - ½ teaspoon salt - 2½ cups flour - 2 sticks of unsalted butter - 1 cup ice water Step 1: Stick everything in the freezer for 15 to 20 minutes before you make the dough. This is the key step to achieving that golden, flaky goodness. Step 2: Combine the salt and flour in a large mixing bowl. Step 3: Cut the butter into cubes and toss into the flour mixture.

Step 4: Add the ice water to your dough by sprinkling in 1 tablespoon at a time. Step 5: Dust the countertop with flour before dumping your soon-to-be–baked pie crust onto the surface. Step 6: Roll out the dough, flipping and rotating it frequently until it is wide enough to fit into your pie pan and about ¼ inch thick. 10 Amazing Kitchen Cheat Sheets That You Totally Need In Your Life. I Can't Wait To Try Out #9. 10 Dining Mistakes You're Making That You Never Knew About. Etiquette expert William Hanson reveals the 10 things snubbed at the dinner table. William Hanson explains the rules of setting the perfect dinner tableWhite table cloths, starched napkins and a decanter are encouragedSquare plates are 'tragic' while table runners are 'high treason'He also urges never to allow guests to drink beer at the table By William Hanson For Mailonline Published: 08:19 GMT, 2 October 2015 | Updated: 08:56 GMT, 2 October 2015 In the chirpy words of Katherine Mayfair from Desperate Housewives, 'we’ve all had days where it was either set a beautiful table, or curl up in a ball and die'.

Etiquette expert William Hanson reveals the 10 things snubbed at the dinner table

An elegant dinner is one of the nicest ways we have to commemorate a special occasion, and a beautifully set table sets this off to perfection. In our ‘can’t be bothered’ modern world sadly many only see correctly set tables on Downton Abbey rather than in their own houses. Scroll down for video Etiquette expert William Hanson says starched napkins should always be on a well set dinner table The tablecloth can be white or a light cream. Formal dining: bringing that royal touch to your home. Formal lunch or dinner parties can be great fun at home.

Formal dining: bringing that royal touch to your home

It can be an excellent opportunity to have a good time with your friends and enjoy time together. You can be as creative as you like with your menu and table and if you follow a few basic guidelines, you can recreate that indulgent ‘royal’ experience in the most personal of settings, your home. As our thoughts focus on the Christmas celebration and the time when many of us will share a meal with our friends and family. Here are a few tips that may help reduce the potential stress of entertaining and make the day more enjoyable. A glittering, indulgent, celebration table Glassware We all have an assorted collection of glassware, some we use every day and others we reserve for those special occasions: our ‘best’ glasses. NuWave Cooking Club.