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Cooking Like Grandma

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Evaporated milk : a good choice for the thrifty... Germans from Russia Heritage Collection. Vintage Recipe Cards. 2 lb. round steak, sliced 1/4 in. thick, trimmed of fat, pounded 1/16 in. thick salt and pepper prepared mustard 1/4 cup finely chopped onion 3 dill pickles, rinsed, cut in half lengthwise or thin carrot strips 3 tbsp. oil, butter or marg. 1/4 lb. fresh mushrooms, sliced 3/4 cup dry red wine 1 cup beef broth Cut round steak into rectangles 4 x 6 in.

Vintage Recipe Cards

Season with salt and pepper, spread with mustard, sprinkle with onions, add strip of pickle, roll up, fasten with toothpicks. Brown meat rolls in hot fat in skillet. Caloric book of recipes : a compilation of more... New England breakfast breads, luncheon and tea ... The hygienic cook-book : containing recipes for... War-time breads and cakes. Mary Elizabeth's war time recipes, containing .... GOLD MEDAL FLOUR COOK BOOK. Homemade apple and citrus pectin extracts and t... Star-News - Google News Archive Search. Spokane Chronicle - Google News Archive Search. Ole time Recipes from the early 1900's. Six cups sugar, three cups boiling water, dissolve and cook without stirring until it balls in water, set pan in cold water and let cool about one minute, beat rapidly until candy; flavor to taste and cut into as many designs as you want.

Ole time Recipes from the early 1900's

Miss Tempy Hook, Fulton, MO Make a plain egg and milk custard, three pints, add a cup of partially chopped blanched almonds and pour into the freezer; when just beginning to freeze, add two cups whipped cream, stir often while freezing so that the fruit will be well distributed. Mrs. Opal Muir, Fulton, MO Three cups sugar, three cups flour, one cup butter, one cup cornstarch mixed into one cup sweet milk, whites of twelve eggs beaten to a froth, two teaspoons baking powder, cream the butter and sugar, add milk into which the cornstarch has been dissolved, add flour and eggs, flavor to suit taste, use any filling desired. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Historic cookbooks 1900 - 1910. Duke University's Advertising books online have changed their URLs, so until I get time to change them all, when you are redirected to their main page, type in the author or title.

Historic cookbooks 1900 - 1910

1900-1919 Cookbooks. Last modified Sunday, 05 June 2011 at exactly 11:25:07 pm PDT in San Diego, California 1900-1919 Cookbooks This page is a mixture of embedded cookbooks and links to images on other sites.

1900-1919 Cookbooks

The other sites have either their own viewer or display books in PDF format, neither which could be embedded here. The Baking Circle Community. Old Cook Books (late 1800's & early 1900's), links to free e-copies & PDF copies Here are links to complete e-copies of old cookbooks that can be read online and downloaded for free in PDF format, at and Google e-books.

The Baking Circle Community

Vintage Cookbooks Resource. Don Bell with Scrapbooks and Vintage Cookbooks My collection of vintage cookbooks published from the late 1800s to the mid 1900s and now in the public domain was a source for many old fashioned dessert recipes published on this site.

Vintage Cookbooks Resource

However, most recipes were gleaned from recipe cards, handwritten recipe books, and scrapbooks stuffed with recipe clippings and dessert illustrations. Some of the oldest recipe books referenced are out of print, yet most are still preserved in online libraries and digital archives, and some have been reprinted and are again available for purchase. I'll share the places where you can find copies of the vintage cookbooks at the bottom of this page.

Family Cookbook Resources Mom's Recipe Scrapbooks (c. 1920s) Mom loved to collect recipe clippings and food illustrations in her teen years and carefully pasted them in her scrapbooks. Mom collected vintage cookbooks that she found at church rummage sales, and she also enjoyed listening to cooking shows on the radio. Charming handwritten recipes, old clippings, vintage recipe booklets & promo pieces. Spotlight on Golden Age Advertising. 1869: Joseph Campbell, a fruit merchant, and Abraham Anderson, a tin ice box manufacturer, form a partnership to can tomatoes, vegetables, jellies, condiments, and minced meats in Camden, New Jersey.

Spotlight on Golden Age Advertising

Each can is made by hand and the firm is best known for its giant beefsteak tomatoes. Each large enough, it is said, to fill a single can. 1876: The Joseph A. Campbell Preserve Company is awarded a medal for quality at the Philadelphia Centennial Exposition. The partners disagree about the direction of the company; Campbell promoting rapid expansion and Anderson opting for slow and gradual growth. EAA: Advertising Cookbooks Category Information. Advertising Cookbooks Browse the Advertising Cookbooks Search in the Advertising Cookbooks Category Information on All EAA Categories More About Advertising Cookbooks and the Advertising Cookbook Collection In the middle of the 19th century most American women still cooked with ingredients from their own farm or garden.

EAA: Advertising Cookbooks Category Information

They purchased in bulk from local grocers or butchers what could not be grown or made at home. With the progress of the Industrial Revolution in the late 19th century, a number of factors came together to begin to change American foodways. The growing number of women's magazines, such as the Ladies Home Journal and The Homemaker, made more and more national advertising available to middle and upper class women. By the 1880s manufacturers had begun to extend the reach of their advertising message by the device of offering little booklets filled with recipes by mail, either for free or at a very modest cost. Historic Cookbooks on line. Over 1,000 free historic cookbooks and manuals found online as e-texts are grouped by date and author.

Historic Cookbooks on line

Many have been scanned or transcribed on several sites, but I have linked to only one site per title unless the editions or years are different, such as Mary Randolph's Virginia Housewife [1838 and 1860]. Although mostly in English, there are some French, Spanish, German and other languages. Several excellent historic cookbook collections are listed below. BookFeeding America. Browse the Collection The titles below are organized alphabetically.

bookFeeding America

You may also browse the collection: Vintage Cookbooks. Recipes Past and Present- Wartime Recipes II. These recipes are taken from the Ministry of Food leaflets issued in the United Kingdom during the Second World War. 9th Nov, 1939 Issued by the Ministry of Food The following listing is for one adult (children receive half) per week Bacon and ham (3-4 slices/rashers) 4 ozOther meats – 2 small chopsButter 2 ozCheese 2 ozMargarine 4 ozCooking fat 4 ozMilk 3 pintsPlus 1 packet dried milk per monthSugar 8 ozPreserves every two months 1 lbTea 2 ozEgg (shell egg) 1Plus 1 packet dried egg per monthSweets 12 oz.

Manual of wheatless recipes : Dane County (Wis.). Council of Defense. Cook book [microform] : containing recipes for a number of excellent dishes which can be made best with this food chopper. Conversation menus and recipes : Bartlett, Marie M. (Marie Munn), b. 1860, comp. New Jello Recipes : Jello Corp Inc. The Homekeeper: Containing Numerous Recipes for Cooking and Preparing Food ... : S. D. Farrar. The Pure Food Cook Book: The Good Housekeeping Recipes : Harvey Washington Wiley, Mildred Maddocks. Dandelions as Food : Lucile Brewer and Helen Canon.

Topics Rural Life, Woman, Women, Cornell, CCE, Homemaking, Housekeeping, Homemaker, Home, House, Farm, Family, Home Economics, Kitchen Work, Cooking, Cookery, Country Life, American Life, American Culture, American History, History, Food, Agriculture, Food Preparation, Domestic, Domesticity, Farmhouse, Dining, Foodways, Women's History, Labor, Manual Labor, Flower, Flowers, Dandelions, Greens, Salad, DIY, Lawn, Yard, Grass, Weed, Weeds, Timbale, Soup, Culinary, Sandwich, Lunch, Canning, Cornell Reading Courses, vol.V, no.105, Course for the Farm Home.

Discusses use of dandelions as food. Peach recipes : United States. War Food Administration. Conservation recipes : Mobilized Women's Organizations of Berkeley. Knudsen recipes : for greater food value : Knudsen Creamery Co. of California. Low-cost menus and recipes. Deliciously yours : recipes : Taylor, Mary Lee. Everywoman's cook book, recipes and food combinations for the household : Wells, Helen M., [from old catalog] comp. Salina Journal Cooking School. Eleven recipes and some wartime patriotism in a lost form of entertainment. We know mass media cooking entertainment began with James Beard and Julia Child, but that wasn’t the first form of cooking entertainment. The newspaper-sponsored cooking school, like the Salina (Kansas) Journal Cooking School (full-size link in a new window here, for maximum readability), combined live theater, cooking instruction, household cleaning tips, and fabulous prize giveaways into multi-day events, traveling from town to town.

At these cooking schools, auditoriums full of women (unless it was a “white elephant” day, when women could bring the men in their lives) would see scripted cooking and cleaning demonstrations and take part in raffles. Vintage Recipes: Cookbooks. Maria Parloa (Parloa, Maria, 1843-1909) Online Books by (Parloa, Maria, 1843-1909) A Wikipedia article about this author is available. Help with reading books -- Report a bad link -- Suggest a new listing Additional books from the extended shelves: See also what's at your library, or elsewhere. Preparation of vegetables for the table / by Maria ... v.256(1906). - Full View. Old Elizabethan Recipes. The term "vegetable" was used only rarely during the Elizabethan era. Instead the term "herb" covered all green plants, roots and herbs.

Food items which came from the ground were only are considered fit for the poor. Vintage Recipes: Recipes. BookFeeding America. Feeding America. Feeding America: The Historic American Cookbook Project The Project The Feeding America project has created an online collection of some of the most important and influential American cookbooks from the late 18th to early 20th century. The digital archive includes page images of 76 cookbooks from the MSU Library's collection as well as searchable full-text transcriptions. This site also features a glossary of cookery terms and multidimensional images of antique cooking implements from the collections of the MSU Museum. Internet Archive Search: cooking books. American Libraries : Free Books : Free Texts : Download & Streaming. California Digital Library. Recipes and Cookbooks - OnLiving - The Henry Ford. 16 Old-Fashioned Recipes Through The Decades.

Old Recipe Books - Basic Home Cooking and Canning Recipes. Old Rival Crockpot Recipes and Directions Manual. Home >> Rival Crockpot Recipe manual I can't remember where I picked up this old manual for a Rival Crockpot. I'm thinking it was at a garage sale. But I remember being delighted when I found it, because a friend gave me a crockpot. I love to be able to put something in the crockpot before I leave for work, and then come home to dinner already prepared.

All I have to do is dish it out. Sometimes I put a whole chicken in it before I go to bed at night, and let it cook all night long on LOW. I took pictures of the pages of the Rival Crockpot Manual. RecipeCurio.comGraham Cracker Pudding Recipe. This recipe was clipped from the Akron Beacon Journal newspaper, date unknown but it mentions “rations” and the winner of a Glenna Snow cook book which was distributed by Akron Beacon Journal in the late 1930s and 1940s so this probably dates from that time.

Recipe is typed below (I omitted the cook book winner’s information) along with a scanned copy. RecipeReminiscing. A classic recipe from an ad for Sunkist Lemons published in 1932. RecipeReminiscing. Ko-ko-nut pie recipe (1950) - Click Americana. Untitled. "History is Served" presented by Colonial Williamsburg Historic Foodways. Pork Sausage Patties on Fried Mush, ca. 1920. If you have been reading this blog since I began 18 months ago, you’ll recall that a meal at the Eagle Tavern at Greenfield Village in Dearborn, Michigan was the catalyst for my journey into historic food.

That day, I ordered pork sausage patties.