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Manuscripts - CSNTM. Contents - REJECTED SCRIPTURES. Septuagint Apocrypha II - REJECTED SCRIPTURES. Sans titre. PEOPLE IN THE BIBLE. Palais de Darius - LOUVREBIBLE. Dinosaur questions and answers. PEOPLE IN THE BIBLE. St. Ignatius of Antioch to the Philadelphians (Roberts-Donaldson translation) Shorter and Longer Versions.

St. Ignatius of Antioch to the Philadelphians (Roberts-Donaldson translation)

The Sibylline Oracles. The work thus named is a collection of Judaeo-Christian poems, of various dates, designed to propagate certain ideas among heathens, and assuming this form in order to win acceptance in such quarters.

The Sibylline Oracles.

Various derivations have been suggested for the word Sibylla, and it has been attributed to the Hebrew and other Oriental languages; but many suppose that the word is really Greek, compounded of the Æolic sios = theos and bolla or bulla = boule, [321] and thus meaning, counsel of God. However, it may well be doubted whether it is not a feminine form of the old Latin word sibus, meaning "wise. " Persibus, or Persicus, is found in this sense in Plautus and Nævius, where it is explained by old grammarians as = peracutus.

Hence the term signifies "wise woman, witch. " Apocryphes :Evangile de Nicodème. Ceci arriva dans la dix-huitième année de l'empire de Tibère, César, empereur des Romains, et d'Hérode, fils d'Hérode, empereur de Galilée, l'an dix-huitième de sa domination, le huit des calendes d'avril, qui est le vingt-cinquième jour du mois de mars sousle consulat de Rufin et de Rubelius ; la quatrième année de la deux-cent deuxième olympiade lorsque Joseph et Caïphe étaient grands-prêtres des Juifs ; et Nicodème écrivit alors en lettres hébraïques, le récit de tout ce qui s'était passé lors du Crucifiement du Seigneur et après sa Passion (4),

Apocryphes :Evangile de Nicodème. - A Blog About Catholic Apologetics. Catholic Answers. The Original Sources of the Qur'an [Table of Contents] Author of "The Religion of the Crescent," "The Noble Eightfold Path," "Manual of Muhammadan Objections," &c., &c.

The Original Sources of the Qur'an [Table of Contents]

Published under the direction of the tract committee SOCIETY FOR PROMOTING CHRISTIAN KNOWLEDGE LONDON : Northumberland Avenue, W.C.; 43 Queen Victoria Street, E.C.; BRIGHTON: 129 North Street NEW YORK: E. S. Gorham 1905 The complete book can also be downloaded as a zip file. Citation template for bibliographies:— Tisdall, W. Alexander Romance. The Alexander Romance, an entertaining story about various episodes (real and imaginary) in the life of Alexander the Great, was extremely popular in medieval times.

Alexander Romance

It was translated from the original Greek into many different languages in Europe, Asia and Africa. In some of the manuscripts, it is mistakenly attributed to the Greek historian Callisthenes, which is why it is sometimes referred to as "Pseudo-Callisthenes". The story was constantly evolving over the centuries, with new episodes being added. The translation shown here is primarily based on the oldest recension ( α ) of the Greek text, which was probably established in the 3rd century A.D. It is compared with two other old versions, in Armenian (5th century) and Syriac (7th century), to show how the story developed in late antiquity. For some medieval versions of the Alexander Romance, see: Attalus' home page. The gospel of Gamaliel. A la recherche des proto-musulmans, entre le 7ème et 11ème siècle :

« Bernard Raquin, un penseur hors des sentiers battus, propose des solutions concrètes pour restaurer la paix sociale et la démocratie en France. » Suite de « Origines de l’islam : le mystère est quasiment résolu. » Vers la Paix Mondiale.

A la recherche des proto-musulmans, entre le 7ème et 11ème siècle :

Bibliothèque sacrée : ou, Dictionnaire universel historique, dogmatique, canonique, géographique et chronologique des sciences écclésiastiques ... : Richard, Charles-Louis, 1711-1794. Dear Internet Archivists: Once a year we ask you: help keep the Internet Archive free and free of ads.

Bibliothèque sacrée : ou, Dictionnaire universel historique, dogmatique, canonique, géographique et chronologique des sciences écclésiastiques ... : Richard, Charles-Louis, 1711-1794

If everyone reading this gave $50, we could end our fundraiser right now. That’s right. Précision sur les origines de l'Islam. De Salve Regina.

Précision sur les origines de l'Islam

Sur les origines de l’Islam Lorsque j’ai commencé mes études sut les Judéo-chrétiens et les Na­zaréens de Syrie, il régnait dans les esprits deux thèses complètement erro­nées : celle des Esséniens à propos des manuscrits de la Mer Morte et celle d’Hanna Zacharias à propos des origines de l’Islam. Les judéo-chrétiens depuis Qumran jusqu'aux origines de l'Islam. De Salve Regina.

Les judéo-chrétiens depuis Qumran jusqu'aux origines de l'Islam

Les Judéos-Chrétiens depuis Qumran jusqu’aux origines de l’Islam Au cours de nos recherches sur les origines du Christianisme, sur celles de l’Islam et du Bouddhisme, nous nous sommes constamment trouvés confrontés au Judéo-christianisme, communauté religieuse à la fois omniprésente et insai­sissable. Nous avons pensé qu’il serait bon de l’étudier pour elle-même d’après ce que les docu­ments de l’époque pouvaient nous fournir comme renseignements. Histoire des religions. Le mystère des origines de l'Islam enfin éclairci.

De Salve Regina.

Le mystère des origines de l'Islam enfin éclairci

Sans titre. Permalink Raw Message. Les écrits apocryphes refont sur. Les écrits apocryphes refont surface. Apocryphes éthiopiens : Apocalypse d'Esdras. Oeuvre numérisée par Marc Szwajcer Les Apocryphes Éthiopiens. Sources Chretiennes - HISOMA UMR 5189. Documents à télécharger ou imprimer : Introduction. Encyclopedia of Jewish Folklore and Traditions » OneDDL.NET. Encyclopedia of Jewish Folklore and Traditions By Raphael Patai, Haya Bar-Itzhak 2013 | 674 Pages | ISBN: 0765620251 | PDF | 104 MB There are many resources on aspects of Jewish culture and folklore around the world, but this comprehensive, accessible work may be the first to bring together the traditions from many lands and across time.

The 250 alphabetically arranged articles by 90 scholars, mainly from the U.S. and Israel, cover legends, customs, other elements of folklife, and contemporary archives and resources. Biblical Artwork by James Tissot. Arabic Bible (Learn the Arabic Bible) Chapter IV - Justin Martyr: The Dialogue with Trypho. J. Between A.D. 155 and 161. External References to Islam. External References to Islam by Peter Kirby (September 11, 2003) Robert G. Hoyland in 1997 published an important book entitled Seeing Islam as Others Saw It: A Survey and Evaluation of Christian, Jewish and Zoroastrian Writings on Early Islam. Karl-Heinz Ohlig, Gerd-R Puin (ed.) - The Hidden Origins of Islam. New Research into Its Early History - 2009.pdf.

Gospel of the Ebionites. At a Glance Reliability of Dating: Estimated Range of Dating: 100-160 A.D. Text Offsite Links Geoff Trowbridge's Introduction Books Wilhelm Schneemelcher, ed., translation by R. Jewish Believers in Jesus. Death's-head Hawkmoth. 5 TABLE OF CONTENTS CHAPT. The Ebionite Home Page. The Panarion of Epiphanius of Salamis, Books II and III. de Fide (Nag Hammadi and Manichaean Studies) (repost) Posted on 2013-05-16. By anonymous. Description The Panarion of Epiphanius of Salamis, Books II and III. de Fide (Nag Hammadi and Manichaean Studies) by Frank WilliamsEnglish | 2013 | ISBN: 9004228411 | ISBN-13: 9789004228412 | 696 pages | PDF | 3,2 MB. Gospel Of The Nazirenes. The Gospel of the Holy Twelve (the Gospel of the Nazarenes) Gospel of the Holy Twelve. The Gospel of the Holy Twelve, also known as the Gospel of the Nazarenes, is believed by some to be the Gospel described by many commentators of the early Church as the original teachings of the Nazarene called Christ.

Others point to several sections that are found, word-for-word, in the King James Version of the Bible, which they say proves it to be a fraud. In an early twentieth century edition published in London, an "Explanatory Preface" precedes the text. ANCIEN TESTAMENT - FR. Wyatt, Ron: "Gods Treasures"  Noah's Ark, Red Sea Crossing, Mount Sinai, etc.

Dinosaur Soft Tissue Recovered and Analyzed 2005-03-28 Scientists recover T. rex soft tissue - Science - 70-million-year-old fossil yields preserved blood vessels Unpetrified Dinosaur bone and soft, flexible cartilage & blood was found last year inside a sedimentary rock. The preservation was by mummification rather that petrification! Without preservation by petrification, the claim of "70 million years" old cannot be supported, and is actually pretty stupid. This is not unique.. The Codex from Rohonc drawings explained plus some conjectures about the script awaiting refutation. Prophecy, Shamanism & Scripture. Dragons: Evidence of Recent Dinosaurs. Dragon is the common name that refers to a variety of gigantic reptiles reported by people of ancient times. Dragons were also a common theme in mythology. The word comes from the Greek: δράκων, drakōn; Latin: draco; meaning a " serpent of huge size".

Although dragon legends are often dismissed as myth today, many of these stories may have a historical basis in sightings of recent dinosaurs. Countries, such as England, China, Scandinavia, France, India, Egypt, and Arabia each recount numerous dragons of a variety of types.[1] Ancient depictions of dragons have been found that span more than a millennia, which often bear remarkable similarity to known dinosaur species. There are, in fact, nearly 200 such places in Britain where dragon sightings have been reported throughout history.

Historical Accounts. Gustave Doré Gallery. The Doré Gallery of Bible Illustrations. This web edition published by eBooks@Adelaide. Last updated Wednesday, December 17, 2014 at 13:09. To the best of our knowledge, the text of this work is in the “Public Domain” in Australia. HOWEVER, copyright law varies in other countries, and the work may still be under copyright in the country from which you are accessing this website. It is your responsibility to check the applicable copyright laws in your country before downloading this work. Gustav Doré Gallery of Bible Illustrations. Biblical Studies and Technological Tools: The Doré Gallery of Bible Illustrations: Online and in Bible Software. Freemason Bible Scans. This is a copy of the Master Mason Holy Bible from the 1990's. It is the King James Version. This Reference Edition contains about 80 pages of Masonic and Eastern Star information which is scanned below.

This copy was purchased from a seller on Ebay for $60. It is scanned for your convenience. The Haydock Douay Rheims. Prophètes et patriarches juifs. Free Bible images: Find a story. Bible Story Pictures For Children. Tehillim - Chapter 2 - Tanakh Online - Torah - Bible. The Book of the Cave of Treasures - Index. The woman at the well. Walters Ms. W.592, Gospels. THE ARABIC BIBLE. Codex Sinaiticus - Home.

Bible study tools - Blue Letter Bible. Baba Sali. Prayer: an Anthology - Chassidic Thought. Liste des personnages de la Bible. Guide des prénoms issus de la Bible - Alliance Biblique Française. Personnages de la bible - classification thématique - Encyclopædia Universalis‎ Codex Magica - 18. Sources Chretiennes - HISOMA UMR 5189. The Book of the Giants. Les personnages de la Bible : fiches à collectionner. The s8intcom Blogger. Jeremiah 8:8 - "How can you say,... - Verse-by-Verse Commentary. The Gospel of Thomas Collection - Translations and Resources. The Arabic Gospel of the Infancy of the Saviour: text. Ésaïe 36. The Reluctant Messenger of Science and Religion: Science and the World's Religions are pieces to a puzzle that need each other to form a complete picture. Psalm 2:7 Commentary - The Treasury of David. Vidéo : « Les pays musulmans ont été conquis par la violence » - L'observatoire de la ChristianophobieL'observatoire de la Christianophobie.