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CDJapan - Japanese Anime, Jpop, Japanese music, Game music, Japanese movie, CD, DVD - Erika Toda Complete Listings. Tea Fight Japanese Movie [DVD] De Blue Doctor Heli Kinkyu Kyumei Special Japanese TV Series [DVD] DVD release of TV special "Code Blue Doctor Heli Kinkyu Kyumei Special" starring Tomohisa Yamashita, Yui Aragaki, Erika Toda, and more popular actors.

de Blue Doctor Heli Kinkyu Kyumei Special Japanese TV Series [DVD]

After accident in the tunnel, Aizawa, Shiraishi, Hiyama, Saejima, and Fujikawa are asked to take a week off from work and stay at their house for disciplinary action. However, their mentor Doctor Kuroda leaves the hospital for rehabilitation of his right arm while they were behaving at home without telling them about it. SPEC magazine ACCESS [BOOK] Girls' Generation (SNSD/Shoujo Jidai) Complete Listings. Girls' Generation T-shirt "THE BOYS" The Boys Girls' Generation (SNSD) [CD] Mplete Listings. You've got a friend in Japan! Mosatsu Sticker Book. Toh-Satsu ~ Transparent Clothing Paradise. The Japanese word tohsatsu usually refers to filming women with secret cameras against their will, but in this book the kanji have been changed to mean "invisible photography," with the power of technology brought to allow us to see what the beautiful models are wearing underneath.

Toh-Satsu ~ Transparent Clothing Paradise

Being able to see their private bra and panties through their clothes is really awesome, and we know you'll love it too. Akihabara Mousou ~ AKIBA Mousou FREE CELL. Revoltech No.071 Super Galaxy Gurren Lagann **Preorder** Photobooks. Zettai Ryoiki ~ The Absolute Zone. Stair Girls ~ Kaidan Shojo. Pet's Eye. Pet's Eye 2. The Good Schoolgirl Days ~ Shojo Jidai. Summer School Girl ~ Natsufuku Joshi. Sweet Joshi ~ Sweet Girls. Peeping Girls Life. Kimi ni Hitomebore ~ Love At First Sight. Joseito ~ School Girl (After School) Headphones and School Uniform. Schoolgirl Complex.

Schoolgirl Complex 2 ~ After School. The Good Schoolgirl Days 2 ~ Shojo Jidai. Girls Touch Painting Calendar 1 ~ Nyotai Goyomi 1. Self-Photographed Cosplayer ~ Jigadori Cosplayer. Puccho x AKB48 w/ Mini Photo book Set of 3. J-List Wear. Japanese T-shirt - Moe (Standard men's shirt) No kanji character represents the heart of the otaku more than moé (sometimes written as moe, but pronounced with an accent on the second syllable, mo-EH), which can be translated as "burning with passion" and refers to both the super-cute female anime characters that make us fall in love with them, as well as the passion fans feel for anime, manga, or whatever they are into.

Japanese T-shirt - Moe (Standard men's shirt)

This is a great shirt that features the moé kanji written with a traditional calligraphy (shuuji) brush, which will mark you as a true fan of all forms of Japanese pop culture. Japanese T-shirt "Cheshire Cat Bus" Japanese T-shirt "I Love Hentai" (Standard Men's) Japanese T-Shirt "The Absolute Zone" One of the most popular trends in female anime characters is known as zettai ryouiki which can be translated as "absolute territory," and it describes the "sweet three-centimeter space" (from the Lucky Star opening lyrics) between the top of a girl's stockings and where her skirt starts.

Japanese T-Shirt "The Absolute Zone"

Here's a new shirt that celebrates this little bit of perfection in every female, which reads "zettai ryoiki" in kanji, plus, "There is a three-centimeter space between the top of a girl's stockings and her skirt. " Many characters are known for this wonderful feature, including Rin from Fate/stay night, Miku Hatsune, and Rise Kujikawa from Persona 4.

Japanese T-Shirt "OBEY" (Code Geass Parody) Japanese T-Shirt. Japanese T-Shirt - Tenori Tigers. We love the anime Toradora!

Japanese T-Shirt - Tenori Tigers

Around here, with its awesome characters and fun tsundere female lead role, of course voiced by the legendary Rie Kugimiya. So we decided to do something awesome for the Year of the Tiger, designing a parody of the Hanshin Tigers logo with the design changed to Tenori Tigers (tenori = "palmtop"). It's a standard baseball tee, with long sleeves and awesome authentic styling, and the design printed both on the front and the back. Japanese T-Shirt - BIB ~ Bitches in Black. Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt is the awesome show from Gainax, an incredible parody of Power Puff Girls and Dirty Pair, with just about every joke you can think of.

Japanese T-Shirt - BIB ~ Bitches in Black

J-List loves the show, and here's our first homage to it -- a T-shirt featuring a "Bitches in Black" Men in Black parody. Panty and Stocking truly are the most awesome duo ever, and now they're on an awesome T-shirt! A standard sized T-shirt. This is an original J-List T-shirt, hand-silkscreened in J-List's San Diego office by our trained staff of T-shirt printers (not mass-produced in Asia). The shirt is printed with a "flash" layer below the design, to keep it from showing the shirt color, and heated at 330 degrees Farenheit to cure the ink for long life. Click here for more information on sizing.

Japanese T-Shirt - "Fight The Power"