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J-TECH Innovation & Evolution - NHK WORLD - English. TORAY - Weaving the Future with Carbon Fiber Carbon fiber has come a long way since it was first used as a filament by Thomas Edison to create the first functional light bulb.

J-TECH Innovation & Evolution - NHK WORLD - English

Individually, those fibers lacked the tensile strength of today's modern fibers. But they proved valuable for being heat-resistant and good conductors of electricity. The crystal alignment of carbon fiber gives it high strength-to-volume ratio. Research has led to the development of techniques to bundle the fibers so they can be woven into a fabric. Toray is the leading manufacturer of carbon fiber materials, including Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer (CFRP), which is widely used to make products for the aerospace industry, civil engineering, the military and motorsports, along with other competition sports.

J-TECH Innovation & Evolution. Jan. 26, Sun.

J-TECH Innovation & Evolution

ShinMaywa US-2: A Seaplane for the World This time on J-TECH, we explore the technological significance and potential of an aircraft that is attracting the world's attention. The "ShinMaywa US-2" Utility Seaplane is the pride of Japan's aeronautics industry. It was developed to respond to emergencies at sea and on isolated islands where there are no runways. A uniquely designed fuselage, an ability to fly at extremely low speeds and a computer-assisted flight control system allow the US-2 to land in rough seas with swells of up to 3 meters. 5 of these amphibious aircraft have been built so far.

ShinMaywa Industries, Ltd. ShinMaywa Company’s PR Video The "Industrial Machinery Systems business" part of the "Company’s PR video" can be viewed.

ShinMaywa Industries, Ltd.

(A link to whole movie of "Company’s PR video" is on the "Company" page of this Movie Library content.) The video was completed in December, 2013. Play Time: 3minutes 07seconds 42.0MB Related Pages: Products Watch on Smartphone (42.8MB) ShinMaywa Industries, Ltd. Innovation in Japan – Perception vs. Reality. The BBC recently published an article claiming that Japan’s culture is “anti-innovation” and that “zero appetite for risk and eroded confidence [means Japan is] one of the toughest environments on Earth to root new ideas.”

Innovation in Japan – Perception vs. Reality

For a country that is renowned around the world for new ideas and innovation (everything from personal audio devices, video games, flash memory and even the world’s first novel – “The Tale of Genji,”) many may find these claims strange. But opinions like these about Japan’s culture are real and stem from an issue that falls flatly into Edelman’s realm – a massive perception gap about Japan and its companies right now. For those of us who have lived and worked in Japan for years, and have been exposed to the innards of Japanese companies in our lines of work, frustrations about a lack of appetite for risk and being short on confidence will be familiar.

Daniel Lochmann is a senior account supervisor in Tokyo. Image by Kripptic. NEXTAGE – a next-generation robot able to work together with people. Philosophy and Vision. We will contribute to the development of a more secure society through a striving spirit and co-operative efforts Our corporate philosophy represents GLORY's corporate goal and raison d'être.

Philosophy and Vision

"Striving spirit" includes our desire that "we will strive to meet the needs of customers and society with an unyielding spirit and make the impossible possible". It represents the eternal origin of GLORY all through the ages that we can do a great job only when we combine the "power of everyone" who shares the "striving spirit".

Keeping the origin in mind, GLORY will contribute to the creation of a safe and secure society from now on. ● Through a spirit of continuous development, we will provide products and services our customers can rely on. ● We will build a vigorous corporate group through respect for the individual and teamwork Our managerial creed expresses what GLORY should aspire to and our management stance. Business continuity / Securing profit / Profit redistribution Information management. The Humanoid Robot "NEXTAGE" realizing a flexible assembly line received the "Special Award for Next Generation Industry" at the 5th Robot Award Contest in Japan. On October 10, 2012, GLORY LTD.

The Humanoid Robot "NEXTAGE" realizing a flexible assembly line received the "Special Award for Next Generation Industry" at the 5th Robot Award Contest in Japan

(Head Office at Himeji, Hyogo, Japan, President: Hirokazu Onoe) received the "Special Award for Next-generation Industry" at the 5th Robot Award Contest, jointly with KAWADA INDUSTRIES, INC. (a group company of KAWADA technologies, inc., Head Office at Nanto, Toyama, Japan, President: Tadahiro Kawada). International Robot Exhibition 2013 in Tokyo. Kajima's Advanced Structural Control and Base Isolation Technologies. Enhancing safety and functionality of the buildings and creating comfortable living environment in the earthquake prone country like Japan.

Kajima's Advanced Structural Control and Base Isolation Technologies

That is the main concept of structural control and base isolation structures. Kajima has taken the initiative in the industry by conducting research in structural control and base isolation and putting its technologies to practical use. We are still a leading company that continues to take the lead in the world of structural control and base isolation technologies. As shown by our long track record, we provide customers with the optimal building safety that meets their needs.

Trends in Japan – Tokyo's latest Lifestyle, Culture and Innovation. Living Tomorrow. ABI 株式会社アビー. The Third Monodzukuri (Making Things) Nippon Grand Award.