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Marketing, Lifestyle, Fashion,

Marketing, Lifestyle, Fashion,
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Tokyoluv - A Tokyo Blog WasabiBlog » わさびブログ Hace unos días compré un softbox de Westcott, el famoso Apollo de 28 pulgadas junto con un paraguas de 60 pulgadas en Inglaterra, una tienda llamada CreativeVideo. Suelo comprar estas cosas en B&H (EEUU) pero el precio total era más barato en CV y no tienes que preocuparte por aduanas, es más, si eres autónomo no pagas impuestos al ser de la comunidad europea. No lo tenían en stock y encima se retrasó más de lo previsto, llegando tarde para una sesión ideal para probarlo. Finalmente éste lunes llegó el ansiado paquete y para mi sorpresa, el softbox, que está construido como si fuera un paraguas no permanecía abierto por si mismo, la pestañita que sujeta el anillo para que el apollo no se cierre, estaba rota: Tenía twitter abierto en mi navegador, así que lo primero que se me ocurrió fue enviar un twitt a WestcottCo con una imagen del Apollo mostrando mi tristeza… bueno vale, un emoticono “:(“. Dos días más tarde, el miércoles, llega a casa el nuevo apollo en perfecto estado.

Japan News 9 min ago | Tablehopper New Chefs and Changes at Izakaya Roku, Jolt 'n Bolt Hoodline reports that ~IZAKAYA ROKU~ has a new chef. Well, actually, two new chefs: it turns out that owner Jay Hamada made friends with a pair of brothers from his hometown in Miyazaki, Japan, and now the pair is running the kitchen. Trending on the Topix Network 4 hrs ago | Reuters As Japan weighs energy options, costs mount for idled reactors Since March 2011, Japan's government has focused on the cost of cleaning up after Fukushima, the worst nuclear accident since Chernobyl. 8 hrs ago | Ukiah Blog Live When life becomes a shadow after nuclear catastrophe Those caught up in nuclear disasters suffer many times over, writes Robert Jacobs. 12 hrs ago | WaterWorld 240 babies die every hour from unsafe water - " UN-Water Millions of children under five die every year due to toxically germ-infested unsafe drinking water - almost three to four babies a minute, according to UN-Water's estimations. 16 hrs ago | TechEBlog The Wave

Jane Austen's World Toyota’s Camatte Lab at Tokyo Toy Show 2014 lets you design your own sports car hood Written by: William on June 13, 2014 at 3:28 pm | In LIFESTYLE | No Comments Toyota has once again collaborated with Znug Design to produce another fun Camatte booth for the Tokyo Toy Show. Following the Camatte’s first appearance in the 2012 and 2013 editions of the fair which allowed kids to play around with car panels, now comes a double treat for both design and automobile fans. The Camatte Lab is divided into two zones. The Tech Lab gives visitors an unusual up-close look at the inner workings of the car. The hands-on Design Lab is more creative, letting visitors customize a Camatte vehicle. The Tech Lab features a Camatte57s without its body panels so you can see how the steering gear and differential gear box work. The Tokyo Toy Show booth features multiple screens so even the driver can see in detail what is going on with the mechanics from every angle. The neighboring Design Lab has a Camatte57s Sport vehicle with special LEDs projecting onto the hood.

Made In Tokyo L’année se termine bientôt. Elle a été chargée en contenu sur Made in Tokyo, que ça soit au niveau des textes ou des photographies. J’ai publié en tout, à l’heure où j’écris ces lignes, un total de 124 billets pour l’année 2018. C’est un chiffre plus important que pour l’année 2017 qui avait atteint les 95 articles publiés (chiffre qui était à l’époque presque le triple de l’année 2016 avec seulement 35 articles). Je ne suis pas certain de la raison de ce regain de productivité sur ce blog, format désormais un peu délaissé par les masses d’utilisateurs du web. Le nombre de visites sur Made in Tokyo est stable sur les trois dernières années avec environ 19200 visites annuelles pour 2018 (un peu plus de 1500 visites en plus par rapport à 2017) ce qui fait une moyenne de 53 visites par jour. Parlons maintenant des photographies de ce billet.

TOKYOMANGO dicokick - ジェニー キーリング PASTOM Manga Stream - Read free manga online! Kwambio 3D design platform lets you create personalized 3D-printed products Sep 1, 2014 3D printing is a hot topic, but If 3D printing is really going to go mainstream, it needs a place where users can choose and modify any design and be able to download and print all the products needed for everyday life. A new platform called Kwambio wants to become such a place. Designers can come to Kwambio and make money from every creation. Platform users can customize and personalize products with a few clicks of a button. There are five main categories of products on the platform: design, fashion, gadgets, decor and art. It's designed to be a creative community where everyone becomes a creator. For the first few months the platform will be free to use, but eventually users will pay per print.

Ramen Tokyo ラーメン東京 - Guides, shop reviews, and maps all in Engli Genjutsu - Ilusiones diarias J-List -- You've got a friend in Japan!

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