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Chinese bone sculpture (19th century) "Drinking Tea" by Lei Xue (2003) Bertel Thorvaldsen & Lukas Ahorn "Lion of Lucerne" (1820–21) Books and Stones Embedded with Sleek Layers of Laminate Glass by Ramon Todo. Splitting his time between Kanagawa, Japan and Dusseldorf, Germany, artist Ramon Todo (previously) is known for his small sculptures of rocks and books embedded with polished layers of glass.

Books and Stones Embedded with Sleek Layers of Laminate Glass by Ramon Todo

Todo’s decision to seamlessly introduce disparate materials into a single object creates an unusual intention, as if these objects have always existed this way. The random pieces of obsidian, fossils, volcanic basalt, and old books are suddenly redefined, or as Beautiful/Decay’s Genista Jurgens puts it: “By inserting something alien into these pieces, Todo is effectively rewriting their history, and the place that these objects hold in the world.”

Bicycles Built Based on People’s Attempts to Draw Them From Memory. Saatchi Sculptures. Sebastian E. - Design Art. Brench and big table bowlIndustrial Design2012.

Sebastian E. - Design Art

Glass Microbiology - Luke Jerram. Benvenuto Cellini "Perseus with the Head of Medusa" (1545) Asiatic Lion depicted being hunted by King Ashurbanipal (631/627 BCE) Hyper-Realistic Wooden Sculptures by Tom Eckert. Artist and Professor Tom Eckert uses traditional processes to carve these hyper-realistic sculptures of everyday objects entirely made of wood.

Hyper-Realistic Wooden Sculptures by Tom Eckert

He uses plenty of carpentry techniques in his creative sculptured pieces, such as constructing, bending, laminating, carving and painting. After receiving his M.F.A. degree from Arizona State University, Eckert began teaching at the university. He has exhibited his work in over 150 national and international exhibitions. Recently his incredible artwork has been featured in the Netherlands after getting lot of appreciation throughout the United States. Shimmering Chain-link Fence Installation by Soo Sunny Park. Soo Sunny Park, Unwoven Light, 2013 / Commission, Rice University Art Gallery, Houston, Texas / Photo by Nash Baker Currently on view at Rice Gallery is this shimmering installation titled Unwoven Light by Soo Sunny Park, comprised of some 37 sections of chain-link fence embedded with translucent sections of Plexiglas.

Shimmering Chain-link Fence Installation by Soo Sunny Park

The suspended waveforms capture and reflect nearly every light source in the gallery creating a fractalized rainbow of color that changes quality depending on the time of day. Of the work Park says, “We don’t notice light when looking so much as we notice the things light allows us to see. Ceramic Objects Encrusted with Marine Life. As if lifted from the wreckage of the Titanic, ceramic artist Mary O’Malley creates sculptural porcelain teapots, cups, and vases adorned with barnacles, tentacles, and other living sea creatures (she refers to them as “porcelain crustaceans”).

Ceramic Objects Encrusted with Marine Life

Gian Lorenzo Bernini "Blessed Ludovica Albertoni" (1674) Claire Morgan. Beautiful hanging installations by Claire Morgan.

Claire Morgan

A crow falling through a plane of strawberries? Yes, please. Evan Roth: 3D graffiti sculptures. Mosque Ceilings Highlighting the Mastery of Islamic Architecture. Las mezquitas musulmanas tienen alguna de la arquitectura más intrincada y exquisita jamás creado por la humanidad.

Mosque Ceilings Highlighting the Mastery of Islamic Architecture

Estas imágenes de veintidos techos de mezquitas muestran cuán fuertemente las matemáticas y la geometría destacadan en la arquitectura islámica en el mundo árabe y en otros lugares. Las espirales perfectas que se repiten y las formas geométricas son una reminiscencia de los mandalas que se encuentramos también en el arte budista. Irán es conocido por su extraordinaria colección de mezquitas de impresionante belleza. Ellen Jewett Sculpture. The unfinished "Crazy Horse Monument" of Korczak Ziolkowski. Takashi murakami at versailles. Sep 20, 2010 takashi murakami at versailles ‘oval buddha’ by takashi murakami, 2007-2010 (bronze and gold leaf) ©2007-2010 takashi murakami/kaikai kiki co., ltd. all rights reserved. photo: cedric delsaux – water parterre / château de versailles the château de versailles is the location of the latest exhibition by japanese artist takashi murakami. the show is titled ‘murakami versailles’ and features a number of manga-inspired sculptures displayed both indoors and out at the historic french palace. of the 22 works on display, 11 were created specifically for this show. all the murakami works sit within the context of the palace, often contrasting sharply with the period décor and complimenting it at other times. the show will run from now till december 12th as part of the regular versailles admission.

takashi murakami at versailles

Randall Rosenthal woodworked sculptures. Gianlorenzo Bernini "Tomb of Pope Alexander VII" (1678) Zheng Chunhui's sculputre 4 years in the making. China has a long tradition of wooden sculptures.

Zheng Chunhui's sculputre 4 years in the making

For centuries they are transforming pieces of raw wood into works of inspiring art , but none as impressive as the sheer creation of Zheng Chunhui . This talented Chinese artist spent the last four years meticulously carving a detailed replica of a famous traditional Chinese painting called ” Along the River during the Qingming Festival ” in the trunk of a little over 12 feet long tree. Antonio Corradini "Modesty" (1751)

Michael Sporn Animation. Anamorphic Sculptures. London-based artist Jonty Hurwitz creates ‘Anamorphic Sculptures’ which only reveal themselves once facing a reflective cylinder.

Anamorphic Sculptures

Hurwitz took an engineering degree in Johannesburg where he discovered the fine line between art and science. Designing the Perfect Anti-Object. Behold the Camden Bench. This pale, amorphous lump of sculpted concrete is designed to resist almost everything in a city that it might come into contact with. Named for the London authority that commissioned it, the Camden Bench has a special coating which makes it impervious to graffiti and vandalism. The squat, featureless surface gives drug dealers nowhere to hide their secret caches. The angled sides repel skateboarders and flyposters, litter and rain. The cambered top throws off rough sleepers. D. Erdembileg & J. Enkhjargal "Genghis Khan Equestrian..." (2008)

Serge salat: beyond infinity immersive installation. Sep 16, 2011 serge salat: beyond infinity immersive installation ‘beyond infinity’, an immersive installation by french artist and theorist serge salat ‘beyond infinity’, a multisensory installation by french artist and theorist serge salat, interweaves mirrors, light, music, and fractal art in an architecture that conflates visitors’ perceptions of space. sponsored by buick cars and usable during the events as a vehicle showroom, the work is installed at shanghai’s westgate mall from september 16th through 18th, 2011. measuring 12.45 by 10.8 meters at a height of 3.8 meters, the structure is completely closed, composed of a steel infrastructure with honeycomb aluminum panels covered in mirrors. View looking into the third ‘room’ in the sequence: the circular and triangular infinite staircases the ‘infinite fault’ when exiting from the red grid the ‘hyper cross’, the fifth ‘room’ architectural plan. Recycled PET Plastic Bottle Plant Sculptures by Veronika Richterová.

Photo by Michal Cihlář Czech artist Veronika Richterová creates new life from repurposed plastic PET bottles. For the last decade the artist has used various methods of cutting, heating, and assemblage to build colorfully translucent forms of everything from crocodiles to chandelier light fixtures to plants. Broken CDs Transformed Into Iridescent Animal Sculptures. With most of our music now in a digital format, neatly contained on our mobile phones and iPods, many of us have no doubt got lots of old CDs stacked up in garages, waiting to become miniature frisbees or coffee coasters or museum relics from a bygone era.

But rather than letting them lie there in their boxes, unloved and gathering dust, why not put them to good use by smashing them up and turning them into attractive animal sculptures? Artist Sean Avery has done exactly that and created a series of sculptures—from bears to peregrine falcons and even the Loch Ness monster—using the reflective splinters of what was once, possibly, a cherished music collection. It’s not the first time we’ve seen artworks created from dead (well, dead-ish) media. Previously enterprising artists have repurposed floppy disks and cassette tapes to create portraits and iconic album covers. Maria Rubinke. Seed capsules. Quantum potentiality of the Manifested Self. Quantum potentiality of the Manifested Self External Stimuli : Themes : Art, Consciousness, Humanism Nodes : Antony Gormley, human body, metal, Sculpture.

Staring Cats Light Sculpture is Fixating. Gianlorenzo Bernini "Rape of Persephone" (1622) The hybrid sculptures of Brendan Lee Tang. Image Courtesy of Brendan Lee Tang. Thousands of Plastic Figures Hold Up the Floor. Sculpture / Kris Kuksi. Sculptures Popping Out of Paintings. Oh, to have been in Tokyo in June! Shintaro Ohata just finished up a solo exhibition at the Yukari Art Contemprary in Tokyo, Japan. This Hiroshima, Japan-born artist is known for his ability to show us everyday life in a cinematic way. He captures light in his paintings, showering the world, as we know it, with carefully placed strokes of it. "Every ordinary scenery in our daily lives, such as the rising sun, the beauty of a sunset or a glittering road paved with asphalt on a rainy night, becomes something irreplaceable if we think we wouldn’t be able to see them anymore," he told Yukari gallery.

"I am creating works to capture lights in our everyday life and record them in the painting.” More than that, this artist has a unique style. Wire Sculpture. Unlikely: The Impossible and Improbable Objects of Giuseppe Colarusso. In this ongoing series titled Unlikely, artist and photographer Giuseppe Colarusso imagines bizarre and humorous objects, each of which is either technically impossible, improbable, or simply useless in its proposed design. Colarusso tells me via email that many of the pieces he fabricates himself, however some are digitally created in Photoshop. Jellyfish-like Bowls. Wim Delvoye Tire. Skateboard Sculpture. Skateboard Sculptures. Recycled Newspaper Creatures Appear All Over Tucson. Still life: Bent objects. Completely made of rock.