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Digital Artist Giuseppe Randazzo Creates Elaborate Arrays of 3D-Printed Stones

Digital Artist Giuseppe Randazzo Creates Elaborate Arrays of 3D-Printed Stones
Stone Field 00 / exp00 – simple attractor exponential field. Digital rendering. Stone Field 05 / three attractors field. Digital rendering. Stone Field 04 / field based on vert dist from horizontal axis. Digital rendering. StoneFields 02 / polar 2d Perlin field. 3D-printed sculpture. Stone Field 00 / exp00 – simple attractor exponential field. 3D-printed sculpture. Stone Field 07 /simple 1d linear polar field. 3D-printed sculpture. Stone Field 07 /simple 1d linear polar field. 3D-printed sculpture, detail. Back in 2009, Italian designer Giuseppe Randazzo of Novastructura released a series of generative digital “sculptures” that depicted carefully organized pebbles and rocks on a flat plane. Fast forward to 2014, and technology has finally caught up with Randazzo’s original vision. Starting from 2009 project “Stone Fields”, some 3dmodels were produced from the original meshes.

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Mirrored Light Sculpture Probes The Cosmic Mysteries Of Geometry Images courtesy of the artist When it comes to sculpture, Gaspar Battha thinks big. His artworks address concepts including the limitations of the mind (envisioned as a physics-defying robotic bird), and humankind's relationship with tools (realized through custom-made screws and screwdrivers). Vibrantly colorfuled, geometric graffiti pieces by Nelio I spent a bunch of time falling down the rabbit hole that is Flickr last night, finding a bunch of great artists to write about. One of my favorites was Nelio, a French graffiti artist who’s work uses tons of bright colors all laid out int he most interesting, geometric ways. When I see work like Nelio’s it truly solidifies the idea that graffiti can be art. I would love to see his pieces around Los Angeles, I think they would liven up the neighborhoods.

Notebooks Adorned with Hand-embroidered Blood Vessels, Insects, and Geometric Patterns Athens-based Fabulous Cat Papers offers a wide range of hand-made notebooks with embroidered Japanese paper covers featuring anatomical, floral, and geometric designs, all stitched by hand. What you see here is just a peek, see much more here. (via Demilked, Lustik) Surrealist Sculptures by Ellen Jewett Merge Plant and Animal Life Artist Ellen Jewett refers to her sculptural work as “natural history surrealist sculpture,” a blend of plants, animals, and occasionally human-made structures or objects. Her artwork is deeply informed by an extensive background in anthropology, medical illustration, exotic animal care, and even stop-motion animation, all of which accentuate the biological structure of each piece, while freeing her imagination to pursue more abstract ideas. Over time, Jewett has become more focused on minimizing materials and relying a negative space.

Stefan Tiefengraber 2013 - interactive installation exhibited: from 30.01.2014 - at the TIME OUT .01 exhibition ARS ELECTRONICA CENTER Linz/Austria. from 21.11. to 24.11.2013 - PIKSEL Festival 2013 - Bergen/Norway from 30.05. to 09.06.2013 - TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN - Exhibition - 175 Gallery Seoul/Korea Visitors of the website can trigger six hammers and drop them onto a server that is located in the exhibition. Tellas brings abstract, nature inspired art to city streets Digging through Flickr the other day I came across the art of Tellas, a street artist from Italy. What I love about his work is the natural feeling of his work, which looks to be inspired by pieces of wood, leaves, flocks of birds or schools of fish, all sorts of things. A lot of street art is quite vibrant and in your face but these pieces feel complimentary to the urban environment. You can see more photos of his work below.

Nunzio Paci’s Graphite and Oil Paintings Merge Nature and Anatomy Italian artist Nunzio Paci works with pencil and oil paints to create strange amalgamations of plants and animals in what he describes as an intent to “explore the infinite possibilities of life, in search of a balance between reality and imagination.” Paci currently has a solo show including several of the pieces you see here at the Palazzo del Podestà in Bologna through October 12. (via Artchipel)

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