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Europe’s Faustian Bargain with Big Finance - Resilience. Scientists scramble to understand the invisible world around us. Climate Signals. La verdadera transición que viene, y nosotros tan lejos. El 5 de junio se celebra el Día Mundial del Medio Ambiente.

La verdadera transición que viene, y nosotros tan lejos

Para conmemorarlo, alrededor de esta fecha, ya es costumbre que los ayuntamientos organicen diversas actividades de carácter divulgativo. Suelen estar dirigidas a un público infantil, o bien al adulto entendido como un consumidor individual, y tratar temas como los residuos, la limpieza viaria o la preservación de la belleza natural. En Móstoles este año hemos querido hacer algo distinto: convocar a la ciudadanía a discutir colectivamente sobre pico del petróleo, nucleares, límites de la transición a las renovables.

Y hacerlo de la mano de algunos de los expertos más lúcidos del panorama científico nacional. Pero no se escriben estas líneas para promocionar un evento local. La distancia entre la gravedad del problema ecológico y su percepción ciudadana es uno de los abismos más desgarradores del siglo XXI. Pero el desarrollo sostenible ha fracasado. Conectemos con el tablero de juego de la política nacional. We Need a Revolution; It Starts with Falling in Love with Earth. By Thich Nhat Hanh / Jun 19, 2015 We and the Earth are one The Earth is our mother, nourishing and protecting us in every moment–giving us air to breathe, fresh water to drink, food to eat and healing herbs to cure us when we are sick.

We Need a Revolution; It Starts with Falling in Love with Earth

Every breath we inhale contains our planet's nitrogen, oxygen, water vapor and trace elements. When we breathe with mindfulness, we can experience our interbeing with the Earth's delicate atmosphere, with all the plants, and even with the sun, whose light makes possible the miracle of photosynthesis. With every breath we can experience communion. A Paris Agreement Negotiator Explains How Screwed We Are - Motherboard. Imaginer l'avenir des villes - par Pablo Servigne ~ Adrastia. Pablo Servigne L’Avenir des villes par Pablo Servigne, chercheur indépendant, auteur et conférencier, expose quatre outils conceptuels : “une boussole, une petite liste de « futurs périmés », une proposition de voir la ville comme un organisme vivant, et un tour d’horizon du concept de résilience”.

Imaginer l'avenir des villes - par Pablo Servigne ~ Adrastia

Dans cet essai dont l’idée est autant de présenter une thèse solidement argumentée que de constater comment la littérature scientifique influence et nourrit notre imaginaire. ClubOrlov: Collapse Mitigation Strategies. Almost a decade ago I wrote an article in which I defined the five stages of collapse, defined as inflection points at which faith in key aspects of the status quo is shattered and a new reality takes hold.

ClubOrlov: Collapse Mitigation Strategies

It is useful to have a taxonomy of collapse, even if it’s a tentative one. Treating collapse as one big ball of wax is likely to cause us to believe that everything will melt down all at once, and, barring certain doomsday scenarios, which are probably not even useful to consider, this is probably not a realistic or a helpful approach. Is America (Really) Collapsing? – Bad Words – Medium. Let’s examine analytically and clearly for a moment the notion that America’s collapsing.

Is America (Really) Collapsing? – Bad Words – Medium

Is it? Or is the very idea just hysteria, unreason, irrationality? We’ll come to an answer shortly. First, let’s set the bar. Antarctica heights settle polar warming puzzle - Climate News NetworkClimate News Network. Computer simulation shows that Antarctica is warming far slower than the Arctic region because of its much greater height.

Antarctica heights settle polar warming puzzle - Climate News NetworkClimate News Network

LONDON, 28 May, 2017 – Scientists believe they have settled one of the great polar puzzles − why Antarctica is warming at a rate so much slower than the Arctic region. And the answer is a simple one: Antarctica is so much higher. To ram the point home, they used a computer simulation to hammer the entire southern continent until it was no more than a metre above sea level. At which point, in their simulation, warming at the South Pole became much more dramatic. 10 things you should know about sea level rise and how bad it could be.

This undated photo courtesy of NASA shows Thwaites Glacier in Western Antarctica.

10 things you should know about sea level rise and how bad it could be

(AFP/Getty Images) Sea level rise has been in the news a lot lately. Recent research has raised concerns about the possible collapse of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet and how this could double sea level rise projections for 2100. Le coût écologique d’internet est trop lourd, il faut penser un internet low-tech. Robotique, objets connectés, bio et nanotechnologies, chimie de synthèse...

Le coût écologique d’internet est trop lourd, il faut penser un internet low-tech

Parce que l’innovation est le principal moteur de la croissance qui dévore la planète, Reporterre publie une série de tribunes visant à démythifier le progrès et faire de la recherche scientifique un terrain de controverse et de luttes. Félix Tréguer est membre fondateur de La Quadrature du Net — association de défense des libertés publiques à l’ère numérique. Gaël Trouvé est cofondateur de Scolopendre – hackerspace visant une réappropriation citoyenne de la gestion des déchets électroniques. Museletter #300: Juggling Live Hand Grenades - Richard Heinberg. MuseLetter #300 / May 2017 by Richard Heinberg Download printable PDF version here (PDF, 102 KB) Here are a few useful recent contributions to the global sustainability conversation, with relevant comments interspersed.

Museletter #300: Juggling Live Hand Grenades - Richard Heinberg

Toward the end of this essay I offer some general thoughts about converging challenges to the civilizational system. “Oil Extraction, Economic Growth, and Oil Price Dynamics,” by Aude Illig and Ian Schiller. PLANETARY BOUNDARIES: HOW ENVIRONMENTAL CRISIS CAN TRIGGER POLITICAL CONFLICTS? It's the End of the World — How Do You Feel? Terry Root often goes to sleep at night wondering how she’ll be able to get up the next morning and do it all over again.

It's the End of the World — How Do You Feel?

Then the sun comes up and she forces herself out of bed. 10 Films That Make It Easy to See How Our Economy Is Killing the Planet. By Tim Hjersted / Apr 26, 2017 20th-century economists often say that there is no better alternative to the capitalist economic system we have now. If that's true, apparently "the best we can do" just happens to be a system that's going to eventually kill the planet, crash the global economic system and destroy human civilization. Really? Vaccinazioni: l'appello di oltre 100 medici. The banality of the Anthropocene. It is often said that the biggest mistake humanity ever made was move from hunting-gathering to agriculture. This is easy to say with 20/20 hindsight and 10,000 plus years after the fact, but in my opinion, the biggest mistake we ever made was adopt fossil fuels, and misuse them. There’s no doubt fossil fuels have brought us many improvements, but I find it difficult to not wonder whether the advantages actually outweigh the disadvantages…….

Combine the two, and we have industrial farming. Now there was a major mistake. This insightful article from the Resillience website discusses this at length, and I recommend sharing it widely. Industry Kills What Industry Touches: Now Solar Power – THE DAILY IMPACT. Podcast: Play in new window | Download Subscribe: iTunes | Android | Concentrated solar power — in which sunlight is focused to boil water, for example, which then is used to generate power — is the highest industrial form of renewable energy. Is there such a thing as a “net energy cliff”? New research outlines how energy resource depletion and declining energy return on investment (EROI) may affect prosperity.

François-Xavier Chevallerau | April 26, 2017 Modern, prosperous lifestyles are heavily dependent on the availability of abundant, low-cost energy supplies. In fact, a society and its component parts (people, groups, organisations, institutions) are physical systems that require inflows of affordable energy resources with high thermodynamic quality to perform work and power their various functions. To date, modern societies largely source their energy supplies from fossil fuels, which raises important sustainability concerns related to both their exhaustibility and the environmental degradation induced by their large-scale use.

The Lights Are Going Out in the Middle East. Six months ago, I was in the National Museum in Beirut, marvelling at two Phoenician sarcophagi among the treasures from ancient Middle Eastern civilizations, when the lights suddenly went out. A few days later, I was in the Bekaa Valley, whose towns hadn’t had power for half the day, as on many days. More recently, I was in oil-rich Iraq, where electricity was intermittent, at best. “One day we’ll have twelve hours. The next day no power at all,” Aras Maman, a journalist, told me, after the power went off in the restaurant where we were waiting for lunch. Psmag. MondoElettrico: I consumi petroliferi ad Aprile 2017 - 8,2% Of Two Minds - Charles Hugh Smith. May 17, 2017 The system is disintegrating, and slapping a "reformist" coat of paint over the dryrot cannot renew the structural timbers that have rotted to their very core.

How Do You Degrow an Economy, Without Causing Chaos? - Resilience. Trump Is the Symptom, Not the Disease. Mr. Fish / Truthdig Forget the firing of James Comey. Forget the paralysis in Congress. Fermate il mondo, voglio piangere! (Prima parte) Thermodynamique de l’évolution – François Roddier – notes de lecture. Growthism - Resilience. Is There Such a Thing as a "Net Energy Cliff?" - Resilience. Is There Such a Thing as a "Net Energy Cliff?" - Resilience. The nine planetary boundaries. Stratospheric ozone depletionThe stratospheric ozone layer in the atmosphere filters out ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun. If this layer decreases, increasing amounts of UV radiation will reach ground level. This can cause a higher incidence of skin cancer in humans as well as damage to terrestrial and marine biological systems. The appearance of the Antarctic ozone hole was proof that increased concentrations of anthropogenic ozone-depleting chemical substances, interacting with polar stratospheric clouds, had passed a threshold and moved the Antarctic stratosphere into a new regime.

The nine planetary boundaries. Cultural Evolution in the Anthropocene - Resilience. Carnage in US Natural Gas as Price Falls off the Chart. All eyes are on Chesapeake. Exposing the Disinformation Playbook: An Interactive Slideshow. Combined effects of the Pacific Decadal Oscillation and El Niño-Southern Oscillation on Global Land Dry–Wet Changes : Scientific Reports. Figure 1 shows the winter mean sc_PDSI_pm for the El Niño composite and the sub-composites according to the PDO phase, together with the differences between in- and out-of-phase combinations, as indicated. The El Niño-related dry–wet changes result in drier conditions from southern and southeastern Asia to Australia (particularly along the eastern side of the country), central China, equatorial South America, the northern US, western and southern Canada, and the Sahel. Population, the elephant in the room. Oil and its companion natural gas together make up about 60% of humanity's primary energy. In addition, the energy of oil has been leveraged through its use in the extraction and transport of coal as well as the construction and maintenance of hydro and nuclear generating facilities.

Oil is as the heart of humanity's enormous energy economy as well as at the heart of its food supply. Stanford: world can go 100% renewable. L’enigma di Munk e la conferenza di Parigi. Paul Craig Roberts - Official Homepage. How to Think About the Paris Climate Deal. Mapping the Emerging Post-Capitalist Paradigm and its Main Thinkers. What is climate change? Effetto Risorse: Il picco del diesel: revisione del 2015. Collapse Of U.S. Shale Oil Production Has Begun : SRSrocco Report. The Paris Climate Talks Will Be a Historic Success. And a Historic Disaster. Effetto Risorse: I crateri pingo 'possono esplodere sotto il mare così come sulla terraferma' Increased CO2 in the atmosphere has altered photosynthesis of plants over the 20th century.

Climate Scientist James Hansen Warns World is on Wrong Track to Prevent Runaway Global Warming. The Numbers. Climate Plan. Clima, tutto quello che dovete sapere sul vertice di Parigi. Icists confirm thermodynamic irreversibility in a quantum system. Failing phytoplankton, failing oxygen: Global warming disaster could suffocate life on planet Earth. A Path for Climate Change, Beyond Paris. Crude Oil & Lease Condensate Proved Reserves Reached Highest Level Since 1972. Cowspiracy The Sustainability Secret 2014 sub ITA. Salva la fettina di carne, deridi lo scienziato! [VIDEO] Global warming will be faster than expected, news study concludes.

Cassandra's Legacy: Climate: walking along a mountain path with our eyes closed, hoping that the cliff is still far away.... The Oil Alarm: It's Time To Grow Food Again. Breakthrough Energy Coalition. The Oil Crash: Europa ante la guerra. L’autre état d’urgence. The UN's INDC Report; Total Impact of INDC's by 2030? The real climate conspiracy: What you're not being told. How Turkey Exports ISIS Oil To The World: The Scientific Evidence. 3 Means Of Waging Personal Financial Revolution Against The Banksters. Climate Change Will Not Be Dangerous for a Long Time. A Surprising Look At Oil Consumption   25 Fast Facts About The Federal Reserve – Please Share With Everyone You Know. Rollingstone. Disastri climatici hanno provocato 600mila morti in 20 anni - Clima.

Climat d’insécurité. Expect a market meltdown before the 2016 election: Stockman. How scientific miscalculations could crash the climate. Effetto Risorse: Siria, cambiamento climatico e l'orrore di Parigi. Il nutrimento della comunità e l'uomo nella sola dimensione economica. News Releases. A mass extinction once replaced giant fish with tiny ones—and it could be happening all over again. Nature Conservancy Maps Land at Risk of Conversion by Global Human Growth and Development. Isis Inc: how oil fuels the jihadi terrorists. Syria oil map: the journey of a barrel of Isis oil. Seemorerocks: Geared O’Colman talks sense about the Paris attacks.

Fossil Free. The Ecomodernist Manifesto is a program for genocide and ecocide. CO2 record mentre si fa la conta dei nuovi poveri - 2050 - Blog - World's climate about to enter 'uncharted territory' as it passes 1C of warming. Vengeance ou nihilisme. Contre la COP21. Faster Than Expected. Is a human 'population bomb' ticking? « Nous sommes en train de vivre une mosaïque d’effondrements » : la fin annoncée de la civilisation industrielle.

Aquatic Dead Zones. Extreme Heat Is Defining Climate Change. How the Planet Will Change without Arctic Sea Ice. La grande finanza scommette sull'ambiente: ecco gli obiettivi dei Paesi. La finanza "scopre" il cambiamento climatico: la lotta alla Co2 conviene. Oops debt bubble 10 30 15. Fossil fuel industry must 'implode' to avoid climate disaster, says top scientist.