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Facebook Twitter 9/3/13 addition(s): "Perhaps the genius of ultrarunning is its supreme lack of utility.

It makes no sense in a world of space ships and supercomputers to run vast distances on foot. Trail Running: Sprain-Proof Your Ankles by Gaining The Right Balance. It’s finally getting to be the time of year when dirt trails are clearing off, meaning that trail runners, cross country athletes, and anyone else who enjoys running over more challenging terrain on occasion will be hitting the trails soon.

Trail Running: Sprain-Proof Your Ankles by Gaining The Right Balance

While running on trails has a number of advantages, one drawback is that you are likely at a greater risk for sustaining an ankle sprain than if you stuck to the roads (though road runners are no stranger to sprains either, given the abundance of rocks, ruts, potholes, and curbs on the roads). More problematically, once you’ve sustained one ankle sprain, you are at a higher risk for sustaining another. Ankle sprain: never underestimate it Though ankle sprains are often dismissed as a minor injury that takes care of itself, the scientific literature shows otherwise. Ultramarathon Runner Embraces Physical and Mental Challenge. The Runner’s Gear Bag. Thank you for being part of the Strength Running community!

The Runner’s Gear Bag

I’m Jason – the guy running on the right. I treat my email readers like royalty and give you special access to resources that nobody else receives, like the free ebooks, workouts, and exclusive content below that I’ve never made public before. While I could probably charge for this stuff, I’d rather give it away to help you become a better runner. I spoil you You can use these resources to prevent injuries (see the Strength and Core Ultimate Resource Guide), answer your tough questions (see the Strength Running PR Guide), or simply remember all those wacky exercises from my core and warm-up routines (see the custom-illustrated Stick Figure Routines).

Stay tuned because new resources are added frequently! The Circuit Workout This core and running form drill circuit workout will help you develop specific strength for injury prevention and efficiency. The Strength Running PR Guide Strength and Core Routines – The Ultimate Guide. Miles to Go Before I Sleep: Musings of a Middle-Aged Trail Runner.


Heart Rate Calculator - Runners Connect. Resting Heart Rate.

Heart Rate Calculator - Runners Connect

Carbohydrate Intake. Burke, L.M., Hawley, J.A., Wong, S.H.S., and Jenkendrup, A.E. (2011).

Carbohydrate Intake

Carbohydrates for training and competition. Journal of Sports Sciences, 29(Supp 1), S17-S27. Introduction Nutrition for athletic performance is emerging as an essential preparation component for all levels of athletes, including the novice exerciser to the Olympic competitor. There are several event-specific methods to adjust the diet of a recreational athlete to enhance performance, of which carbohydrate manipulation is the most common. Carbohydrate intake and availability within the body plays a central role in athletic performance, especially for endurance athletes. Lactate threshold training. Introduction The terms lactic acid and lactate, despite biochemical differences, are often used interchangeably.

Lactate threshold training

Fitness professionals have traditionally linked lactic acid or ‘the burn’ with an inability to continue an intensive exercise bout at a given intensity. Although the conditions within the exerciser’s muscle cells have shifted towards acidosis, lactate production itself does not directly create the discomfort (acidosis) experienced at higher intensities of exercise. Training. Running. 5 Core Exercises That Increase Stability and Running Efficiency. My college coach said the best thing you can do to become a better runner is to run, and this is true.

5 Core Exercises That Increase Stability and Running Efficiency

That being said, the development of core strength is an important way to improve running biomechanics and correct imbalances that can lead to injury. As a coach at the Reebok ZAP Fitness Center, I tell our athletes they need to complete core exercises that benefit their running. More: How Runners Benefit From Sport-Specific Strength Training. Runner's Projection Utilities <small>(and other cool stuff)</small>

The Biomechanical Case for Minimalist Running. Endurance Calculator. This calculator is designed to enable endurance runners to determine safe, personalized racing paces over distances such as the marathon.

Endurance Calculator

The calculations performed here are based on a mathematical model by B. I. Rapoport, published in PLoS Computational Biology in October 2010. The full article, which provides background information on the physiology of endurance running and describes the model behind the calculator presented on this site, can be accessed here. Endurance Calculator Android App: An enhanced version of this calculator, useful for runs of any distance, is now available as an Android App on the Android Market. Enter data into the calculator using this form: * Join the Endurance Calculator Beta Testing Community! Comments: Why All Runners Should Strength Train. This piece was written by guest contributor Jason Fitzgerald, a running coach at and 2:39 marathoner.

Why All Runners Should Strength Train

He is also co-founder of Run Your BQ, a program dedicated to helping marathoners qualify for the Boston Marathon. In the old days, runners ran. (Seriously: Ask runners a few generations older than you what they did for their daily workout, and they’ll likely answer: “I ran.”).