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Workouts Should Be Smart, Not Hard. David RocheSeptember 06, 2016LIKETWEET The author channeled specific workouts to a second-place finish at the Headlands 50K, the 2016 US 50K Trail Championships.

Workouts Should Be Smart, Not Hard

Photo by Joe Viger Photography Hard workouts don’t make good runners. Smart workouts do. It’s not just easy days that many runners make too difficult (here's more on slowing down smartly). You can think of each training cycle like baking a cake. If the recipe calls for an hour at 350 degrees Fahrenheit, you don't turn the temperature up to 500 and take it out after 45 minutes; you’ll burn up the cake, and possibly your house.

That is what many people do with hard workouts. Assembling the ingredients involves lots of aerobic running, preferably with a dog training partner. Footwear of the Middle Ages - Roman Shoes. Types of Roman Shoes Before I discuss Roman shoes, allow me to note that there are some disagreements between scholars regarding some types of Roman shoes.

Footwear of the Middle Ages - Roman Shoes

In this document, and on the Development of Footwear Roman section, I have attempted to refine these arguments as I understand them. Although there are numerous examples of Roman shoes found in archaeological sites, and a wide variety of shoes found in Roman literature, it is difficult to say with any certainty which fashions are represented by what shoes. I will try to do so when it is reasonable to do so, but it may not be possible in all cases. Some scholars feel that it is not even worth the attempt, and I won't say they are wrong. Don't Trust the World Anti-Doping Agency. In an article about to be published in Chance (volume 27, number 3), the journal of the American Statistical Association, two expert biostatisticians launch a remarkable assault on the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), accusing it of practicing slapdash, medieval-style science that tramples the rights of athletes, and accusing the world’s politicians, who fund WADA, of being “clueless.”

Don't Trust the World Anti-Doping Agency

Barefoot. » The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Barefoot Running. ‘And forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair.’

» The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Barefoot Running

Healthy Running Course Review ~ Eat. Run. Rehabilitate. Hold on a second guys....Okay, there.

Healthy Running Course Review ~ Eat. Run. Rehabilitate.

Sorry. Dr. Nick's Running Blog. The Challenges of Barefoot Running on Treadmills. ~ By Michael Sandler So, it’s the dead of Winter.

The Challenges of Barefoot Running on Treadmills

The air temperature has finally climbed into the 40’s, but the ground's still as cold as ice. Plus, it looks like snow is in the forecast this week. “Wait, I’m not ready for barefoot running in snow!” You exclaim. Can you run barefoot on a treadmill? Issue #1: The Treadmill Belt Comes at You There are several mechanical challenges going on with a treadmill. Solution: Sobre barefoot, correr y el gran timo de la amortiguación - NatuOrigen. En el mundo actual, el de la información inmediata y el debate, racional o no, en las redes sociales, uno puede encontrar artículos y opiniones para todos los gustos.

Sobre barefoot, correr y el gran timo de la amortiguación - NatuOrigen

Sobre el tema que sea. Y eso, per se, no es malo. ¿Dónde radica el problema, si lo hay? En que el acceso a toda esa información necesita pasar un filtro que rara vez podemos aplicar. Por ello, a menudo, los profesionales de la salud hemos de atender cuestiones de conocidos, pacientes, familiares o amigos que muestran su duda ante un determinado dato o asunto del que tenían una idea totalmente contraria.

En definitiva, hoy en día podemos leer absolutas aberraciones, hechas o no con maldad, que carecen de base alguna. Obviamente, si hablamos de correr, todo lo anteriormente comentado se multiplica por mil. En otro [2] nos encontramos el panorama habitual: directrices para elegir zapatillas. Si empezamos por el principio, vamos –casi siempre- a confluir al mismo punto: la asociación del concepto barefoot al concepto moda. Experiences of CCC , Coumayer, Champex , part in the success of others.

Probably around six or seven years ago i was hanging around the main square in Chamonix in the French Alps.

Experiences of CCC , Coumayer, Champex , part in the success of others.

Whilst drinking surprisingly expensive beer, I became increasingly aware of the arrival of the tail end runners of what i now know to be the Ultra trail du Mont Blanc. The year before i had climbed Mont Blanc and as a consequence fallen in love with an area of the Alps that have been a play ground for lovers of adventure for well over one hundred and fifty years. What initially struck me was how ill this bunch of odd looking misfits appeared. Little did i know at the time what they were finishing. I asked a local in good quality 'Sunderland french' what was going on, to be met with a look of disbelief .

We arrived a few days before the race planning to spend a week there.The town of Chamonix is used to sporting events but even by their standards the Utmb is massive and completely envelopes the whole region for months beforehand .The town soon filled up as the days passed. Natural Running Center. Ultra trail running. TRANSVULCANIA 2014 - SIGUE LA CARRERA.