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5 Exercises to Develop Perfect Obliques - Gym Guider. Hip Flexor & Core Strength Drill: Psoas March. In today’s quick training video, I want to show you one of my favourite hip flexor strength exercises.

Hip Flexor & Core Strength Drill: Psoas March

This simple drill does far more than target Iliopsoas though, it’s a great way of reenforcing the co-contraction we want to see between hip flexors and abdominals in controlling lumbro-pelvic position as the hip is moved from flexion to extension, and back again. Try this exercise at home: 3 x 60sec – alternating left then right legs throughout the minuteTechnique is everything! About The Author James Dunne James has an academic background in Sport Rehabilitation and a special interest in Applied Biomechanics. 4 Exercises to Prevent Shin Splints. Body Shop: Shin GuardsProtect an injury-prone spot with these simple exercises.Body Shop: Bottoms UpSpeed up your recovery and increase your flexibility with these inversion poses.Body Shop: Get Ready to RollAdd this tool to your prerun routine to prep your muscles to perform their best.Body Shop: Get It OnWarm up your muscles so they're ready to go - while lacing up.The Body Shop: WIth the BandGet stronger and prevent injuries with this affordable, portable training tool.

4 Exercises to Prevent Shin Splints

You don’t think about your shins until they hurt. And by then, you could be looking at some major downtime. A recent study found that it takes, on average, 71 days to rehab shin splints. Shin splints (the term for pain that occurs on the front outside part of the lower leg) often occurs when your legs are overworked. That’s sometimes from a jump in mileage. The Single Best Exercise For Your Lower Abs - Men's Health Magazine Australia. Click here to buy online!

The Single Best Exercise For Your Lower Abs - Men's Health Magazine Australia

Your “abs” are actually one muscle called the rectus abdominus. It’s a sheath that runs from your chest bone to your pelvis. The reason a six-pack looks like six separate muscles is because tendons run horizontally across the sheath, cutting ravines into the muscle. 6 Exercises for Strong Muscles and Healthy Joints. Body Shop: Strong Muscles, Healthy JointsSix best exercises to support your hips, knees, and ankles.Body Shop: Best Foot ForwardUse these moves to keep your ankles, heels, and arches strong and healthy.Body Shop: Make The TimeSlow down in the gym to get strong and stay healthy.Body Shop: Medius MovesWork the smaller glutes to stay injury-free.Body Shop: Restoration ProjectThis recovery routine helps your muscles bounce back from hard runs.

6 Exercises for Strong Muscles and Healthy Joints

Experts agree that one of the most important things a runner can do to prevent joint pain is to incorporate regular strength work into their training routine. Strengthening exercises condition muscles, tendons, bone, and cartilage so that they can better tolerate the stress of running. The exercises here, provided by Mark Temme, P.T., a Memphis-based physical therapist who works with runners, work the muscles that support your hip, knee, and ankle joints.

How to Prevent & Treat Chafing. Go seamless, tagless.

How to Prevent & Treat Chafing

Seams and tags on a shirt or bra can cause irritation. Get a proper fit. A too-snug sports bra can dig in; the excess material of a baggy shirt can rub you raw. Protect your legs. Compression shorts can save your inner thighs from abrasions. Cover ‘em up. Get greasy. How to Fuel for a Half Marathon. So first things first—the carb-load.

How to Fuel for a Half Marathon

You might be wondering if it's as necessary for 13.1 as it is for 26.2. Honestly, I think it can't hurt. Runnersworld. Get into pushup position but with your feet on a bench.


Raise your right knee toward your left shoulder as you rotate your hips up and to the left as far as you can. Then reverse directions, rotating your hips up and to the right, and try to touch your right foot to the back of your left shoulder (you won’t be able to do it). That’s one repetition. Continue for 30 seconds with your right leg, then switch legs. Exactly How to Use Squats to Lose Weight, Run Faster, and Reduce Back Pain. The best exercise to get head-to-toe hot (sculpted legs, a perky butt, the whole shebang) is the one people are most likely to botch.

Exactly How to Use Squats to Lose Weight, Run Faster, and Reduce Back Pain

But not you, not anymore. A tweak or two can help you personalize the move for your body. That's why we asked Kyle Dobbs, personal training manager at the Wright Fit gym in New York City, to share four ways to utilize the bread-and-butter exercise, whatever your workout intent. If you want to lose weight: You need high volume to amp the muscle-building, fat-burning effect. Once or twice a week, perform six sets of five reps of a loaded squat (goblet or back) at 50 to 60 percent of max weight. Five Exercises to Do Before Every Run : ​Hip Extensor Stretch. 11 Plank Exercises That Build Core Strength for Runners. When you were a kid, you probably did sit-ups for an ab workout.

11 Plank Exercises That Build Core Strength for Runners

But is the sit-up the best ab exercise? That’s actually a simple question: the answer is no way! There are far better ab exercises than a simple sit-up, which can exacerbate back problems and only focuses on one small area of the abdominals. And while you’ll develop tremendous ab strength by doing heavy squats, deadlifts, and other traditional weightlifting exercises, not all of us can throw around heavy iron at the gym.

Luckily for us runners, there are a variety of plank exercises that helps us build the core strength necessary for more efficient running form and fewer overuse injuries. The plank is a versatile exercise as it strengthens the: If you regularly do a plank workout, you know how simple they are. It's All in the Hips. Watch a video of Kenenisa Bekele winning a 5,000m or 10,000m, and it is quickly apparent that he and the rest of the world-class pack with him are doing something different from what most of us do every day.

It's All in the Hips

They float around the track, hardly seeming to touch it. They accelerate smoothly and effortlessly. Their legs seem to spin beneath weightless bodies. We want to run like them, but too often we feel like we're muscling our bodies along, pounding the ground and working for each forward push. What element of their stride creates the difference? For the past several years, we've been told to focus on their feet. And yet, many of those who adopted a forefoot strike and the minimalist shoes that accompanied the movement didn't see an improvement in times and continued to get injured. A wide range of experts--from kinesiologists to physical therapists, orthopedists to coaches--agree that the extreme emphasis the running world has put on foot strike is misplaced. 6 Squat Variations Every Runner Should Do. This move involves placing the barbell across the upper back, rather than on top of the shoulders, upping the demand placed on the glutes, says Jason Fitzgerald, a 2:39 marathoner, USA Track & Field-certified coach, and founder of Strength Running.

That’s huge, as the glutes tend to be underdeveloped in runners, contributing significantly to lower-body injuries. Do it: Stand facing a racked barbell and grasp it with your hands greater than shoulder-width apart. (Start with just a barbell, perfect the form, and then begin adding weight plates.) Tuck your head under it to place it across your upper back, just above your armpits, and rotate your elbows behind you to form a “shelf” for the bar. Stand up with the bar and take a couple steps back. It's All in the Hip: 5 Steps to Fixing Movement Dysfunction. 19 Exercises That Carve a Rock-Hard Six-Pack - Men's Health Magazine Australia. There’s more to core training that just crunches or situps or even planks and bridges. Don’t believe me? Then try any of these killer core carving moves in the video above. 8 Yoga Hip Stretches That Feel Amazing.

The IronStrength 20-Minute Core Workout : Mountain Climbers. Weekly Workout - Around the Worlds. Ten Tips for Your Best Marathon [VIDEO] – Medium. For many of us the exciting (and perhaps daunting) prospect of running a marathon lies ahead. Unfortunately though, some runners will suffer from one of the many common running injuries that plague marathon runners, both new and experienced. Training for a marathon should be an enjoyable and positive experience! With a good marathon training plan, there should be clear progression week-by-week (recovery weeks excluded), giving you a satisfying end result as you cross the finish line, either setting a new personal best time, or simply with the accomplishment of completing a new challenge.

There are a number of common pitfalls that marathon runners encounter, impairing their ability to perform to their potential come the big day. Below I’ve listed a number of the key pieces of advice I give runners who are looking to embark on a new marathon training block, be it their first or fiftieth race over the 26.2 mile distance.

What do I really mean by running junk miles? Sounds simple enough, right? Best Ab Exercises & Workouts for Women & Men - Thrillist. The dumbbell wood chop is another excellent free-weight exercise that targets the entire core, requiring engagement of the deep stabilizing muscles of the abs and back while simultaneously hitting the obliques and rectus abdominis. Stand with your feet roughly shoulder-width apart, holding a single dumbbell between your hands at your hips. Tighten your core, press your hips back, and squat down slightly as you rotate your torso to the right until the dumbbell is positioned just to the outside of your right thigh.

Your arms should be straight -- they'll remain straight throughout the exercise. The Plank Variation That Wages War On Belly Fat - Men's Health Magazine Australia. Build Running-Specific Core Stability. Picture yourself running hard. What do you see? How to Stretch After Running - Video Tutorial - Cool Down Stretch Routine. Getting The Most Out Of Your Glutes. By Jené Shaw, Published May. 6, 2014 Good running form starts in the glutes, a runner's most powerful engine.

Photo: Running: Hamstring Pain & Weak Glutes - Integrated Muscular Therapy. Don’t Forget Your Gluteus Medius. 10 Essential Strength Exercises for Runners : Lower-Body Russian Twist. 6 High-Protein Dinners That Can Replace Chicken. TOTAL TIME: 20 minutes / SERVES: 4 2 Tbsp olive oil 2 scallions, thinly sliced 10 oz fresh baby spinach (or 10 oz pkg frozen chopped spinach, thawed and squeezed dry) 3 lg eggs 5 lg egg whites 1 c grape or cherry tomatoes 4 slices fresh mozzarella 4 slices whole grain bread, toasted 1.

HEAT 1 Tbsp of the oil in large ovenproof, nonstick skillet over medium heat. Cook scallions 1 minute, stirring, or until softened. 2. TRANSFER scallions to large bowl. 20-Minute Total-Body Workout. Get in the Lean Lane. Plan Ahead "Know when you're going to eat and what you're going to eat," says Suzanne Girard Eberle, M.S., R.D., author of Endurance Sports Nutrition. "Plan it out at the beginning of the day and the week so that you're not scrambling when you're hungry. " This helps you resist the temptation of fast-food restaurants or pastries in the break room. Eat Often Aim for three healthy meals and two small snacks a day, which means you're eating something around every three hours.

The 5 Golden Rules of Sports Nutrition. When we think about our sports nutrition…what’s going to make it “golden?” On track, top notch, or better than average? The IronStrength 20-Minute Core Workout : The IronStrength 20-Minute Core Workout. Three Strategies to Offset Late-Race Fatigue. IronStrength Workout. Treating and Recovering from Achilles Injury - Runner's World Australia and New Zealand.

Standing Core Strengtheners. Standing Crunches Works: The transversus abdominis (deep core muscles) and the rectus abdominis (a.k.a. Single-Leg Drills For Balanced Running. Build Running-Specific Core Stability. Don't Get Hurt! Tight Hamstrings Stretching Routine for Posterior Chain - Functional Patterns. Flex Benefits. Strength-Train Your Way to a Better Stride. “If You Can’t Do This Exercise, You Will Get Hurt:” Hip Stability And Alignment For Trail Runners.

Does Speedwork Hurt Your Endurance? Jeukendrup - Trusted sports nutrition advice & exercise science news. A Simple Drill to Correct Overstriding - Runner's World Australia and New Zealand. What Happens To The Body During A Marathon. 2 Moves to Keep Runners Injury Free - PopSugar Fitness. The ITB Rehab Routine - for Treating IT Band Syndrome – Strength Running. Strength Training for Runners - Ultimate Guide. Unlock Your Hip Flexors. Food With Health Benefits. Shakes&Smoothies. 3 ways to improve your nutrition for better running. 5 Foods To Never Eat. How to Train for a Marathon on Three Days Per Week - Runner's World Australia and New Zealand. New Website Finds Cheapest Running Shoes on the Web, Irking Some Running Stores. Swap Your Prerun Banana With This Food - Runner's World Australia and New Zealand. Movement Enhanced - 5 Exercises To Fix Tight Adductors.

What to Eat the Week of a Marathon - Runner's World Australia and New Zealand. Get Ready To Roll - Runner's World Australia and New Zealand. Bottoms Up - Runner's World Australia and New Zealand. Strength Training for New Runners.