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2 New Approaches to Reducing Knee Pain While Running Ever since running gained popularity in the 1970s, researchers have tried to figure out how and why the knee accounts for 42 percent of running injuries, and more importantly, what to do about it. Some of the original ideas to reduce runner’s knee pain, called patellofemoeral pain, have proven helpful, including orthotics, taping the patella & strengthening the thigh muscle. Newer research has focused on hip strength, showing great promise that, ultimately, a dysfunctional hip appears to be a major underlying cause of this problem. Timex Ironman GPS Global Trainer In Depth Review When the Timex Global Trainer was announced earlier this year, most folks were quite excited to see a new entrant into the triathlon watch/device scene. With the watches ANT+ capabilities and full waterproofing it would make ideal training partner for any triathlete, as well as runner or cyclist. And because it was GPS based, it would also work with the myriad of other activities that people like you and I dream up. Finally, it actually looked like a normal Timex watch – a huge plus in many triathletes minds. I went out and purchased the Timex Ironman GPS Global Trainer (just like any other athlete) in early June and after writing my First Look Review then, I’ve been using it constantly since.

Is There an Ideal Running Form? The best running coaches in the world continually have their athletes work on their running form, either through daily drills or through significant biomechanical adjustments. Nike Oregon Project coach Alberto Salazar is famous for changing everything from the tilt of a runner’s pelvis to the position of his or her thumbs. From a biomechanical perspective, it makes sense that nearly every runner has some slight imperfection in form that can detract from optimal performance. Think of how automakers blow streams of smoke over a car’s exterior in a wind tunnel to identify design inefficiencies that could result in reduced gas mileage.

What All Squatters Knee'd To Know! Squats can be bad for your knees. Period. But they're good for everything else. So good, in fact, that you must do them. I don't care if you're a bodybuilder, a powerlifter or a ballerina. Ya gotta do them! Knee Pain With Lunges and Squats Lunges and squats are great exercises for strengthening the muscles in your thighs, hips and buttocks. Since lunges and squats are low impact activities, these exercises can be good choices for those who cannot handle more vigorous forms of exercise. However, poor execution can result in knee pain while performing lunges and squats. Proper execution is critical to performing squats and lunges without knee pain. Because these exercises place a substantial load on your knees, good joint alignment is the first step to proper technique. Throughout the exercises, align your knees over your ankles, and keep your weight on your heels in squats, or on the front heel in lunges.

5 Simple Solutions for Anterior Knee Pain Patella-femoral pain syndrome, otherwise known as PFPS, is characterized by recurring pain and irritation in the front of the knee, typically directly below the patella. PFPS is one of the more amusing clinical diagnoses because it’s basically a complex and scientific way of saying, “I honestly have no idea why your knee hurts.” Current Knowledge on the Causes of PFPS

10K Trail Race Training Plan Never raced through the wilderness? It’s time to change that! Trail races are a thrilling change of pace from your everyday road race. It might seem a little scary to run through mud, climb up rocky trails and splash through creek beds—but trust us, it’s all part of the fun. If you can run on roads, you can conquer trails—but it does take a little bit of specialized training. 3 Keys To Running With Better Form Jay Dicharry, MPT, SCS, is one of the world’s leading biomechanists and the director of the REP Lab in Bend, Ore., the only comprehensive lab of its sort in the U.S. not in a university setting. For runners, Dicharry uses a force plate treadmill and high-speed 3D camera technology to measure and record step frequency, leg stiffness, stance time, loading and unloading rates, as well as various body position angles. Using this data, along with his clinical experience as a physical therapist, he is better able to understand and eliminate the cause of overuse injuries in endurance athletes, while also accurately measuring and validating improvement over time. Here, he shares his three keys to running with better form.

Are You Committing These Form Flaws? Cut your injury rate in half by correcting some common form flaws. While training for the Marine Corps Marathon, Margaret, 48, suffered the all-too-common misfortune of developing a case of patellofemoral pain syndrome (aka runner’s knee). But her luck took a turn for the better when she was referred to the Running Injury Clinic at the University of Delaware. The clinic’s director, Irene Davis, Ph.D., P.T., is a leader in gait retraining, a method of rehabilitating running injuries and preventing their recurrence through systematic correction of a runner’s stride mechanics. Using frame-by-frame video analysis of Margaret’s stride, Davis looked for the biomechanical abnormalities that were likely causing her pain. Davis found that Margaret’s thigh was rotating internally during ground contact due to weakness in the hips.

My running technique analysis NHS Choices fitness editor Steven Shukor visits StrideUK in Hove, Sussex, to have his running style analysed. While I enjoy exercising, I’ve never been much of a runner – I’ve got a dodgy right knee to blame for that. Typically, I’d be running for about 35 minutes and suddenly my knee would seize up, forcing me to stop.

The running clinic - Health videos RUNNING CLINIC Running is a great way of staying fit. As a regular runner, I wantto make sure I'm running correctly to stay injury free and, who knows,perhaps improve my performance. So, I've come down to seeMitch and Matt who are going to break down myrunning technique and give me some tips. - Steve.- Hi, Mitch. - Welcome to StrideUK.- Thank you. - Do you know what's in store for you?- No. How to run correctly Running should be as easy as putting one foot in front of the other, right? Anyone can run, but having proper technique can make a huge difference. Good running technique will help make your runs feel less tiring, reduce your risk of injury and ultimately be more enjoyable. Mitchell Phillips, director of running experts StrideUK, shares his basic tips to help you run relaxed and efficiently. Keep your head straight

Running with Fight to Shed Light on Mental Illness - Endomondo Though you may not always hear about the prevalence of mental illness, the stats concerning it simply can’t be ignored. One-in-four adults will experience a mental health problem within any given year. One-in-ten young people will be diagnosed with a mental health disorder. Nine-in-ten people with mental health problems experience stigma and discrimination. About a year ago, one of our users, a former police officer, mother-of-3, design student, illustrator and multi-discipline athlete, Yvie, became one of those statistics.