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Four Strategies that Build Lasting Motivation (and How to Use Them to Achieve Your Goals)

Four Strategies that Build Lasting Motivation (and How to Use Them to Achieve Your Goals)

printer Eating 10 hot dogs in 6 minutes and belching the national anthem may impress your friends, but neither of those feats will do much for your body—at least not much good. Instead, why not train yourself to do something that may actually pay off? We're not talking bench presses and interval training (though those do help). You can teach your body to cure itself from everyday health ailments—side stitches, first-date jitters, even hands that have fallen asleep. Just study this list, and the next time your friends challenge you to an ice cream eating contest, chow down: You know how to thaw a brain freeze—and 17 other tricks that'll make everyone think you're the next David Blaine. But without all that "hold your breath for 17 minutes" mess. Do Them Right: To mazimize your workout, good form is a must. Cure a Tickling Throat When you were 9, playing your armpit was a cool trick. Experience Supersonic Hearing If you're stuck chatting up a mumbler at a cocktail party, lean in with your right ear.

How to Make the Most Of Your Fitness Tracker (Without Falling Off the Wagon) Health Tips - Home Remedies That Work at WomansDay Nobody is naysaying the wonders of modern medicine—what would we do without a medication like penicillin to treat infections? But, as it turns out, everyday items have secret curing powers, too. Next time you don’t want to fork over money to get a common wart removed, consider using duct tape. Already popped two aspirin but can’t get rid of the headache? A pencil could do the trick. Duct Tape to Remove Warts In 2002, a group of doctors compared duct tape’s effectiveness with liquid nitrogen in removing warts. Vapor Rub to Cure Nail Fungus While there are no studies to prove coating infected toenails with vapor rub once or twice a day is an effective treatment for nail fungus, a basic Internet search results in a number of personal testaments to the medicinal ointment's fungus-killing powers. Oatmeal to Soothe Eczema “This is absolutely true, as oats have anti-inflammatory properties,” Dr. Yogurt to Cure Bad Breath A Spoonful of Sugar to Cure Hiccups Bite a Pencil to Cure a Headache

Scientific 7 Minute Workout Makes Your Android Phone an Exercise Guide Led Scientists Find Antibodies that Prevent Most HIV Strains from Infecting Human Cells Scientists have discovered two potent human antibodies that can stop more than 90 percent of known global HIV strains from infecting human cells in the laboratory, and have demonstrated how one of these disease-fighting proteins accomplishes this feat. According to the scientists, these antibodies could be used to design improved HIV vaccines, or could be further developed to prevent or treat HIV infection. Moreover, the method used to find these antibodies could be applied to isolate therapeutic antibodies for other infectious diseases as well. “The discovery of these exceptionally broadly neutralizing antibodies to HIV and the structural analysis that explains how they work are exciting advances that will accelerate our efforts to find a preventive HIV vaccine for global use,” says Anthony S. The scientists found that VRC01 and VRC02 neutralize more HIV strains with greater overall strength than previously known antibodies to the virus. NIAID scientists Peter D.

Ask Dr. Mao | The Natural Health Search Engine No Time for Exercise If you do opt for shorter workouts, you might wonder if you can really get an effective workout if you only have 10 minutes. It all depends on what you do and how hard you work. When you're doing short workouts, you want to focus on intensity and work harder than you usually do. That means on a Perceived Exertion Scale of 1-10, try to keep your intensity around 7-9 throughout the workout. It may be tough, but you're only doing it for 10 minutes. Cardio Workouts When you're planning your workouts, you'll want at least two of your of 10-minute sessions to include cardio exercise. Running Walking as fast as you can Run up the stairs High intensity moves like jumping jacks, squat hops, step jumps, kickboxing, jumping rope, vigorous dancing Cycling with both speed and high resistance Any cardio machine at the gym - work at a high level of intensity (speed, resistance and/or incline) for 10 minutes You can also find more ideas at 10-Minute Timesaver Cardio Workouts. Strength Training Workouts

5 Ways to Trick Your Body Into Being More Awesome #2. Hurt Your Back? Just Keep Moving Getty Back pain is a special kind of agony that makes you perform all your day-to-day tasks in ridiculous slow motion. And not the awesome kind of slow motion -- all the bullet dodging and dramatic theme music is replaced with bitter rage and sweat-laced anxiety over the logistics of getting out of an armchair. Basically you're kind of being a drama queen. The New England Journal of Medicine (supported by other research) came to the conclusion that "as little as two days of bed rest may lead to a slower recovery than the avoidance of bed rest, as well as to longer sick leaves." Photos.comSo ditch the cane and man up, grandpa. There's also the frightening notion suggested by some studies that "bed rest alone may make back pain worse and can lead to secondary complications such as depression, decreased muscle tone and blood clots in the legs." To recover from your horrible wrenching back agony, scientists say that you have to earn it. #1.

Potassium Benzoate - 9 Ingredients Nutritionists Won't Touch When you crave something sweet, bubbly, and perhaps caffeinated but don't want the calories, it can be tempting to crack open a diet soda—but resist that urge. "Sodium and potassium benzoate are added to some diet soft drinks and fruit drinks," Leslie Bonci, R.D., says. "They can form benzene, which is a carcinogen when combined with vitamin C, the ascorbic acid in juice or soda." In addition, research shows that there may be a link between diet cola consumption and weight gain, as well as cancer and diabetes, so if you're a diet soda junkie, try to cut back. Our five tips will help you kick the habit. If you don't drink soda, you're not safe, though: Potassium benzoate often shows up in seemingly innocuous foods such as apple cider, low-fat salad dressings, syrups, jams, olives, and pickles, so read labels.