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10 Essential Strength Exercises for Runners

10 Essential Strength Exercises for Runners
We asked our experts to come up with 10 essential strength exercises for runners. Worried about fitting this routine into your training schedule? Don’t worry, these 10 exercises take 30 minutes to complete and can be done twice a week. Try adding them to your easy or cross-training days. Planks Prop yourself up on your elbows with your feet slightly apart. Modifications: Plank variations include: side planks to target obliques, single leg planks, spider planks, mountain climber planks, and supine planks. Repetitions: 3 to 5 Muscles worked: core, lower back, shoulders Lower-Body Russian Twist Lie on your back with your upper legs perpendicular to the floor and your knees bent 90-degrees. Modification: To make it harder, keep your legs straight. Repetitions: 10 to 12 Muscles worked: core Scorpion Get into pushup position but with your feet on a bench. Modifications: To make it easier, do step one of the exercise, twisting in just one direction. Repetitions: As many as you can in 30 seconds

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The Towel Workout That Tones Your Whole Body When time is of the essence (and when isn’t it?), skip the gym and head to your linen closet. You only need a thick towel, a little creativity, and a smooth, uncarpeted floor for an effective total body workout. Jump In... to Cross-Training Sometimes, it's what you do when you're not running that can give your training an edge. That's the case with cross-training. A weekly nonrunning workout gives your muscles and joints a break from pounding the pavement while producing specific benefits that carry over to your running. "If you only run, you're essentially using the same muscles within the same plane of motion over and over again," says Shannon Colavecchio, CEO of Badass Fitness in Tallahassee, Florida, who trains runners in cycling, rowing, and core-strengthening classes. "Using different muscles and movement patterns can help you prevent injuries and also help you build speed and endurance."

Amazing 20 Minute Yoga For Beginners If you aren’t a master of the downward dog or don’t even know what that term means, don’t worry. Yoga may be a widely popular exercise trend but not everyone has jumped on the wagon. If you’re new to yoga, you’ve come to the right place. Running on "E" It's an indisputable fact that to run far and fast, you need to start out fully fueled. But during their prep for the Toronto Waterfront Marathon last fall, elite Canadian runners Reid Coolsaet and Eric Gillis adopted an unconventional approach: They performed some of their runs on empty tanks. It's the nutritional equivalent of training with a weighted vest; running on fumes forces your body to work harder and teaches it to burn carbs more efficiently when you race with ample reserves. Carbohydrates are your body's most readily available fuel source, but only a limited amount can be stored—enough to last for about 90 minutes of intense exercise—mostly in the muscles and liver. Researchers have found that training in a carb-depleted state helps the muscles adapt to burning more fat and boosts your body's capacity for stored carbohydrate by as much as 50 percent.

The Surprising Way Gentle Yoga Can Help You Lose Serious Weight Jillian Pransky wasn't always the calming, glowing presence she is today. Twenty years ago, the New Jersey-based yogi was as fired up by the corporate ladder as she was by the step classes and rigorous marathon training she subjected her body to. If it was hard, she was into it, and as a natural result, she was sometimes as stressed as the students who now flock to her slow-flow vinyasa and restorative classes. How to Train for a Half-Marathon with a Run-Walk Program I started running about a year ago and have been using your run-walk program for 5K and 10K races. I have two goals for this year: train and run a summer half-marathon and one in fall, and build up to running continuously. I currently run four minutes and walk two minutes for my workouts. Can I do this at the same time, or is there a better way to go at it? ~Thanks, Chrissy It sounds like your running is going well, Chrissy–congratulations.

Pilates Workout From Cassie Ho Wellness Wire | April 7, 2015 Partner If you think of slow, quiet, no-sweat sessions on a Reformer when you think of Pilates, you haven’t yet encountered Cassey Ho. The bubbly, inspiring fitness instructor is the founder of Blogilates, Youtube’s number one female fitness channel (with two million subscribers!). And her personal, modern take on the workout, called POP Pilates, is all about body-sculpting—and sweat. Now, Ho’s released her first book, Hot Body Year Round, and it’s packed with all the elements that make up her method, including 20 full-length workouts, more than 120 total-body exercises, recipes and meal plans, and motivational advice.

26 Tips for Your Best Marathon If you're running a marathon this year and you're worried about the task ahead, relax. We're here to advise you on what to do a month out, a week away, even the day of. Shoe tips? Check. Hydration strategy? It's here. Flat Belly Yoga There are two types of walking workouts featured in the Flat Belly Yoga! workout. If you want to lose belly fat, your walks need to be real workouts, which means we need to get your heart rate up. Lolo Jones' Core Workout A generation ago, you'd be hard-pressed to find elite runners paying attention to their abs. Today, it's practically mandatory. "Our coaches drill the importance of core conditioning into our heads," says world champion hurdler Lolo Jones. "We're at it all the time." That's because scientists and coaches now know that you can't run your best without a strong core, the muscles in your abdominals, lower back, and glutes.

The Only 30 Yoga Poses You Really Need to Know Although it's an ancient practice, yoga has become the exercise du jour in recent years. Everyone from A-list celebs to your co-workers are getting their om on these days—and for good reason. Practicing yoga has serious health benefits, from boosting your immunity​, helping you sleep better, fighting stress, and even improving your sex life . You might also like