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Weak In The Knees? Strengthen Your Hips. Studies provide encouraging evidence for knock-kneed runners.

Weak In The Knees? Strengthen Your Hips

The knee is the most common sight of injury in runners. Almost half of all overuse injuries affecting runners occur at the knee. And the most common type of knee injury in runners is patellofemoral pain syndrome (PFPS). Land Softly And Carry Less Injury Risk. A couple simple stride tweaks may reduce injury risk.

Land Softly And Carry Less Injury Risk

Some runners land harder than others—even when body weight and speed (which actually has a greater effect on impact forces than body weight)—are held constant. Past research has shown that runners who land harder get injured more often. Two published studies provide evidence that runners can make simple changes to soften their landing when they run and thereby potentially reduce their injury risk. Overstriding is commonly associated with excessive impact.

Chronic Exertional Compartment Syndrome - Everything You Need To Know - Dr. Nabil Ebraheim. Race Calendar. XTERRA Crystal Cove Trail Run. Race #3 takes place at Crystal Cove State Park, which is located five miles south of Newport Beach and/or five miles north of Laguna Beach.

XTERRA Crystal Cove Trail Run

The race features two distances - an introductory 6k trail run and a longer 15k trail run for the more experienced runner. This all takes place on fire roads and single track trails in the El Moro area of Crystal Cove State Park. Race field is limited, so enter early. Dirty Feet Productions - Trail Events. Dirty Feet Productions was founded in 2007 after creation of Orange County's first ever 50/50 ultra marathon - The Twin Peaks 50/50.

Dirty Feet Productions - Trail Events

Dirty Feet was originally launched to fill the niche of ultra distance trail runs that were not offered at the time in Orange County. In 2006, Jessica also founded the first visible trail running group in Orange County - The Orange County Trail Runners (since split into the Orange County Trail Runners and the SoCal Trailheadz). The goal for the races and the group was to bring the joys of trail running in and around Orange County to the masses. Hiking the Crystal Cove Red Route. The Red Route is one of my favorite hiking trails in Crystal Cove State Park.

Hiking the Crystal Cove Red Route

At 5.5 miles and over 800′ of vertical gain, this loop makes for a great workout. The length is about right to make it worth the trip, but won’t take all day. Why most hamstring exercises don't work for running. Posted On Wednesday, 30th November 2011 by James Marshall.

Why most hamstring exercises don't work for running.

Hike Mount Wilson via Winter Creek. A 13 mile, strenuous partial loop up to the one of Southern California’s most well-known peaks, with a wide range of Southern California geography.

Hike Mount Wilson via Winter Creek

This leg-busting, bush-whacking route is just one of the 5 Sierra Club-recognized summit paths. There are more ways to climb this mountain than any other in the San Gabriels. Mount Wilson is a mountain that almost everyone in Southern California knows. Hiking Mt. Wilson via Chantry Flats. Standing prominently above Pasadena, Mount Wilson is a Southern California landmark.

Hiking Mt. Wilson via Chantry Flats

The 5,710 foot summit is home for an observatory responsible for the most detailed photos of Mars as well a vast array of antennae for local LA radio and television stations. While the summit is steeped in astronomical wonder and tremendous views of Los Angeles, the trails are the real beauty of this hike. Trail Details. Dan's Hiking Pages: Sturtevant Falls. Sturtevant FallsBig Santa Anita Canyon / Via Chantry FlatAngeles National Forest / Southern California In the heart of Big Santa Anita Canyon, beautiful Sturtevant Falls with its 50 feet of cascading water attracts thousands of visitors a year.

Dan's Hiking Pages: Sturtevant Falls

The thick chaparral and lush riparian scenery offers a delightful saunter. Angeles National Forest. U.S.

Angeles National Forest

Forest Service offers new digital maps for mobile devices - Click here for more info. Need a California Campfire Permit? Click here for a printable online version. The Angeles National Forest offers natural environments, spectacular scenery, developed campgrounds and picnic areas, swimming, fishing, skiing and the solitude of quiet wilderness areas. Trails winding throughout the forest accommodate hikers, equestrians, mountain bikers and off-highway vehicle enthusiasts.

Dan's Hiking Pages: Introducing Mt. Baldy. Mount Baldy (Mt. San Antonio) (10,064') Angeles National Forest - San Bernardino National Forest / Southern California Introducing Mt. Baldy Description of the mountain Summaries of the four routes Description of the views from the summit. A Runner's Guide To Conquering The Grand Canyon. A quick primer of tips on how to run Rim to Rim to Rim. Running the Grand Canyon is an amazing adventure, one that every trail runner should put on their must-do bucket list of adventures. But, runner beware, it is an extremely difficult task, no matter if your goal is to run across once or take on the challenge of running from the South Rim to the North Rim and back to the South Rim in single day. Ultramarathon and Trail Running News - Case Study: Avoid Spinal Fusion Surgery and Return To RunningPost Injury Running Blog. “Tina,” a 35 year old lifelong runner and mother of two elementary school children, lived a full, busy life until she had an awkward lift during a weight training session.

She came to me with worsening low back pain and progressively worsening pain down her leg 8 months after that session. She prevously had two neurosurgical consults and was told that she had a herniated disc with instability in her spine. The neurosurgeons told her she would require spinal fusion surgery and should never run again. She asked the second surgeon if she could first try physical therapy. The 25 Best Trail Runs in America, By Scott Boulbol, Kate Davis, Brian Metzler, and Ty Stevens Trails are as different and individual as the humans who run them. Some are in extraordinary settings, others exist as snaking oases in the midst of urban sprawl. Marshall Canyon Trail - California Trails. Gait 101: Learning to Run More Naturally.

By Dr. Phil Maffetone. Many beginning runners remark about how much they enjoy the new experience. They care little about the nuances regarding form, technique, or proper gait. Customer Reviews: The Cool Impossible: The Coach from "Born to Run" Shows How to Get the Most from Your Miles-And From Yourself. (1) Facebook. Home. Dirty Feet Productions - Trail Events.

California - Championship. American Trail Running Association. Death Valley Trail Marathon & Half Marathon. This scenic wilderness trail run is on a gravel jeep road from Beatty, NV through the picturesque Titus Canyon, finishing in Death Valley (entire run is in Death Valley National Park). INTO the WILD. Location: Limestone Canyon Wilderness Park Augustine Staging Area 5524 Santiago Canyon Rd. Silverado, Ca. 92676 Date: Saturday, November 9th, 2013 Race Day Parking: Augustine Staging Area.

2013Entry INFO - WTRS. Baz's famous Winter Trail Run Series starts each year off with four shorter trail runs in the Cleveland National Forest, close to San Juan Capistrano, CA. Training Plans, Training Schedules, and Running Programs for the Marathon, Half Marathon, 10k and 5k : Runners Connect. Why Does Body Temperature Increase During Exercise? Vigorous exercise boosts your body's heat production and can increase your body temperature by several degrees. Your working muscles are responsible for the increase in heat production, but your body's ability to retain or dissipate heat and your external environment also play a role in how high your core temperature rises during your workout.

Optimum Temperature for Elite Running Performance. Optimum Temperature for Elite Running Performance. Hot Weather Running. Posted Monday, 5 June, 2006 First, the bad news: When the temperature rises about 55 degrees F (10 degrees C), you’re going to run more slowly and feel worse than you will at lower temperatures. But by gradually preparing yourself for increased temperatures and taking action from the beginning of hot weather runs, you’ll get a welcome dose of the good news. Push or Pull? A Look at Running Propulsion. Marshall Canyon Trail - California Trails. How to manage blisters between toes - Interdigital Blisters. Foot Blisters - The Game Has Changed With ENGO Blister Prevention Patches.

Blister Prevention Products by 2Toms. Blister Protection for Your Feet BlisterShield creates an almost frictionless surface on the foot, reducing heat build-up and blister formation. When applied to the foot, this remarkable powder repels moisture….keeping skin dry and blister-free for lengthy periods of activity. Scientists explode the myth about running injuries. Flat Running Is Better Than Uphill Running. The Effects of Uphill Vs. Level-Grade High-Intensity Interva... : The Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research. Facebook. Too much of a good thing? - Ultra Marathons and Trail Running. Mt. Zion Loop in Big Santa Anita Canyon. Angeles National Forest - Passes & Permits. Dirty Feet Productions - Trail Events. Trail Running Links. XTERRA Topanga Turkey Trot Trail Run.