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Resources. Numerical Methods for Engineers, Sixth Edition: Steven Chapra, Raymond Canale: 9780073401065: Resources. Download CS2J. C# OOPS INTERVIEW QUESTIONS ANSWERS WITH EXAMPLE (.NET C#) Hi friends this time I come with OOPS interview questions answers with user friendly format.


Here are examples with screen shots. Which will help you to understand oops concept.


Free ebooks: Now on the Microsoft Virtual Academy site - Microsoft Press. Hi I have one great accivement to anounce!

Free ebooks: Now on the Microsoft Virtual Academy site - Microsoft Press

I have been offically banned from MS Magazin. Thank you for this, it has been proof my points, good comunication skills from both sides! But that is not so important, I have found some other places, that provide me with the opportunity to share my ideas with other people. Now I will try to be banned from free book down loader. It is cool in dud. M# Programming Language.


I want to be a game developer... now what? With people looking to get into game development the same questions come up over and over, so I’ve opted to put my thoughts on the subject in one place and to compile a list of resources for new developers.

I want to be a game developer... now what?

Those questions? “I want to learn game programming, what language should I use?” “Should I use an engine, or create my own?” Technology Resource Portal. Free-programming-books/ at master · vhf/free-programming-books.


Blogs. TekPub - High-quality screencasts for programmers. Hardcore Developer Training. 20 Windows Tools Every SysAdmin Should Know. OpenData. Algos. Astrophysics Source Code Library. Windows8. 102 simple steps for installing and configuring a new Windows 8 machine. As sure as night turns into day, sooner or later your PC will descend into an unrecoverable abyss where it no longer boots, stays booted or can’t even get booted to begin with.

102 simple steps for installing and configuring a new Windows 8 machine

I’ve had memory go bad, motherboards die, CPUs fried, many mechanical disks develop bad sectors and now for the second time, an SSD gradually turn itself into nothing more than a paperweight. I now have a very robust backup strategy which I’ll come back to (courtesy of previously losing data and deciding that was never going to happen again!) , but having a disk fail is about more than just restoring from backup, it’s about rebuilding the whole damn thing. This is my perfect world scenario: Automatic daily backup of everything to iCloud then a lost device or an upgrade just means authenticating and waiting.

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Excel. Edit this Fiddle. Online C++ compilers. VU meter. C++. Light Table - a new IDE concept. 12 Apr 2012 You can now try Light Table out via the Light Table Playground!

Light Table - a new IDE concept

Light Table's kickstarter has wrapped up!, le club des décideurs et professionnels en Informatique. XML. Source Control. SharpDX - Managed DirectX. Home - NHibernate Forge. Jerry Nixon @work: DevRadio: Developing your Windows 8 Apps using Visual C++ Abstract: Jerry Nixon welcomes Eric Battalio, Ayman Shoukry and Raman Sharma from the Visual C++ team as they discuss how you can develop Windows 8 apps using C++. Tune in as they provide best practices and reasons why you would want to use this language. Next Steps: Step #1 – Download the Tools for Windows 8 App Development Step #2 – Download Visual Studio Express for Windows 8 Step #3 – Start building your own Apps for Windows 8 If you're interested in learning more about the products or solutions discussed in this episode, click on any of the below links for free, in-depth information: Websites:

SharpDX - Managed DirectX. How to Choose Colours Procedurally (Algorithms) » Changing the colours of art can be a great way to increase the amount of content in your game, and add variety and richness.

How to Choose Colours Procedurally (Algorithms) »

It is relatively easy to implement. What is not always as easy is to get a set of colours that looks nice. This article gives some ideas for choosing colour palettes that look nice. Browse icon sets. A visual exploration on mapping complex networks. Selected Tools. Hive Plots - Linear Layout for Network Visualization - Visually Interpreting Network Structure and Content Made Possible. Building Data Visualization Applications with WPF & Silverlight.

This session will be heavily demo-focused to accentuate how the power of the Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) and Microsoft Silverlight can be used to visualize data to produce amazing software.

Building Data Visualization Applications with WPF & Silverlight

WPF is the next-generation presentation sub-system for Windows. Silverlight is a broad reach sub-set of WPF that runs cross platform in the browser.


Tools. CodeProject. DotNet. Testing. Tracing. Visual Studio.