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Iphonearkit - Project Hosting on Google Code

Iphonearkit - Project Hosting on Google Code

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Cambridge University Engineering Department - Qi Pan ProFORMA: Probabilistic Feature-based On-line Rapid Model Acquisition Qi Pan, Gerhard Reitmayr and Tom Drummond Proc. BMVC'09, September 2009, London, UK The generation of 3D models is very useful for many computer vision applications.

Open Letter to Apple: Let us Augment Reality with the iPhone! « A letter sent to Apple Developer Relations. Dear Apple, We are a collection of augmented reality (AR) enthusiasts and professionals (from business and academia), who have been working on a multitude of AR apps for the iPhone. These apps are poised to change the way people interact with the real world. But here is the rub: we are currently unable to publish these apps on the app store because the iPhone SDK lacks public APIs for manipulating live video. We are asking Apple to provide a public API to access live video in real time, on the iPhone.

Top 20 Augmented Reality Apps for Android and iPhone/iPad Users What is Augmented Reality ? Augmented Reality an old concept, are not very common words yet, to be very familiar with, but it’s such a thing that would take you to a whole lot of a different perspective of the world around you with its augmented reality apps. It combines 2 words to deal with, “augmented” means enhanced or increased and “reality”, which together simply means enhanced reality. By using hardwares or tools such as your smartphones you can discover such beneficial details in the form of visual data imagery that are not visible to you normally. Image Source: plantronicsgermany

BIG BROTHER: UK to Mandate Personal Data Storage In an age where privacy is becoming increasingly hard to come by, the British government is further hastening its demise for citizens in the UK. According to The Telegraph, all internet service providers and telecommunication companies will be legally required to store records of all personal communications for one year. Moreover, that data will be made available to a wide range of 653 public bodies including police, fire and ambulance services, the Financial Services Authority, prison governors and local councils. IPhone Augmented Reality Apps Expected in September The dazzling new trend of "augmented reality" mobile applications, software that puts layers of information on top of a mobile device's camera viewer, is something that's left iPhone owners feeling out of luck. Now one company developing such an app says Apple has said the technology required will be officially enabled in the next version of the iPhone OS - which is expected out in September. Developers are able to access the necessary controls in the phone illicitly, but when Apple offers a stable and official Application Programming Interface (API) for layering data over the camera viewer - that's going to be game changing.

8 best augmented reality headsets: Google Glass and more Google's Project Glass is probably the most well-known of the new 'smart glass' products, but there are plenty more prototypes and rival products where that came from. They promise to take us on a journey of discovery using a slightly predictable mix of web connectivity, GPS and smartphone integration at first, but in the long-term a whole new world of sensory enhancement beckons. It might start with a few blokes in suits wandering around with a glorified Tom Tom strapped to their peepers, but you'll be looking at the first cyborgs.

Apple’s iPhone AppStore digital application signatures explained We already know that Apple plans to lockdown the development environment for iPhone applications made with the iPhone SDK and distributed through the AppStore. But, the question is, just how does Apple plan to keep such a tight leash on all those oncoming applications, and how does that play into the plan to charge a 30% royalty and $99 developer-fee? Digital Certificates and FairPlaySecurityDeveloper Costs Digital Certificates and FairPlay Roughly Drafted’s Daniel Eran Dilger has outlined Apple’s digital signing methods and explains Apple’s fees. He says that Apple will use a combination of digital application signatures (certificates) and the FairPlay DRM that Apple licensed not too long ago.

i.document » Blog Archive » TwittARound 07.07.2009 by Michael Update: TwittARound is available in Apple’s App Store! This is a video of the first beta version of TwittARound – an augmented reality Twitter viewer on the iPhone 3GS. It shows live tweets around your location on the horizon.

The Best Augmented Reality Campaigns Of 2012 Augmented Reality (AR) has grown in popularity over the last twelve months. Thanks to more and more people owning smartphones and startups like Blipper launching more sophisticated campaigns as a result. There have been a number of campaigns, ideas and projects that have been realised thanks to this new technology. We look at ten of the best from this year. Volkswagen