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Iphonearkit - Project Hosting on Google Code

Iphonearkit - Project Hosting on Google Code

13 Tools for Building Your Own iPhone App This article has been updated. A more current list of tools can be found here: "30+ Tools for Building Mobile Apps." Please visit that page instead! These days, everyone wants to build their own iPhone applications, but not everyone knows how write the code necessary in order to create them. Fortunately, there are now a number of tools that allow non-developers the ability to create their own iPhone apps without knowing programming or scripting. Some are general-purpose app builders designed for small businesses while other target specific needs, like apps for musicians or for eBook authors. Below we've listed 13 different tools that let you create your own iPhone applications, none of which require knowledge of Objective C, the programming language used to build apps for the iPhone OS . 1. What it Does: Sweb Apps offers an online service which lets anyone build their own iPhone apps even if they don't know how to code. 2. Our coverage: This iPhone App Helps You Make iPhone Apps 3. 4. 5.

A More Useful 404 Encountering 404 errors is not new. Often, developers provide custom 404 pages to make the experience a little less frustrating. However, for a custom 404 page to be truly useful, it should not only provide relevant information to the user, but should also provide immediate feedback to the developer so that, when possible, the problem can be fixed. To accomplish this, I developed a custom 404 page that can be adapted to the look and feel of the website it’s used on and uses server-side includes (SSI) to execute a Perl script that determines the cause of the 404 error and takes appropriate action. Overall design#section1 To provide useful and specific information to the user, it is necessary to define the possible causes of a 404 error. The user mistyped the URL or followed an out-of-date bookmark. In each of these cases, the 404 provides information about the specific cause of the error. Custom 404 page#section2 When an SSI directive such as this one: Enabling custom 404 pages#section3 then,

75 (Really) Useful JavaScript Techniques | Developer's Tool Advertisement Developers and designers are using more and more JavaScript in modern designs. Sometimes this can be a hindrance to the user and take away from the simplicity of the design, and other times it can add greatly to the user’s experience. The key is a) adding the right amount of JavaScript, and b) using the right JavaScript techniques. We have already1 collected2 various3 JavaScript4 techniques5 in the past – now it’s time for a new portion of JavaScript. Thanks to the Web’s widespread adoption of JavaScript, JavaScript libraries have sprung up to help make design and development easier. However, sometimes we need JavaScript solutions that are a little more involved or specific. You may want to take a look at the following related articles: 75 Useful JavaScript Techniques Hyphenation in Web11This project collects working solutions for automatic hyphenation in (X)HTML pages. SocialHistory.js13SocialHistory.js enables you to detect which social bookmarking sites your visitors use.