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The Point Magazine. Kaboom: A Soldier's War Journal. I was standing in the main room of the house with Sonic – a young terp with a propensity to spike his hair - explaining to the mother why we were there.

Kaboom: A Soldier's War Journal

Yes, of course you can pick up the crying baby. No, we are not here to talk about your eldest daughter being so sick that she’s in the hospital, although that is awful. Yes, I want everyone in the house outside. Now. No, you cannot talk to each other. The previous hour had passed in a blur any Zoloft addict could appreciate. Sheik Stack-On-Me was in the process of bestowing upon me a brand new chai set when my dismount radio buzzed with want. “This is 1.” “Frago.” “But I’m getting my chai set! “Yeah … about that … we’re gonna have to ask you to come in to work tonight. “Raid? K-HOLE. '...a major destabilizing influence' In These Times. The Truth Denied - MK-ULTRA MIND CONTROL TRAUMA : Interview with Max Spiers.

Max Spiers Max Spiers To have the courage to speak the truth when the truth is not what you want to hear!

The Truth Denied - MK-ULTRA MIND CONTROL TRAUMA : Interview with Max Spiers

During the interview, Max Spiers was attacked three times, but he stayed with us during the interview like a real trooper! Our radio station owner “Nighthawk” and our producers were also on standby during the entire interview,because we had received word that hackers were going to take us down during the interview. We were disconnected twice during the interview, but we kept going! MK Ultra trauma based Mind Control and recovery. Max states that “I was involved in project mannequin in the UK which is an extension of the NAZI uberman (superman) projects to create a warrior and a breeder. This is not a game humanity, this is not a drill, this is what is happening right before our eyes….

AWAKEN or be consumed! Max Spiers is concise in his accounts, and it sends shivers down my spine as he recollects the trauma of his childhood live on the air. Open Salon: You make the headlines. Dark Matter. Misery Index. Constitution Preservation. Rhine Research Center. Joe Nolan's Insomnia. Halloween Rising For this latest spooky October post, I’ve grown a little bit impatient with the month and I want to cut to the chase.

Joe Nolan's Insomnia

Here’s a nice little primer on the Celtic roots of the Halloween holiday and its evolution through the ages to the seemingly silly, scary celebration we know today. Do the souls of the… Read More » Loving the Alien Another spooky October post, this one examines the horrors that can happen during a close encounter with an alien. Cartoon Kubrick Casting about for another spooky October post, this one didn’t take long. Kiss This This scary October post recalls a subject many of you likely find terrifying: the career of Nicolas Cage. Blind Faith: Revelation. The Bilerico Project. Previously.TV - Television Show Commentary and Assorted Nonsense.

Just Wondering – Alternative News and Opinions. Skeptic Project. Untitled Document. Fred On Everything. About. DIY Transhumanist and Fringe Cultural Engineer. Jack Donovan. Translated by Sebastián Vera for Fuerza Nacional-Identitaria. Discurso pronunciado por Jack Donovan en la segunda conferencia del National Policy Institute, realizada en el Ronald Reagan Building en Washington DC el 26 de octubre del año 2013. Publicado y transcrito originalmente como “Becoming The New Barbarians”, en Traducción por Sebastián Vera. Puede que haya un colapso. Puede ocurrir. O quizás sólo puedes ponerte un día como león, para morir como naciste: pateando, gritando y cubierto en la sangre de otra persona.

Pero mientras nada o todo esto pueda ocurrir (y puede ocurrir mañana), también es posible que este acabado y corrupto sistema cojee por un largo tiempo. Entonces… hasta que ese día llegue… hasta que a todos se les acabe el hilo… hasta entonces, casi todos, incluso los líderes norteamericanos, parecen estar de acuerdo en que Estados Unidos está en decadencia. Muchos de ustedes pueden verse a si mismos como hombres civilizados. ¡Pero se equivocan! I. II. Alternative Right - An Online Magazine of Radical Traditionalism. The Thinking Housewife › On the common good and the good that is common. The Monkey Cage.