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The Out Campaign - Promotions If you would like to create your own Out Campaign /promotional items, or tie them into your own local group, please feel free to use the following design materials. The red "A" logo is copyright RDFRS, but that's to prevent others from claiming it and blocking people from using it. The red "A" is sybolic of Atheists and RDFRS is very happy that it has become a general meme for Atheism. Below is a collection of user submitted artwork and remixing which incorporates the "A" logo. If you have submitted something in the past and don't see it please send it to us again so that we can make sure and add it to the list. We can also add a "Submitted by: "your url" or your name, e-mail etc. Submitted by Bala Submitted by K100 Submitted by William B Submitted by Derrick Wildey - iPhone background Submitted by Derek Job Submitted by Richard Newbold 200 pixels: 500 pixels: Submitted by Aernout van der Linden Submitted by John Submitted by Marco A. Thanks to Simon for the wallpaper. Thanks to Sznajper 1440x900

SkeptiCamp SourceWatch Koch Spy Agency Led by Voter Fraud Huckster The Kochs have been complaining about a "lack of civility in politics" as they seek to boost their public image--but one of their top operatives helped propel perhaps the most egregious case of race-baiting voter fraud hucksterism in recent years. At the same time that the Kochs have been on a PR blitz, publicly spinning an image of themselves as well-intentioned patriots trying to make the world a better place and decrying "character assassination," they've been quietly ramping up a clandestine surveillance and intelligence gathering operation focused on their perceived political enemies, Ken Vogel reports at Politico. At the helm of this "competitive intelligence" operation is a man named Mike Roman, Vice President of Research for Kochs' Freedom Partners and who was paid $265,000 last year, according to Freedom Partners' recent tax filing. Read the rest of this item here. Wisconsinites Reject the "Eric O'Keefe Session" of the Legislature Rep.

Optical Illusions and Visual Phenomena Défi zététique international Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre. Le défi zététique international (du grec zêtêin, « chercher ») avait pour objet de mettre en évidence l'existence ou l'inexistence de phénomène(s) paranormal(aux). Lancé en 1987, il promettait un prix « pour la preuve d'un phénomène paranormal, quel qu'il soit, devant Henri Broch, Gérard Majax, Jacques Theodor ». Il s'agissait de la version francophone du One Million Dollar Challenge de James Randi. Initialement de 500 000 francs, le prix a été porté à 1 000 000 francs en 1992, puis à 200 000 euros en 1999. À l'époque de sa création en 1986 par le physicien Henri Broch, le service télématique Minitel 36.15 ZET (abréviation de Zététique), avait lancé un véritable défi aux soi-disant détenteurs de pouvoirs paranormaux avec la formule suivante : « Vous prétendez avoir des pouvoirs : … prouvez-le ! Les affirmations de phénomène paranormal étaient soumises à expérience, suivant un protocole agréé par les deux parties.

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