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Serendipity: Information and commentary not to be found in the mainstream media

Serendipity: Information and commentary not to be found in the mainstream media
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Jeff Rense Program JustMac :: Alle News auf einen Blick Accelerated Learning Would Add Trillions of Dollars in Wealth Political discussion today is dominated by a pessimistic tone about government deficits, taxes, and our aging population. But, surprising as it may seem, a drastic overhaul of the nation’s education system could fix many of our problems. Such changes would create a variety of benefits: decreased government spending; more sustainable entitlement programs; greater equality; and a better-disciplined younger generation; not to mention an end to the mumbo jumbo that dominates academia and policy debates today. Some much-debated solutions to our country’s problems include increasing the retirement age, raising taxes, diminishing Social Security benefits and other entitlements, and attracting qualified immigrants. There are at least 16 million youngsters enrolled in post-secondary education, with approximately 4 million graduating every year. Assume that after graduation the average salary would be just $20,000 and remain there. The indirect impacts may be as significant. How did J.D.

Notre beau rêve européen est-il utilisé pour affaiblir la démocratie AGENDA :- 20/2/2011, Six-Fours, avec Culture Libre : "le tirage au sort comme bombe politiquement durable contre l'oligarchie". Vidéo.- 26/2/2011, Paris, Repaire de Là-bas si j'y suis (20e), "Centralité du tirage au sort dans une vraie démocratie". Enregistrement mp3.- 9/4/2011, Paris, Repaire de Là-bas si j'y suis (20e), "L'enjeu de la souveraineté monétaire". - 24/4/2011, Marseille : "1. L'enjeu de la création monétaire" (1 h), puis "2. le tirage au sort comme bombe politiquement durable contre l'oligarchie" (1 h 30). Vidéo.- 29/4/2011, Nice.

ITV - John Pilger - Home DIN - Formate A0 A1 A2 A3 A4 A5 A6 A7 A8 A9 A10 in mm und Pixel : Wählen Sie in der ersten, blau hinterlegten Spalte das gewünschte Format, in den folgenden Spalten finden Sie neben dem Maß in Millimeter mm Angaben zu dem jeweiligen Flächen-Anteil der Blattgröße im Verhältnis zu DIN A0, die benötigte Pixel-Anzahl bei 72, 150 und 300 dpi (ppi) für den Druck, die exakte Größe in Quadratmeter qm und die gerundete Quadratmeter-Angabe bei einer Teilung vom Wert 1 für die Papier-Fläche von DIN A0. Beispiel: Sie möchten in einer Druckerei ein Poster in der Größe DIN A1 drucken lassen, als Vorgaben werden Ihnen u.a. folgende erforderlichen Werte genannt: Auflösung der Grafik 150 dpi (ppi), Beschnittzugabe 3 mm umlaufend. Wählen Sie in der Zeile für DIN A1 die Spalte "Pixel bei 150 ppi", Sie haben nun die Maße in Pixel mit 3508 x 4967 für das genaue Maß von A1 mit 59,4 x 84,1 cm. Addieren Sie jetzt die zusätzlich erforderlichen Pixel für die Beschnittzugabe hinzu, für jede Seite beträgt der Wert für jeweils 3 mm Zugabe gerundet 18 Pixel.

Make Drug Use Pay Its Own Way: Laurence Kotlikoff, Glenn Loury In a far-off land called I’m Right, You’re Wrong, a fierce drug-legalization debate is raging. Half the people, libertarians, say drug use should be legal. The other half, moral purists, insist it shouldn’t. They disagree even on what to call it when those who buy or sell drugs are led off to jail. The libertarians call this a form of taxation -- specifically, a tax on the time of the buyer and seller. On this much everybody can agree: non-violent buyers and sellers are wasting a lot of time in jail. Let’s say everyone agrees to drop the unwinnable legalization argument and to do something useful: switch to levying penalties in dollars rather than in time. The penalties should equal the difference between the gross price paid by buyers, including the dollar value of their lost time, and the net price received by sellers, after subtracting the dollar value of their lost time. Filled Jails This question applies in spades to the U.S. Huge Cost The cost of putting so many people away is huge.

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