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105 Podcasts You Should Check Out. Ask our team, “What’s new?”

105 Podcasts You Should Check Out

And you’ll hear about how we’re learning on the go with podcasts. Ask our teacher bloggers about new practices they’re trying in their classrooms and you’ll hear how their encouraging reflective learning with podcasts. 30 Podcasts for Curious Minds in 2020 – Praxis. WIRED. Quillette. Quadrant Online. Reigniting the spirit of a nation grown cold. Foundation for Economic Education. City Journal. A world of ideas. Your Refuge for Rational Discourse. Medium – Read, write and share stories that matter. Blog by Matt Ridley. Restricting whether you can build, rather than what, drives up prices My Times column on Britain's housing crisis: Sajid Javid, the Housing (etc) secretary, is right – and brave -- to go on the warpath about Britain’s housing crisis in his new national planning framework, to be launched today.

Blog by Matt Ridley

Britain’s housing costs are absurdly high by international standards: eight times average earnings in England, 15 in London. A mortgage deposit that took a few years to earn in the early 1990s can now take somebody decades to earn. Average rents in the UK are almost 50% higher than average rents in Germany, France and crowded Holland. Topics - Singularity Hub. Critical Thinking & World Debates. You Are Not So Smart. A New Read On Jewish Life. Taki's Magazine - Home Page. The Polymath Project. Videos, articles, and tips to help you succeed, from the world's leading experts. Farnam Street. The walrus.