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The Russkies and the Donald

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Russkies and the Donald Investigation. Russkies and the Donald. Russkies and the Brothers Trump. Russkies and the High Prince Jared. The Russkies and the Princess. Russkies & It's in the Bag Cohen. Russkies and the General. The Russkies and the Manafort.

The Russkies and Mr. Carter Page. The Russkies and The 'I Know Nothing...' Pence. The Russkies and Will-o'-the-Wisp. Sessions. The Russkies and Rog. Russkies and the Trump Cast & Bit Players. The United States of Cognitive Dissonance. It’s always extremely sad and confusing when a massive propaganda campaign, like the one we’ve been subjected to for about the last year, comes to a sudden and ignominious end. You wake up one morning, and the billionaire asshat that more or less every “respected” organ of the corporatist media has been telling you was Hitler, or a Russian agent (and possibly both), as it turns out, is, well, just a billionaire asshat.

An extremely repulsive billionaire asshat, but nonetheless just a billionaire asshat. This is extremely disorienting … because here you were, prepped for the End of Everything, or at least for the death camps, the Riefenstahlian rallies, and the Russian invasion of Martha’s Vineyard, and then all that stuff gets abruptly canceled like Season 4 of David Milch’s Deadwood.

We haven’t quite reached that stage of things yet, but it feels like we are inching up to it (as Glenn Greenwald pointed out in his recent piece). C. J. Untitled. — from Down With Tyranny! The bulk of the country identifies as "independents" and they're not a patient lot (discussed here). This is who progressives have to look reasonable to when the airship Age of Trump comes crashing to the ground. There seem to be two groups of Trump attackers these days, those who make statements like "Russia hacked the election and attacked our Democracy" — in other words, present suspected-but-unproved assertions as fact — and those who don't present statements as proved unless there's actual proof. The worst offenders in the first group are people like MSNBC's Chris Matthews, who regularly asserts as true what he only suspects and could never prove if asked. A good example of the second group is MSNBC's Chris Hayes, who is almost always careful to challenge statements like "Russia cyber-attacked our democracy," which Democratic Party guests like Cory Booker almost always lead with, as though reading blindly from the daily talking points.

The danger is this.