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Artist Secretly Photographs His Neighbors In This Controversial Series. The Neighbors is a voyeuristic peek into the daily life of apartment-dwelling Manhattanites.

Artist Secretly Photographs His Neighbors In This Controversial Series

Arne Svenson, a 60-year-old resident of lower Manhattan, has been watching his neighbors for some time. It's a common part of living in studio apartments. The high rise windows present both a lookout point and a stage. Intrigued by the stories he saw behind the glass, Svenson began photographing them. The resulting series is a surreal collage of body parts and glass reflections that are just a little creepy. “The project began when I inherited a telephoto bird-watching lens and started photographing the quotidian activity of my neighbors in the glass-walled apartment across the street from my Manhattan studio,” Svenson says. “The subjects I photographed were unaware at the time but I was stringent about not revealing their identities.

10+ Reasons Not To Trust Photos You See On Social Media. Earth - Eerie underwater scenes of lost ship and aircraft wrecks. Last year, British photographer Steve Jones shot the well-preserved wreck of the World War Two US bomber B-17G Flying Fortress off the island of Vis, Croatia.

Earth - Eerie underwater scenes of lost ship and aircraft wrecks

The aircraft crashed in 1944 after getting hit by anti-aircraft fire, killing co-pilot, Ernest Vienneau. “In years to come, many of the ships and aircraft lost during the World Wars will be gone forever.” Diving such sites can be both “exhilarating and spectacular” and “sombre and sad” when there has been loss of life, says Jones; something that hit home particularly hard on this shoot. The images Jones captured ended up having a surprisingly personal impact after he entered the photographs in the Underwater Photographer of the Year awards. His entry was published and spotted by the late co-pilot's family who got in touch with Jones. 'Mike Mandel: Good 70s' at San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. San Francisco Museum of Modern Art is holding an exhibition by artist and photographer Mike Mandel through August 20, 2017.

'Mike Mandel: Good 70s' at San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

This exhibition includes photographs, books and a film, all made during the same period he was collaborating with his friend, the photographer Larry Sultan. Some of Mandel's diverse projects from the 1970s include 'Myself: Timed Exposures' (1971), in which he inserts himself into funny and commonplace situations; 'Seven Never Before Published Portraits of Edward Weston' (1974), which reproduces correspondence he initiated with man named Edward Weston; his Baseball-Photographer 'Trading Cards' (1975), featuring subjects such as Ansel Adams and Imogen Cunningham; and his book 'SF Giants: An Oral History' (1979). The exhibition is on view at SFMOMA, 151 Third Street, San Francisco, CA 94103. For details, visit: Click on the slideshow for a sneak peek at the exhibition. Pilot Takes Amazing Photos From His Cockpit, And They Will Take Your Breath Away.

Being a pilot, you get to see a bunch of beautiful sights from above.

Pilot Takes Amazing Photos From His Cockpit, And They Will Take Your Breath Away

Being a pilot for a South American airline, you also get to witness the stunning phenomena of storms as your job requires flying over regions that experience them. Show Full Text Meet Santiago Borja Lopez - a Quito, Ecuador-based pilot who works for Ecuador Airlines. Whenever the pilot is off-duty, he pulls out his camera to capture the magnificent sights he witnesses in air. Todd Webb's photos of New York. Like so many of us do today, Todd Webb learned about a new city through the viewfinder of his camera—although back in 1945, his camera was hardly pocket-sized.

Todd Webb's photos of New York

Freshly discharged from the U.S. Navy following World War II, Webb landed in New York and, shouldering his heavy photography equipment, began to explore both the city and a fledgling career as a professional photographer. Manuel alvarez diestro's photos featuring container landscapes. Apr 11, 2017 manuel alvarez diestro's boxification features container landscapes in asia in today’s world, 93% of international commerce moves by sea. billions of tonnes are transported yearly, with an ocean freight forecasted to grow 4.7% annually for the next decade. nowadays containers have become a core element of globalization, enabling commercial interchanges of various nature from far fetched locations. overwhelmed by the presence of containers and the space optimization, photographer manuel alvarez diestro presents ‘boxification’, a series that reflects on sea freight containers in a collection of images captured across asian ports. hong-kong port sea freight containers when placed in the asian mega ports are piled in the the thousands and together they create new landscapes where they rival the surrounding nature and integrate with the cities that we build.

manuel alvarez diestro's photos featuring container landscapes

Shanghai new port, china new busan port, south korea busan port, south korea. The disturbing and creepy portrait collages of Phillip Kremer. Google+ The disturbing and creepy portrait collages of Phillip Kremer 03.15.2017 01:19 pmTopics:AmusingArtTags:collagePhillip Kremer Your worst fears have a face.

The disturbing and creepy portrait collages of Phillip Kremer

And it looks like this. Texas-based artist Phillip Kremer creates weird, funny, and seriously grotesque collages of celebrities, politicians, musicians and movie stars. Drinking Straw Photography. They Live by Night: Photos of gangsters, prostitutes & drag queens from Tokyo’s red light district. They Live by Night: Photos of gangsters, prostitutes & drag queens from Tokyo’s red light district Kabukichō is the red light district in Shinjuku, a commercial and administrative ward in central Tokyo.

They Live by Night: Photos of gangsters, prostitutes & drag queens from Tokyo’s red light district

Apparently Kabukichō took its name from plans to build a kabuki theater in the district sometime in 1940s. This never happened. Instead the area became a busy red light world of nightclubs, hostess clubs and love hotels. It’s estimated there are some 3,000 such enterprises operating in Kabukichō today. This Artist Used A 110-Year-Old Technique To Create Surreal Indoor Landscape Photomontages. British visual artist Suzanne Moxhay invites her audience into apocalyptic scenes, made with photomontage.

This Artist Used A 110-Year-Old Technique To Create Surreal Indoor Landscape Photomontages

However, instead of relying solely on Photoshop, Suzanne uses a 110-year-old technique called matte painting which was popularized by the movies from the 20th century. Show Full Text. I Bring Russian Fairy Tales To Life. My name is Margarita Kareva, I'm a photographer from the Ekaterinburg (Russia).

I Bring Russian Fairy Tales To Life

Show Full Text I started taking pictures about 5 years ago, had not even suspected that it will be my profession. Since then, I often say thanks to the Universe for giving me a passion for my life. How Diane Arbus’s Photographs Capture The Heart of NYC. An SFMOMA exhibit of Diane Arbus’s early photographs reveals how she threw herself into photographing every kind of person she saw on Manhattan’s streets. On the third floor of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art there is the best kind of gallery hush, as visitors peer closely at the photographs Diane Arbus took between 1956 and 1962, “in the beginning” (as the exhibition is titled) of her career, mostly on the streets of New York. These are just over a hundred images, pictures that are both intrusions and encapsulations of privacy. “My favorite thing is to go where I’ve never been,” Arbus once said--one of many telling wall quotes. Sometimes in the gallery rooms you may hear a laugh, or a jolt of shock.

I even heard one person profess to a female pal, “She really looks like you”--because Arbus photographed life as she found it. I Turn Abandoned Spaces Into Fantasy Worlds (NSFW) I started shooting portraits in 2009, after having spent years dedicating my time to strictly photographing music-related "stuff" (concerts, album covers, band promos, etc). I was a poor artist with no direction and certainly no money for a studio. Show Full Text Luckily, my lack of funds forced me to get creative and to use the world around me. I had seen a photo of a theater in an abandoned asylum via an internet search, and was immediately enamored with the image. I was obsessed with finding the location, as it was like nothing I had ever seen before. In 2011, my father passed away unexpectedly.

Man Photoshops Himself Into Pictures Of Kendall Jenner, Makes Them 10 Times Better (NSFW) Few people can get close to Kendall Jenner, but Kirby is no ordinary person. He's Kendall's secret "fraternal twin," and he gets to hang out with his adopted sister whenever he wants to...although we're not sure she has much of a say in the matter! Show Full Text. Halt Action Group (@dear_ivanka) The Onion’s Best Photojournalism Of 2016. 7 Controversial Photographers. Ron Gallela was obsessed with Jackie O. Marlon Brando once punched him in the face Ron Galella is considered the granddaddy of all paparazzi but began his career as a photographer for the Air Force in the 1950s. Once he started taking pictures of celebrities, he quickly became obsessed. I Gave My 19-Month-Old Son My Old Canon G12: Here’s His POV.

Stan has learned how to use a camera and to shout out cheese as he presses the shutter. Pilot snaps ominous photo of a thunderstorm over the Pacific. Artist Cindy Sherman Embodies 1920s Film Beauties In New Photos. Amazing Worlds – These macro pictures of everyday objects are fascinating. After his first Amazing Worlds series, photographer and artist Pyanek is back with some new macro photographs, capturing the tiny details of everyday objects and foods.

Mold, brush, chopped steak, chocolate cookie, cigarette or steel sponge, discover a fascinating world hidden right before our eyes! ‘Faking It’ at the Met, a Photography Exhibition. That photograph is one of more than 200 on display in “Faking It: Manipulated Photography Before Photoshop,” an absorbing if not revelatory exhibition at the . Organized by Mia Fineman, an assistant curator in the museum’s department of photography, the show offers abundant evidence that photographers have been cheating since shortly after the medium’s invention almost two centuries ago. The types of images Ms. Jay Mark Johnson’s very unusual camera emphasizes time over space. Jay Mark Johnson. The abstract-seeming images here are not the result of some wacky Photoshopping. ‘Surveillance Camera Man’ Trolls Seattle. ‘Short Nights of the Shadow Catcher’ - Slide Show.

Nikon Small World Photography Competition: Using Photomicrography. Behold is Slate's brand-new photo blog. Like us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter @beholdphotos and on Tumblr. Find out more about what this space is all about here. David Maitland Two inventions that revolutionized the world, the microscope and camera, offer us glimpses of worlds that were previously inaccessible to humans. Brought together as photomicrography, they offer visual insight into tiny objects that mostly pass people by. This trove of images comes from the Nikon Small World Competition, an image contest Nikon hosts every year, open to both professionals and amateurs. It all sounds, well, technical, which is probably what is important when you judge a contest of entrants that include dryhead marine sedimentary agate, cholesteric liquid crystals, mosquito heads, and … butterfly tongues? Lori Nix diorama photography: Creating post-apocalyptic, tiny dioramas. Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor, Josephine Baker: Eve Arnold's Portraits of Hollywood Stars.

Boris Savelev / Борис Савельев. Chernobyl Journal: Day One. Leon Borensztein: Awkward family portraits (PHOTOS). Dina Litovsky: Documenting bachelorette parties (PHOTOS). Mark Klett and Byron Wolfe: Grand Canyon Images Then and Now (PHOTOS). Anne Hardy creates intricate sets that blur the lines between fiction and reality (PHOTOS). Marian Drew: Photographing still lifes of dead animals in Australia (PHOTOS). Jon Crispin: Suitcases from the Willard Asylum for the Insane (PHOTOS). Photos: Everyday objects that look like solar system planets. Weapons of Mass Destruction. Your beautiful eyes. Main : ARTHUR BONDAR. Found at Auction: The Unseen Photographs of a Legend that Never Was.

Crazy Russians Illegally Climb Egypt's Great Pyramid And Take A Bunch Of Sick Photographs. Sergey Chilikov: A photographer’s work from during Soviet-era Russia through modern times (PHOTOS). Drone Over Washington - Rebecca J. Rosen. Scanwiches Book Is Food Porn At Its Finest (PHOTOS) Jon Feinstein's Scanned Fast Food Images Are Both Seductive And Repulsive (PHOTOS) War Photography: Images Of Armed Conflict And Its Aftermath [PHOTOS] These Cookbook Photos Redefine What Fresh Seafood Looks Like : The Salt. David Lynch’s abandoned factory photographs will unnerve you. 20 Rare Historical Photos (history, rare, photos, war, past. Haunting Photographs Of Decaying Portraits On Forgotten Tombstones. Pilot Captures Crazy-Surreal Photo Series By Basically Just Sticking His Camera Out The Cockpit.

Research Our Records. 14 Utterly Terrifying Photos Of A Hospital For Dolls. CERN needs your help identifying mysterious photos. Millions of public photos used to create seamless time-lapses of iconic landmarks. Russian Photographer Captures The Beauty Of Women’s Bodies With B&W ‘Bodyscapes’ Flora Borsi Superimposes Vintage Photographs Of The People Of Detroit Onto Its Current Day Ruins - Beautiful/Decay. 100 Disposable Cameras Were Given To Homeless People In London. They Then Created Works Of Art. Boredpanda. Boredpanda. Scout Paré-Phillips’ Seductive Nude Photos Document The Imprints Left Behind By Inviting Undergarments. Rikka Hyvönen Celebrates The Hyper Colored Bruises On The Bodies Of Roller Derby Girls. Hypnotizing Beauty Of Moravian Fields In The Chech Republic. The Richest Photographer in the World. Travis durden sees batman's demise within ruined, post apocalyptic landscapes.

Mark alan andre uses infrared to radically alter familiar DC sights. Guy Falls Asleep At Work, The Internet Takes Him On Photoshop Adventures. Porn Sets Are Beautiful (When Nobody's Home) PIXIMUS - the best photo collections ever. Moody cinematic photos by masashi wakui explore tokyo's luminous landscape by night. 13 Perfectly Timed Photos in Synchronized Swimming. Unnerving Self Portraits of an Artist Falling to His Death. On the Scene: Chasing the Ominous Clouds of a Supercell Thunderstorm. My Everyday Life: Week 17 - Shutterbean.