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Best Indoor Plants for Clean Air. We already know that through photosynthesis, plants help us by taking carbon dioxide from the air and releasing pure oxygen into the atmosphere.

Best Indoor Plants for Clean Air

Ever since NASA investigated the potential for plants to clean the air of super-sealed space stations in the 1980s, people have been inspired to improve their environments with houseplants. When it comes to removing toxins from the air, the bigger the plant and its leaves, the better its ability to purify the environment. How many plants do you need to achieve fresh, healthy air? The answer lies in many factors, such as the types of furniture and carpet used and their ages, whether smoking occurs on the premises, and how well the dwelling is sealed. 9 Landscape Trees to Avoid—and Alternative Choices. A surprising number of trees routinely planted as landscape specimens have qualities that are unpleasant, at best.

9 Landscape Trees to Avoid—and Alternative Choices

That promising little sapling you planted in the middle of your yard all those years ago may grow into a rebellious teenager, then a grumpy old tree you'd rather not be around at all. The reasons for regret when it comes to selecting a tree can be varied, but the main reasons cited when afterthoughts occur are: How to Use Coffee Grounds in Your Garden. If you make a daily pot of coffee, you have a fabulous source of organic matter right at your fingertips.

How to Use Coffee Grounds in Your Garden

Coffee grounds can make your garden happier in several ways, and not just that coffee gives you more energy for weeding and pruning. Don't toss the grounds! You can put them to work. Coffee in Compost. 9 Unusual Houseplants to Grow. Lining Flower Pots With Coffee Filters Can Help Keep Plants Alive. Many houseplant problems come down to one of two things: watering your plants too often or not watering them often enough.

Lining Flower Pots With Coffee Filters Can Help Keep Plants Alive

Since it's sometimes impossible to tell which issue is to blame, many well-meaning plant parents have accidentally turned into serial plant killers. Fortunately, there's a tool that prevents both root rot and dehydration—and you likely already have it at home. According to Apartment Therapy, paper coffee filters are a houseplant owner's secret weapon. Regular flower pots have holes in the bottom that allow excess water to drain out, but they aren't always effective.

Soil can flow out with the water or form large clumps that block the openings. Healthy Soil and How to Make It. Whether you are growing flowers, herbs, vegetables, a lawn, or a shrub border, healthy soil is an absolute must.

Healthy Soil and How to Make It

Your plants will be less prone to pest and disease issues, they'll grow better, and they'll look better. With a bit of know-how, some work, and some patience, you can have healthy soil, no matter what kind of soil you are starting with. Healthy Soil Characteristics If good soil could be achieved merely by buying a bag of fertilizer from the garden center, most Americans would be boasting perfect soil. While fertility is obviously an aspect of good garden soil, there is so much more involved. 10 Best Ground Covers for Full Sun. Why Are My Houseplant's Leaves Turning Brown? You bought a beautiful houseplant, set it up near a bright window, and within a week its leaves were turning brown or even falling off.

Why Are My Houseplant's Leaves Turning Brown?

What did you do wrong? To answer that question, you'll need to be able to answer some questions about your plant, its environment, and the care you've given it. 40 Best Indoor Plants that Don't Need Sunlight - Joyful Derivatives. A lack of sunlight in your house shouldn’t stop you from having beautiful greenery throughout your home.

40 Best Indoor Plants that Don't Need Sunlight - Joyful Derivatives

These indoor plants that don’t need sunlight are perfect for a beginner and will add life to any space – no matter how dark! I’ll have to be honest, I’ve always been a huge fan of faux plants. 10 Plants That Fight Soil Erosion and Add Color. The best plants for erosion control are those ground covers or shrubs that are vigorous, attractive, and have a root system effective at holding back soil on a hill.

10 Plants That Fight Soil Erosion and Add Color

If you live in deer country they should also be plants that deer tend not to eat. The following list gives you a variety of choices, each of which meets these criteria. Gardening 101: Sansevieria. Sansevieria, S. trifasciata: “Mother-in-Law’s Tongue” Some disgruntled son- or daughter-in-law, now unknown to history, facetiously nicknamed this plant Mother-in-Law’s Tongue for the sharpness of its leaves.

Gardening 101: Sansevieria

And this tall, flame-like plant has some dark connotations (beyond opinionated semi-relations who drop by uninvited and comment on your cleaning abilities): It’s also associated with snakes, swords, and is used as a charm against evil in Africa, its native land. Despite these dark mythologies, however, Sansevieria is a virtually indestructible and rather benevolent addition to any room—an easy-to-care-for starter houseplant that will impress any mother-in-law. 18 Best Types of Foliage Plants. 29 Best Indoor Plants for Every Type of Person 2019. Christopher Walken recommends accessorizing your plants with googly eyes.

29 Best Indoor Plants for Every Type of Person 2019

Photo: NBC Houseplants are seemingly more popular than ever, and now that it’s so easy to buy them online, the only real question is: Which plant should you get? Like anything else, there’s a wide range of options to suit different people. 11 Houseplants That Flourish in Low Light. Time to Stock up on Ferns: Top 6 You Should Highly Consider. Gardening 101: Ribbon Grass. Ornamental grasses have become the popular kids in class. Most of these leafy friends are perennial, low-maintenance, and attractive (looks only matter for me in plants–not people).

But grasses can have drawbacks; some will take advantage of situations to spread if given the opportunity. This is the case with rebellious ribbon grass. Crown shyness - Wikipedia. Possible physiological explanations[edit] The exact physiological basis of crown shyness is not certain.[6] The phenomenon has been discussed in scientific literature since the 1920s.[9] The variety of hypotheses and experimental results might suggest that there are multiple mechanisms across different species, an example of convergent evolution. These 9 Plants Will Mess You Up. Natural Ways to Get Rid of Weeds. 7 Types of Fruit Trees You Can Grow in Your Living Room. There are decorative house plants and then there are edible plants that you tend to in a tiny kitchen garden. But what about in between? If you're looking for an indoor plant that's both decorative and edible, look to the world of fruit trees! While many grow to be enormous in the wild and are native to perpetually sunny conditions, there are a number of dwarf plants that will do just fine—and even fruit!

—in a big pot in your living room. Proper care and conditions (and a reliable nursery for sourcing them!) 1. Fruit? If you want a fig tree that fruits, steer clear of the ever-popular decorative fiddleleaf—which won't even consider it. Planting & Care The size of the pot you choose will factor into how large and productive your tree becomes (opt for a larger planter for more fruit, smaller if you need the fig tree to stay small). Habitat. 10 Easy Pieces: Best Succulents. Older 10 Easy Pieces: Best Succulents by Michelle Slatalla Issue 52 · Best of 2015 · December 29, 2015 Home Newer Issue 52 · Best of 2015 · December 29, 2015. Hardscaping 101: Pathway Lighting: Gardenista. Older Hardscaping 101: Pathway Lighting by Janet Hall Issue · The New Landscape · November 5, 2015. Mucuna pruriens.

Mucuna pruriens is a tropical legume native to Africa and tropical Asia and widely naturalized and cultivated.[2] Its English common names include velvet bean, Bengal velvet bean, Florida velvet bean, Mauritius velvet bean, Yokohama velvet bean, cowage, cowitch, lacuna bean, Lyon bean,[2] Donkey eye,[citation needed] monkey tamarind,[citation needed] and Buffalo beans[citation needed] (the last also refers to Thermopsis rhombifolia[citation needed]). The plant is notorious for the extreme itchiness it produces on contact,[3] particularly with the young foliage and the seed pods. Hardscaping 101: Limestone Pavers: Gardenista. Older. Bonsai! Long before the bonsai art form of creating miniature trees came to Japan, the wealthy in China were perfecting their craft known as “penzai” and “penjing.” The former means “tray plant” and the latter “tray scenery.” Takepart. Brugmansia. Brugmansia is a genus of seven species of flowering plants in the family Solanaceae.

Babylonstoren Greenhouse: An Idyllic Garden: Gardenista. Moss Graffiti « The Bored Ninja - Fun, Interesting, and Cool Stuff on the Internet. Kitchen Garden: Home Made Worm Farm. Wriggly, squiggly, squishy, messy worms. Whether you love them or they make you squeamish, worm farming is one of the most rewarding gardening activities for improving the health and harvest of your garden. 10 Favorite Tulips to Plant This Fall Gardenista. Older 10 Favorite Tulips to Plant This Fall by Izabella Simmons. Affnan's Aquaponics. Will Compost Tea Supercharge Your Garden? Hornbeam: A Hedge for All Seasons Gardenista. Older. A (Tiny) Giant Sequoia Tree Gardenista. Saving the World's Oldest Trees Gardenista. The World's Most Adorable House Plant Gardenista.

5 Favorites: Bleeding Hearts Gardenista. Think Different: An Apple Alum's Inventive Way to Root Cuttings Gardenista. 5 Favorites: Mini House Plants for Apartment Living Gardenista. Required Reading: Secrets of an Ikebana Master Gardenista. 10 Easy Pieces: The Most Magical Mosses Gardenista.