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Vegetable Garden planting guides - Gardeners Calendar

Vegetable Garden planting guides - Gardeners Calendar

International Biochar Initiative | International Biochar Initiative Monthly sowing guide Month by month sowing suggestions a vegetable sowing calendar for the year January . . . is really a month for eating your stored winter vegetables and hopefully enjoying the view of the garden from your kitchen window. However, there are a few things that you can sow right at the end of the month particularly if you live in a warmer part of the country and/or have a polytunnel or greenhouse In trays or pots . . . Round seeded (as opposed to wrinkle seeded) peas can be sown from late January onwards. In a polytunnel or greenhouse . . . From the end of the month, you can think about sowing hardy salads and oriental greens in warmer parts of Britain (mizuna, mibuna, mustard greens, pak choi, mispooona, komatsuna, winter varieties of lettuce, land cress) February . . . still winter time, but the days are beginning to get a little longer Round seeded (as opposed to wrinkle seeded) peas Winter salads & oriental greens to plant outside in March, but still under a cloche or mini-tunnel March/April

Free-Energy Devices, zero-point energy, and water as fuel Pond Fish Direct, Koi Fish Online - AquaLife 2 U No Dig Gardening Via – Permaculture To teach people an easy way to build fertile soil to grow organic vegetables with free videos and written information describing the no dig gardening technique.Via Like this: Like Loading... Aphid Control | Growing Roses There were lots of aphids on the rose tips and buds this week in the rose garden. The soft, sappy new spring growth on the roses brings them out in droves. Aphids on roses can cause your new rose tips to wilt and become misshaped and curled. They can often cover the whole shoot and bud of the soft new growth causing it to droop over as they suck the sap out of it, so aphid control is paramount at this time of year, early Spring. All this sap-sucking causes honeydew to be excreted out the other end of the aphid. It doesn’t take long for large numbers to build up in the right conditions. There’s a few simple ways of getting rid of aphids on roses. , and that works pretty well if you can do that for a few days in a row. on of course!).

Fire Piston: A Never Fail Way To Build A Fire In The Wilderness Fire Piston: a simple and effective way to start a campfire without matches when stranded in the forest. A wilderness survival tool that may save your life. You are lost in the woods. It is getting cold and dark. Survivalists say that you should start making camp for the night at least two hours before the sun goes down. Shelter is the first and most important thing you will need. You should seek any available wild foods around you, such as wild leeks and fiddlehead ferns (both in the springtime,) milkweed (year 'round) and Cossack asparagus (cattails.) You can make some sort of hand-tool like a primitive stone hand-axe for cutting vines to make a shelter or bust apart a rotted log in search of grubs. But what about building a campfire? Assuming that you do not have a reliable fire-starter, here is a simple and very effective tool that one should carry on their person for camping, hiking or hunting expeditions called a Fire Piston. Using a hardwood 'core' (Fig. A knob (Fig.

Rose aphids What are rose aphids? Aphids, also known as greenfly and blackfly, are sap-sucking insects. There are several species that occur on roses in Britain. Control Non chemical Squashing aphids with finger and thumb is feasible on small roses. Chemical Look for aphids on the shoot tips and underside of leaves from spring onwards. Organic pesticides, such as pyrethrum (Py Spray Garden Insect Killer, Doff All in One Bug Spray), plant oils (Vitax Organic 2 in 1 Pest & Disease Control, Growing Success Shrub & Flower Bug Killer) or fatty acids (Bayer Organic Pest Control, Doff Greenfly and Blackfly Killer, Scotts Rose Clear Gun) are less harmful to ladybirds and other aphid predators but may need more frequent use because of their short persistence. Download Pesticides for gardeners (Adobe Acrobat pdf document outlining pesticides available to gardeners) Biology Aphids usually overwinter on roses as eggs laid on the stems in the previous autumn.