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Vegetable Garden planting guides - Gardeners Calendar

Vegetable Garden planting guides - Gardeners Calendar
This Month in the Garden April is a tricky month for gardeners, one minute warm sunshine is beating down on you, and in the blink of an eye hailstones are battering the more Gardening News The Gardeners' Calendar Mobile App is for sale at more Blog's Keep up to date with my gardening exploits.

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25 Plants You Should Consider Growing – Casaubon's Book Note: This is a rerun from ye olde blogge. As the book deadline approaches, expect to see some of my previous opi making appearances here. Since I’ve got more than 1000 of them, it shouldn’t be too boring, I hope. I hope this one will help some of you in garden planning this year. The Rainbow Warrior She’s the first ship in our fleet designed and built specifically for Greenpeace. That means the Rainbow Warrior is not just one of the most environmentally-friendly ships ever made; she’s also a campaigner’s dream. We are thrilled she’s now fighting with us for a green and peaceful future.

Thompsons Plant & Garden Centre Thompsons guide on when to sow and harvest your vegetables. This vegetable planner has been created as a guide and does not take into account regional, or seasonal weather variations. Ensure the risk of frost has passed before planting / sowing any sensitive crops.

Guide to Growing Vegetables Some general considerations for growing vegetables: Sowing Tips When sowing seeds, a good general rule of thumb is to sow to a depth of approximately twice the thickness of the seed. Some smaller seeds require light to germinate and should not be sown too deep; otherwise they may never germinate or break through the surface of the soil. Conversely, large seeds planted too shallow may not develop properly. warriors protecting earth, survive 2012 Rainbow Warriors Prophecy For centuries the peoples of the Americas have expected the coming of a warrior generation. They knew that the eagle’s claw of European civilisation would inflict terrible torments on their own communities. This was an horrendous experience but one that many accepted as part of the process of man’s journey. It was a very grave sacrifice that would one-day lead to an upsurge of compassion and global renewal.

Garden Planning Archive - Inthegardenwithjudy Call me crazy but my answer to this question is, “No”. In gardening, rarely does one size fit all. For some people this is the right time, for some it’s too early, and for other’s it may be too late. So how do we know when to plant our peas? Let’s ask the peas…

growing a salad-lover’s garden, with ellen ogden I’M RESOWING GREENS GALORE, spurred onward by the welcome shift in weather, and also by a chat with Ellen Ecker Ogden, author of of “The Complete Kitchen Garden.” Thanks to Ellen, my palette of ingredients to try is widening, and I’ve got several new variations on vinaigrette to taste-test, too. Get her advice (in print or podcast), or meet Ellen at one of her upcoming 2015 talks, including June 20 in Spencertown (NY), near me. Ellen calls herself as a “food artist.”

Scientific American Frontiers:Fat and Happy?:Eat Less New research is pointing to a remarkable benefit of a low-calorie diet - it may actually help us to live longer. Dr. Roy Walford has long been a pioneer in uncovering the connection between eating and longevity.