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Planting & transplanting trees

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Ecological restoration of Xingu Basin headwaters: motivations, engagement, challenges and perspectives. This company wants to plant a billion trees a year, with drones. Viva floresta » Plataforma de software livre Viva Floresta cria rede de produtores de árvores nativas. Para estimular a venda de mudas de árvores nativas no Brasil, o Viva Floresta desenvolveu um software de gestão de viveiros que será a base de uma rede online de viveiristas.

viva floresta » Plataforma de software livre Viva Floresta cria rede de produtores de árvores nativas

Disponibilizada gratuitamente “na nuvem”, permite que os viveiros respondam conjuntamente aos pedidos dos compradores. Com dezenas de espécies em diferentes quantidades, esses pedidos muitas vezes não podem ser atendidos por pequenos viveiros. A rede que está sendo criada pelo Viva Floresta dá aos pequenos e médios produtores a competitividade de um viveiro de grandes proporções.

O software permite monitorar em tempo real o estoque de mudas e de sementes de cada membro da rede. Também controla todas as tarefas do dia a dia de um viveiro, começando com o plantio, passando pela “repicagem” para tubetes ou saquinhos plásticos e chegando até a venda e despacho dos lotes de mudas para clientes. Os viveiros que aderem à plataforma integram uma rede comum para comercialização de seus estoques, potencializando as vendas. INSTITUTO TERRA - WELCOME - Official Website. Secrets To Successful Transplanting Trees. At one time or another in their lives, most homeowners and gardeners will transplant trees and shrubs.

Secrets To Successful Transplanting Trees

To some it is a mundane task, while others are petrified of the experience. Surprisingly, many novices and pros alike are misinformed or just aren't quite sure about the proper techniques for transplanting and the ways to improve the success of a transplant and minimize the effects of transplant shock. There are a number of urban legends out there, many without any scientific basis, and trial and error is a tough road to take when you want your yard to look as good as it can as fast as it can. Transplant shock is a reality in the plant world, but it is manageable. The bottom line is that there are things that homeowners and gardeners can and should do to help out their transplants and ensure the highest probability of a successful move. The Roots Of Transplant Shock More often than not, newly transplanted trees or shrubs will experience some degree of transplant shock. 1. 2. 3.

Field grown - Roots in the nursery - Landscape plants. How to create the perfect tree. We teach you how to repair destroyed primary roots Nearly every tree or bush that is produced in a nursery using modern production methods leaves the nursery with destroyed primary roots.

How to create the perfect tree

This is caused by the fact that the primary root cannot grow vertically downwards in a pot or plastic bag. Therefore it starts to grow in rounds, or even up again. Once you plant such a plant in dry areas, the primary root is not capable of penetrating deeply into the soil to find water. In this document we will explain to you how you can repair these roots, making it possible for your plants to grow in dry areas with the help of the Groasis Waterboxx and without any need for irrigation. These photos show how the primary roots are destroyed and what the consequences are Taxodium distichum sapling with circular growing destroyed primary root Detail of destroyed circular growing primary root of Taxodium distichum sapling The photos show clearly that primary roots grow in horizontal circles in pots. Planting and Transplanting trees and shrubs.

The Science of Planting Trees. The Science of Planting Trees. This CMG GardenNotes outline research-based tree planting steps.

The Science of Planting Trees

The procedures apply to deciduous trees, evergreen trees, and shrubs planted in a landscape setting. As you review the content, pay attention to significant clarification in planting protocol. Based on the research consensus, it is not acceptable to plant a tree in a narrow planting hole with the burlap and wire basket left in place. The Science of Planting Trees Tree root systems are shallow and wide spreading. Figure 1. Steps to Planting Container- Grown or Field-Grown Balled and Burlapped Nursery Stock Note: Call before you dig. Step 1. Planting trees too deep has become an epidemic leading to the decline and death of landscape trees. Trunk-girdling roots develop when a tree is planted too deep in the root ball and/or the root ball is planted too deep in the planting hole. To deal with this epidemic an industry-wide working group developed the following standards for tree planting depth: Figure 2. Figure 3.