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Sweet Potato Carbonara with Kale Recipe. Trader Joe's Cheesy Artichoke Rice Bake Recipe (Just 4 Ingredients) Zucchini Pudding. From Padma Lakshmi 2 lb. zucchini, chopped2 fresh bay leaves8 TBS (1 stick) butter, sliced1/2 cup snipped fresh dill1 1/2 cups grated mild cheddar cheese3 oz. soft goat cheese1 large egg, well beaten1 cup crushed saltines (about 20 crackers)10 additional whole crackers1/2 cup canned or fresh cooked sweet corn kernels1/4 tsp cayennesalt and freshly ground black pepper Boil the zucchini and bay leaves in water for 15 to 20 minutes.

Zucchini Pudding

Drain and discard the bay leaves. Preheat the oven to 350F. Scatter the butter slices in a 9-inch flat baking or gratin dish. Add the zucchini to the butter, mashing it in. Add 1 cup of shredded cheddar to the zucchini and continue to stir. Crumble the reserved crackers into a bowl and mix with a 1/2 cup f cheddar cheese. Cover the dish with aluminum foil and bake for 25 minutes, uncovering for the last 5 to 6 minutes so the top browns.

Zucchini Fritters {Baked or Fried} - iFOODreal. Zucchini Fritters with crispy outside, soft inside and only 5 ingredients.

Zucchini Fritters {Baked or Fried} - iFOODreal

They are perfect for summer zucchini surplus and will disappear at the table. Zucchini fritters are “a blast from the past”. As a kid, I ate a lot of vegetable based fritters. 12 Ways to Cook With Brussels Sprouts Beyond Just Roasting Them. Or you can make a breakfast hash with shaved Brussels sprouts and half the amount of potatoes.

12 Ways to Cook With Brussels Sprouts Beyond Just Roasting Them

"Their texture will go with the potatoes perfectly, and you'll be getting extra vitamin C and fiber," Michalczyk says. You can use Brussels sprouts in tacos in place of shredded lettuce. "Or toss with roasted veggies and any type of grain for a seasonal side dish that helps you to get more veggies at any get-together or holiday party," she says. You can even use sprouts as toppings for pizza. "Brussels sprouts pair really well with cheese and bread, so make them the star of pizza night," says Natalie Rizzo, MS, RD.

Skillet Mexican Street Corn Recipe > Call Me PMc. Mexican Street Corn Salad Recipe. My husband and I recently found a little local restaurant that serves amazing Mexican food.

Mexican Street Corn Salad Recipe

They also had an all-you-can-eat salsa bar, which is pretty much heaven to me. I could eat salsa for every meal and never get bored of it. My husband ordered an amazing combination plate that had a little but of everything on it- including a piece of Mexican Street Corn. He took a bite of it and immediately handed it to me so that I could try it too. OH. 11 Extra Tasty Eggplant Recipes.

Eggplant isn't a vegetable you automatically think of when you're making dinner.

11 Extra Tasty Eggplant Recipes

It can be hard to cook, and some people find it just plain mushy! I'm here to change that perception of this underrated vegetable. Eggplant is wonderfully versatile, and works in so many different dishes. When cooked the right way, eggplant can be sweet, sumptuous, and even smoky. Roasted Mexican Street Corn Salad - Foxes Love Lemons. Inspired by elote, this Roasted Mexican Street Corn Salad is a crunchy and spicy salad with just a bit of creaminess.

Roasted Mexican Street Corn Salad - Foxes Love Lemons

Can be served warm or cold. I love drawing inspiration for new recipes from places I travel. Ina Garten’s Parmesan-Roasted Broccoli Recipe on Food52. Test Kitchen-Approved Author Notes In November 2008, Adam Roberts published a blog post with the headline “The Best Broccoli of Your Life”, about a recipe from Barefoot Contessa Back to Basics. He promised that at least one person liked the broccoli more than steak. This post has since become the most popular in the history of his blog The Amateur Gourmet—one of the first food blogs and, until Roberts quieted the blog in 2015, one of the most beloved.

A Suspiciously Delicious Cabbage Recipe for Winter, Spring & Beyond. Marinated & Roasted Red Peppers You'll Want to Eat On Everything. We're partnering with Lagostina to celebrate the Italian Sunday dinner with stories, recipes, and videos about this special family tradition.

Marinated & Roasted Red Peppers You'll Want to Eat On Everything

Here, Nick Perkins—chef and owner of Hart’s and Cervo’s in New York City—shares a simple, make-ahead recipe inspired by his grandmother’s cooking. Food was a big part of my life growing up in Chicago. We always sat down for meals; long dinners were the norm in our family. My mom’s side of the family is Italian, so she cooked a lot of the food that she grew up eating. Easy Recipes, TV Shows and Videos.

Browned Brussels With Maple Butter From 'Choosing Sides' Recipe. Crispy Asian Brussels Sprouts. The best crispy brussels sprouts that are sweet, spicy, savory and oh so addicting!

Crispy Asian Brussels Sprouts

Brandon recreated our favorite brussels sprouts, from one of our favorite restaurants, so we don’t have to spend $70 to enjoy them. They’re amazing!! And now for another installment of, “Wow, that dish just blew my mind so now I’m going to spend all weekend figuring out how to recreate it so I don’t have to pay $70 for Brussels sprouts.” $70 Brussels sprouts you ask?

The Brussels were only $10 but we had to pay a sitter to “watch” our sleeping boys $60 so we could leave the house to enjoy this tasty side dish. Now you’re starting to get me. So, these $70 Brussels sprouts. Uchi’s brussels sprouts are like crispy green crack. 30-Minute Tuscan White Bean Skillet. This vegetarian skillet meal is made from pantry staples for a quick weeknight dinner!

30-Minute Tuscan White Bean Skillet

Let’s talk about those nights when you realize that you put off the grocery shopping (again), the fridge is empty (of course), and it’s time for dinner (NOW!). Enter the Tuscan White Bean Skillet (and cue the chorus of angels). You might remember this old Tuscan Chicken Skillet recipe — today’s vegetarian recipe is a riff off of that classic, and I can honestly tell you that I prefer it without the meat.

This skillet is so warm and comforting, with just enough variation in flavor and texture to keep every bite interesting. My very favorite thing about this meal is that it is made from stuff I (almost always) have lying around the house. The only thing I might not have is mushrooms, which I just leave out. Best Cowboy Corn Casserole Recipe - How to Make Cowboy Corn Casserole. There’s No Need To Turn On The Oven To Enjoy These Amazing Brussels Sprouts! – 12 Tomatoes.

Garden Fresh Vegetable Recipes. What is your favorite way to use up all of your garden vegetables?

Garden Fresh Vegetable Recipes

If you don’t have a garden in your backyard there are plenty of farmers markets that sell locally grown vegetables. Here are a few of my favorite Garden Fresh Vegetable Recipes that are perfect for a summer BBQ! As always, please be sure to click on the links above the image to be taken to the original sources and the tutorials. Whole Roasted Cauliflower with Butter Sauce from eatwell Tomato Wedge Salad from food n focus Baked Parmesan Squash from Plain Chicken. Southern Squash Casserole. Caprese Stuffed Portobellos.

These stuffed portobellos are such a delicious way to take care of that caprese craving you have been having! They are filled with a creamy mozzarella cheese, cherry tomatoes, and topped with basil! Just waiting to be demolished at any point in time! Just the way the cheese browns at the top is sooooo mouth watering! Don’t even get me started on butter sauce, and the glaze! Loaded Mashed Cauliflower Recipe. Lemon Asparagus Cauliflower ‘Rice’ Recipe.

Cauliflower "Fried Rice" Recipe. Cauliflower Breadsticks Recipe. Cauliflower Recipes. Amazing Simple Thai Tofu Recipe. Zucchini “Meatballs” These meatless meatballs were a HUGE hit in my house, I even let my neighbors and friends try and everyone loved them! Made with grated zucchini, garlic, Pecorino Romano, basil, bread crumbs and egg, then baked in the oven and finished in a pomodoro sauce. Serve them as an appetizer, over zoodles, whole wheat pasta or with a crusty piece of bread on the side. The Only Zucchini Recipe You'll Ever Need from Lemon Garlic Roasted Cauliflower. Fresh and Delicious Zucchini Recipes. 50 Amazing Zucchini Recipes (for Sneak Some Zucchini on to Your Neighbor's Porch Day) (Originally posted with 20 Zucchini Recipes; updated with more favorites in August 2013.)

It may not be an official government holiday, but gardeners everywhere celebrate August 8 as Sneak Some Zucchini on to Your Neighbor's Porch Day. Recipe for Easy Cheesy Zucchini Bake. When I noticed how many people are visiting my round-up of 20 Zucchini Recipes I knew it was time to share this fantastic new zucchini recipe called Easy Cheesy Zucchini Bake, recommended by my sister Pam. She found the recipe in Penzeys Back to School 2011 Catalog , where it was submitted by Karen Niessing. Pam changed the recipe a little and then I changed it a tiny bit more, and we were both impressed with how this very basic idea of tossing zucchini with a few fresh and dried herbs and cheese and then baking it can produce a dish that's so delicious. I could make an entire meal of this, but it would also be perfect as a zucchini side dish, and Pam told me she ate some of her leftovers for breakfast one day.

My Recipe Magic. Vegetarian Recipe: Zucchini Gratin. Crazy Vegan Cousins. Asiago, Artichoke & Spinach Soufflé Recipe. Asparagus-Goat Cheese Soufflés Recipe. Ratatouille Wanna-Be. I recently spotted what I considered to be the ultimate ratatouille blog post on the blog of talented cook and photographer Bea of La Tartine Gourmande. It inspired me to try my hand at making ratatouille, even though, like Bea, I never liked it when my mother made it either. When it came time to survey my garden for ingredients, I found I couldn't even consider buying eggplant, since I had such a surplus of squash that needed to be used. Besides, eggplant never graced the table during my childhood, so it doesn't seem to me to be an essential component of the dish.

Easy Calabacitas or Squash with Onions, Chiles, and Cheese. I've had a lot of comments from people who like the Easy South Beach Recipes I've been posting which have only five ingredients or less. I'm going to sneak this one in, but you'll need to use a bit of salt and pepper to go with the five main ingredients. Recipe for Julia Child's Eggplant Pizzas (Tranches d'aubergine á l'italienne) Broccoli parmesan fritters.

Last week, it was pointed out to me that among the 750 recipes in the archives, there is but a single recipe that utilizes broccoli. MenuDownload_print. Vegetarian Naan Pizza with Eggplant & Cilantro Jalapeno Pesto Recipe. When I was a kid, the only way my parents could get me to eat eggplant was to take me to a Greek restaurant and set an order of Moussaka in front of me. Maybe it was the cheesy layers, smothered in a creamy Bechamel sauce or maybe it was the hypnotic music and alluring moves of the belly dancers.

The Best Baked Beans Ever. Whoa, Nelly. Butternut Squash Pasta Recipe. Creamy Butternut Squash Pasta. The Vegetarian Kitchen. Parmesan Garlic Roasted Potatoes on Foodie. Lemon Baked Tofu Recipe - Baked Tofu Recipe - Easy Vegetarian Baked Tofu Recipe - Lemon Tofu. Lemon Tofu — OMG Veg! 50 Vegetarian Slow Cooker Recipes. 100 Ways to Cook a Sweet Potato. Chickpea and Date Tagine Recipe. Turkish Chickpea and Potato Stew with Baharat. Three-bean chili. Vegetables. Zucchini Parmesan Crisps. Cauliflower Crust Pizza. Potato and Cheese Pierogi Recipe. Orange Beef-Style Tofu Stir-Fry Recipe.

Tandoori tofu recipe - Vegetarian tofu tandoori recipe - Grilled Indian tofu recipe for vegetarians or vegans. Mushroom bourguignon. Low-Cal Tomato and Squash Crumble. You bought an eggplant. Now What? Butternut Squash Recipes.