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Vegetarian and Vegan Issues

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4 Reasons Why Going Vegan Is Great for Some, But Bad for Others. Debate about whether veganism is a healthy diet for humans or a fast track to deficiency has been raging since time immemorial (or at the very least, since the advent of Facebook comment sections).

4 Reasons Why Going Vegan Is Great for Some, But Bad for Others

The controversy is fueled by ardent claims from both sides of the fence: long-term vegans reporting good health (and insisting anyone who struggles must be “doing it wrong”), and ex-vegs recounting their gradual or rapid decline (in some cases, convinced the day will come when “successful” vegans confess it was all a ruse). Luckily, science is nudging us closer to an understanding of why people respond differently to low- or no-animal-food diets — with a great deal of the answer rooted in genetics and gut health. No matter how nutritionally adequate a vegan diet looks on paper, metabolic variation can determine whether someone thrives or flounders when going meat-free and beyond. 1. Vitamin A Conversion Vitamin A is a true rock star in the nutrient world. Here’s the bad news. 2. 3. 4. This Roasted Vegetable Lasagna (Vegan) Is The Perfect Entree For The Holidays.

Celebrate the holidays with this nourishing and delicious plant-based roasted veggie lasagna.

This Roasted Vegetable Lasagna (Vegan) Is The Perfect Entree For The Holidays

Credit: Move aside, Tofurky, there’s tastier fare in town. If you think plant-based food is flavorless and difficult to palate, you haven’t indulged in the right dishes. Introducing… An incredibly scrumptious (did we mention plant-based?) And hearty roasted vegetable lasagna your relatives and friends are sure to drool over. Not only is vegetarian cuisine better for your health, it’s been proven to benefit the environment in more ways than one. This holiday season, know you’re doing your body a solid by eating vibrant, veggie cuisine, and pat yourself on the back for saving the animals with your ethically sound choices.

The recipe is courtesy of, excerpted from Crossroads by Tal Ronnen with Scot Jones. Serves: 8-12 Ingredients: Directions: To serve: Divide the remaining 1 cup pesto among eight to twelve plates, spreading it out with the back of a spoon. Is Tofu Healthy Or Bad For You? A Science-Based Approach. “Stay away from soy, and soy-based products such as tofu.

Is Tofu Healthy Or Bad For You? A Science-Based Approach

They cause many health problems and can even KILL YOU!” Sound familiar? That’s because this type of alarmist message is widespread. All you need to do is type tofu + health in any search engine and you’ll be bombarded with articles touting the harm of tofu and the health dangers of soy. But is tofu really as bad for you as these articles make it seem?

You’ll recognize the alarmist type of message I’m talking about in any of the following claims:Tofu is an unhealthy processed food.Soy-based products block the absorption of minerals and injures your insides.Soy-based products messes with your thyroid function and slows down your metabolism.Tofu will give you breast cancer.Soy-based products makes men less manly.Soy-based infant formula is dangerous to babies. That’s enough to scare anyone into never wanting to get close to a block of tofu again! In other words, the negative effects of soy are largely overstated! Former McDonald’s Exec Joins Board Of Beyond Meat, Promotes Plant-based Diet. Don Thompson is taking his 26 years of expertise to the faux meat company Beyond Meat.

Former McDonald’s Exec Joins Board Of Beyond Meat, Promotes Plant-based Diet

Credit: Don Thompson, the former CEO of McDonald’s, has seen the future of meat and has decided it’s plant-based. After McDonald’s experienced a lull in sales earlier this March, Thompson left the fast-food giant and joined the board of Beyond Meat. The California startup company seeks to supplant beef and chicken and eggs with plant-based alternatives. Already in over 7,500 stores in the US, the company is championing alternatives to meat and dairy and finding success among the public. Scientists Have Finally Discovered Why Consuming Red Meat Causes Cancer. Until recently, the reason WHY red meat causes cancer hasn’t been understood.

Scientists Have Finally Discovered Why Consuming Red Meat Causes Cancer

But this breakthrough changes everything… Many people grew up being urged to eat pork, beef, and dairy products for their health, but in recent years have received advice to cut back on animal products – especially red meat. According to a number of studies, the consumption of red meat is linked with increased risk for cancer(s), atherosclerosis (heart disease), stroke, Alzheimer’s, and even Type II Diabetes… But until now, researchers have not exactly understood why. As The Telegraph reports, scientists from the University of California in San Diego believe it mainly has to do with sugar. The Health Wyze Report. Attention Vegetarians: 8 Foods with Hidden Animal Products. Elizabeth Renter| Naturalsociety | Aug 29th 2014 There are a multitude of reasons that people abstain from animal products in their diet.

Attention Vegetarians: 8 Foods with Hidden Animal Products

For religious reasons, health reasons, environmental reasons, or to protect animals. But whatever your cause, you should take the time to get informed about all the foods that may contain hidden animal products. Lists like this have been written again and again, but with good reason. Without them, vegans and vegetarians who are new to the lifestyle, or those who simply trust the food industry to be transparent, may unknowingly eat meat or animal-derived ingredients.