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Vegetarian dishes

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KAJU KATLI RECIPE | INDIAN DIWALI SWEET RECIPES. I have tried Kaju katli two three times before and dint get it right. This time I again wanted to try and yeah, I got it right! So wanted to keep this recipe here in my blog. I referred two blogger friend’s blog this time,here and here. It tasted exactly like we get from sweet shops and loved it!

I found out the mistake I did previous times, the powdering part has always been a trouble to me. Before this I used to grind the cashews I keep in the fridge, so while grinding, it became sticky and dint get powdered properly. Raks anandIndianSweet Prep Time: 10 mins | Cook time: 20 mins | Makes: 14 pieces Ingredients Method Powder the cashews in a dry mixer. Boil sugar with water and keep stirring. At this stage,low the flame add the powdered cashew and keep stirring.Say for 3-4 minutes in low flame and your mixture gets thick and starts boiling, switch off the flame. Notes: I used milk only as my mixture was dry while kneading. Your Kaju Katli is ready now to enjoy! Malai Kofta. Malai Kofta Recipe | Malai Kofta Gravy - Restaurant Style.

Malai Kofta is a rich savoury curry/gravy from the Moghlai origin.Koftas made and added to a rich tomato cream base sauce which serves as a great side dish for rotis or even pulaos. Malai Kofta is one of my fav orders in restaurants - I like both the white sauce and the tomato based one.It is meant to be rich as the name suggests Malai - Cream , Kofta - Dumplings made out cheese and veggies. Malai Kofta is not a dish we make everyday it is meant for special occassions so dont feel guilty and enjoy the royal indulgence :) I made the kofta balls and tried both deep frying and toasting in a paniyaram pan and I felt no difference when added to the gravy, have showed both the ways in steps so its your preference to choose :) Preparation Time : 20 mins | Cooking Time : 25 mins | Serves : 2Recipe Category: Sidedish | Recipe Cuisine: North Indian | Recipe Reference: VahChef For the kofta: For the malai gravy: To temper: Shahi Jeera - 1/2 tspGinger Garlic paste - 1 tsp Method: Grate the paneer.

Basic cucumber raita | The captious vegetarian. On my sister’s final night in Saarbruecken I made dosas and an Indian dish with okra and onions. Hanaleah claimed not to like dosas (too spicy) or okra, but she really liked both my dishes. To go along with the dosas, Hanaleah decided to make raita. She started out with this Epicurious recipe for traditional cucumber raita, substituted red onions for the scallions, and added lemon juice and salt. Her raita was excellent, and although the recipe is quite simple, I wanted to remember it, so decided to post it here. 1 cup plain yogurt1 cup finely chopped cucumber (unpeeled)2 tablespoons finely chopped fresh cilantro1 Tablespoon finely chopped red onions1/4 teaspoon ground coriander1/4 teaspoon ground cumin1?

Here’s a raita recipe from the cookbook “Classic Indian Vegetarian and Grain Cooking” by Julie Sahni: She says it can be made 5-6 hours in advance, and makes 4 servings. I went over to my friend Anusha’s for dinner and she made a really tasty raita. Like this: Like Loading... Cucumber Raita Recipe (Indian Yogurt sauce recipes)

Ever since I was asked for a raita recipe, I have been trying to take photos of one. Its indeed astounding that I have not been posting them even though I make it at least 3-4 times a week. Yogurt is a must-have ingredient for us and I use them in so many ways - raita being one. I have tried so many different varieties of raita, each one marginally different from another but with subtle hint to unique flavors. I love cucumber raita - especially during the summer where the cucumber offers cooling effects to the body. I also love this with spicy and hot foods since the cucumber balances the heat and mellows down the spicyness of the food.

Me being a huge fan of Greek yogurt, I use them for making my raita. Basic Information Prep Time: Under 15 min Serves: 2 people Ingredients 2 cups thick plain Yogurt (make sure its not sour. Method Add the yogurt along with the spices in a bowl. Beat well until it becomes smooth. Add the grated cucumber and mix well. Then add the chopped cucumber to the mix. Dahi Ke Aloo (Potato and Yogurt Soup) for Navratri and a guest post on Eat Live Run. That time of year is here again. Back home this was the time when monsoon would begin to wave a bye bye. After days and weeks of playing hide and seek, sun would finally decide to show up and umbrellas would go back to the closet giving way to woolen pullovers and shawls. This would tell its time for festivals and celebrations. And right now we are in the middle of one such celebration or as someone recently said, "in the middle of celebration of mother! ". The time when we celebrate Maa the embodiment of strength, knowledge, prosperity, nurture and Shakti.

Today I did the same. Ok, raise your hand if you don’t like potatoes … everyone loves potatoes! Dahi is hindi for yogurt and Aloo means potatoes. But if you want to take it up a notch then serve them with nice and crisp parathas (pan fried flatbreads). Method: Mash the potatoes. To all my friends who celebrate, wishing you all Shubh Navratri! Dum Aloo. The other day I found these gorgeous fingerling potatoes in the supermarket and just picked up thinking that I have to make something out of it.

Then they were sitting at a corner in my kitchen hoping to be picked, for days and today was the day. I used them to make Dum Aloo. Dum in hindi means pressure and aloo is potatoe so you know Dum Aloo means 'pressure cooked potatoes'.Traditionally food is placed in a pot, usually made of clay, and dough is used to create a tight seal to prevent the steam from escaping. So the food is slowly cooked in its own juices, allowing the herbs and spices to fully infuse into it, while preserving the nutritional elements at the same time. No we will not be doing that.

Facts: Dum Aloo is a part of Kashmiri cuisine. Ingredients: Method: The first thing you have to do is clean you potatoes and poke a few holes onto them using a tooth pick or a fork. Heat a thick bottom pan. You Dum Aloo is almost ready. Tadka tomato dal and green tomato chutney - Summer Fest. Recently I was browsing through food blogs and stumbled upon something really interesting. Margaret Roach and a few more bloggers have joined together to celebrate peak harvest season by a cross-blog event called the Summer Fest.

The event invites all interested bloggers to contribute in whatever way they want. So you can swap your recipe or tips about the particular harvest ingredient which is the theme for that particular week. I thought it was a cool idea and felt compelled to contribute a recipe of mine as well. This week's theme was tomatoes. Tomato is such an important part of Indian cooking. There's so much you can do with it and at the same time not a lot you can do without it. Then I came down to a few options and decided to make something that everyone can make in their kitchen irrespective of the fact that they are familiar to Indian spices or not. I love any kind of dal (lentils) mostly because I love how something so simple and straightforward gives such burst of flavors.

A Simple Hindu Pooja Meal. We celebrated Dussehra yesterday! Dussehra is a Hindu festival which is celebrated all over India under different names and ways but all have a common reason - celebrate the triumph of good over evil. According to Hindu mythology, Lord Rama worshiped Goddess Durga who is an epitome of the nine aspects of a woman - strength, patience and kindness being some of them. Lord Rama asked for all those powers from the goddess to help him fight Ravana (evil) - the abductor of his wife Sita. He worshiped the goddess for nine days and finally defeated the evil on the tenth day which is celebrated by Hindus all over the world as Dussehra.

Hindus believe that little girls are a form of goddess and she is smiling over families that are blessed with little girls. There are a few restrictions in regards to food that is served today. Poori - Deep fried Indian bread Ingredients: 1 1/2 cups whole wheat flour 1 tsp salt 1 tsp ajwain seeds (optional) 1/3-2/3 cup water Oil for deep frying Method: Method: Dal Makhani.. Lentils at its perfection!

You know how some things or some food always remind you of someone. Sometimes because of the story related to it or sometimes probably because of the person's love for it. Well! Whenever I have to make urad ki daal ( black lentils) it never fails to remind me of my father-in -law. He loves urad daal so much that my mom-in-law even jokingly says that " He met urad before he met me, so I can't complain". You should listen to him when he talks about it and tells you how his childhood is connected to that daal.

How he would come back from school and as soon as he would step on the street heading to his home he would know that mother has a special treat for him today. Its so strange how something as little as a simple daal (lentil) can bring back with it so many memories. Facts: Dal makhani is a treasured staple food, originally from Punjab in North India. Method: Soak the red kidney beans in water overnight or else atleast for 6-8 hours. Tadka tomato dal and green tomato chutney - Summer Fest.