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Untitled. Welcome to Vph-Share Master Interface. Research & Development - Resonance Health. Non-invasive Liver Fibrosis Measurement Resonance Health is currently in the research and development stages for the non-invasive detection and measurement of liver fibrosis.

Research & Development - Resonance Health

We are committed to eliminating the need for painful and costly liver biopsies for fibrosis measurement; currently the most widely used measurement technique. Measurement of liver fibrosis is important in diseases such as Hepatitis C and Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD). We are currently using state-of-the-art algorithms on clinical magnetic resonance image data to develop the technology.

Ziehm Imaging: The C-arm company. Holorad: home. Home. Tissue Simulation & Phantom Technology - CIRS. Millimeter-wave Imaging and Sensors - Davis Millimeter Wave Research. Millimeter wave and THz imaging are proving to be valuable adjuncts to visible, IR, and X-ray imaging systems.

Millimeter-wave Imaging and Sensors - Davis Millimeter Wave Research

The advantage of millimeter wave radiation is that, in addition to clear weather day and night operation, it can also be used in low visibility conditions such as in smoke, fog, clouds and even sandstorms. In this way, millimeter wave imaging expands our vision by letting us “see” things under poor visibility conditions. With this extended vision ability, a wide range of military imaging missions would benefit, such as surveillance, precision targeting, navigation, search and rescue. In the commercial realm, aircraft landing aids, airport operations, and highway traffic monitoring in fog can also benefit from MMW imaging. Top Italian Scientists. Horizon 2020. Opportunities at CCNL — Computational Cognitive Neuroscience Lab. Groups. The land where math creates innovation. MOXOFF S.r.l. PhysioNet. NIMG - NeuroImaging Platform. Research Tools — INCF Neuroinformatics Portal.

U2B - Il Marketplace degli studenti universitari a supporto delle aziende. ICVS. About Fernanda Marques (FM) has obtained a BSc in Applied Biology [Universityof Minho (UM), 2001] and received her PhD in Health Sciences, in 2008, from the School of Health Sciences (ECS, UM).


During her PhD, FM moved to Italy for characterization of the animal model of multiple sclerosis (MS), with Professor Francesca Aloisi (Department of Cell Biology and Neuroscience) and then to Los Angeles, for transcriptomic studies with Professor Daniel Geschwind(UCLA Neurogenetics Program, USA). As a postdoc, FM moved to Brazil where shereceived additional training in bioinformatic tools (provided by Professor HelenaBrentani, Cancer Hospital). During her career, FM significantly contributed to the neurosciences field showing that the choroid plexus (CP) [that is part ofthe barriers of the brain and the major site of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF)production] actively contributes to normal physiology.

Relevant publications: 9.Marques F, Sousa JC, Correia-Neves M, Oliveira P, Sousa N, PalhaJA. Building a Culture of Excellence from the Ground up. Author Alicia Campbell Facility Director CMC-Waxhaw North Carolina This article discusses the key steps taken to hire and create a team at a new facility and details the education and onboarding that was used, as well as the foundations required to create a culture of excellence.

Building a Culture of Excellence from the Ground up

Streamlined management of Horizon 2020. This measure satisfies the Member States requirements, as, while in December 2013 they approved a 30 per cent budget increase for Horizon 2020 over the Framework Programme 7, they also urged the Commission to cut staff by 5 per cent.

Streamlined management of Horizon 2020

The main objective is to separate the administrative side of the Horizon 2020 management from the policy making activities. The main changes are as follows: • Stronger policy-focus: Over time, the people throughout the DG will shift more towards policy issues like (e.g., completion of the European Research Area, which includes measures to abolish barriers to the mobility of researchers, a full roll out of open access to publications and open recruitment in universities) Welcome. Home. Cambridge University: Neurosurgery Unit. Chronic Cerebrospinal Venous Insufficiency (CCSVI) Background. Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a chronic demyelinating disease of the central nervous system of unknown origin.

Chronic Cerebrospinal Venous Insufficiency (CCSVI) Background

Since the time of Charcot, a relationship between the cerebral veins and the inflammatory lesions associated with MS has been consistently reported (1,2). Titolo pagina. AeroDron. AeroDron si rivolge prevalentemente alla pubblica amministrazione dando il suo contributo alla sperimentazione e alla ricerca di nuove applicazioni laddove i sorvoli a bassa quota, la tempestività dell'intervento, l'alta risoluzione e i costi contenuti possono fare la differenza.


Il maker di supereroi. Stimolazione cerebrale per imparare prima, pro e contro. Il Gps nel cervello. Master MACOPS di Coordinamento delle Professioni Sanitarie LUM · Formazione infermieri e Management Sanitario. Human Brain Project - Home. Peace corps for geeks, il primo corpo di pace a servizio dei maniaci tecnologici. Come vedere una nanoparticella. Drew Endy. Bio Drew Endy developed the world's first "fabless" genetic engineering teaching lab in the new Bioengineering program at Stanford and previously helped start the Biological Engineering major at MIT.

Drew Endy

His Stanford research team develops genetically encoded computers and redesigns genomes. He co-founded the BioBricks Foundation as a public-benefit charity supporting free-to-use standards and technology that enable the engineering of biology ( He co-organized the International Genetically Engineered Machines ( competition, the BIOFAB International Open Facility Advancing Biotechnology (, and Gen9, Inc. 3DGIS sistemi informativi territoriali. Innovation in Sciences & Technologies - Is TECH. Biotechnology from desert. Chi sono i migliori inventori d’Europa?


Nanotech. Radiology & MRI. » Products » Medfield Diagnostics. Medfield Diagnostics microwave technology complements other imaging principles in two main ways. Firstly microwaves sense dielectric properties and provide high contrast for biological matter with different water content, thus enabling clearer diagnosis of for example blood in brain tissue or tumours in breast tissue. Secondly microwave instruments can be more compact and thus used earlier in the healthcare chain, in emergency rooms and in ambulances. Strokefinder Stroke is placed third among reasons for acute death and first among reasons for neurological dysfunction, resulting in most hospital days and is therefore the most costly disease within western world health care. Quick diagnosis of stroke type has been highly demanded since the beginning of 2000, when usage of thrombolytic therapy in acute stroke treatment became internationally approved.

Sales of the first product R10 leading doctors and researchers at university hospitals. Impending Applications. Profile: Timothy Roberts, PhD. I am the Vice Chair of Research in the Department of Radiology of the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.

Profile: Timothy Roberts, PhD

I have a particular interest in how the brain of a person with autism processes sounds, words and pictures. Molecular Imaging and Contrast Agent Database.