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25 Business Lessons and Life Lessons from AIESEC - Transpiral A month ago I had the wonderful opportunity to chair an AIESEC conference after five years of being missing in action. It was amazing to reflect on and realize how much I have grown after my five-year investment into AIESEC. AIESEC has been the major defining factor of my success because it gave me loads of opportunities to fail… yes to fail, because if are not comfortable with failing then you can never succeed. 1. Every AIESECer has to do this no matter how ridiculous. I think about the Harlem Shake I was part of or belly dancing in front of 1000 people in Estonia and realize without AIESEC I wouldn’t have done those things. 2. When I joined AIESEC, I could barely speak in front of a crowd. During my experiences, I even had the opportunity to run workshops internationally in Singapore, Morocco, Tunisia and Turkey to over a 1000 people from 100 countries. 3. You also get to work in various teams at a local, regional, national and international level, both virtually and in person. 4.