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General Wesley Clark: Wars Were Planned - Seven Countries In Five Years

General Wesley Clark: Wars Were Planned - Seven Countries In Five Years

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War On Cash Goes Into Full Effect — Citibank Stops Accepting Cash At Multiple Branches - TruthTheory By Jack Burns via The Free Thought Project In 2015, as a guest on Ron Paul’s Liberty Report, Economics Professor Joseph Salerno warned of a coming war on cash. Apparently, now, that time has come. Governments loathe cash transactions because they’re private and hard to tax.

Steven Seagal: 'Mass Shootings In U.S Are Engineered.' Actor Steven Seagal has appeared on Russia Today where he stated in an interview that he believes many of the mass shootings in America are 'Engineered', this is in line with the rhetoric of many conspiracy theorists who believe the mass shootings that have happened across America are engineered to make the people accept the idea of Gun Control. The Sandy Hook shooting has been especially controversial amongst conspiracy theorists, with some claiming that actors were used. There is also much debate surrounding the movie theatre that got shot up. Many conspiracy theorists do not accept that the perpetrator would have been able to gain access to the vast amount of weapons he was reportedly found with. Personally I see this both ways, yet it makes little sence either way.

Page 2 of Article: Neocons' Noses Into the Syrian Tent Cross-posted from Consortium News Jackson Diehl, deputy editorial page editor of the Washington Post.(image by Consortium News) Now that President Barack Obama has begun airstrikes inside Syria against the terrorist Islamic State -- with the tacit but not explicit approval of Syria's government -- Official Washington's ever-influential neoconservatives hope they can pressure Obama into a major "mission creep," to also attack and destroy the Syrian air force. Like the proverbial camel with its nose into the tent, the neocons are trying to push beyond the U.S.

Panicked super rich buying boltholes with private airstrips to escape if poor rise up Super rich hedge fund managers are buying 'secret boltholes' where they can hideout in the event of civil uprising against growing inequality, it has been claimed. Nervous financiers from across the globe have begun purchasing landing strips, homes and land in areas such as New Zealand so they can flee should people rise up. With growing inequality and riots such as those in London in 2011 and in Ferguson and other parts of the USA last year, many financial leaders fear they could become targets for public fury.

10 Places You Aren’t Allowed To Go; #8 Will Blow Your Mind No, we’re not talking about that hot new club down the street. These are the secretive sports for bigwigs in the corporate world and higher-up government officials. Men in black can stop reading right here… 10. Club 33, Disneyland, CA, USA. It may not be under governmental control, but as these things go it might be just as hard to get through the door. 10 Myths About Obama’s Latest War in Iraq and Syria This misadventure in Syria and Iraq—and yes, it is a war—will spell the ultimate failure for the Obama presidency. (Photo: U.S. Navy/MC1 Trevor Welsh) Veteran foreign correspondent Reese Erlich was in northern Iraq at the start of the U.S. bombing campaign against Islamic State. He interviewed Kurdish leaders, peshmerga fighters and U.S. officials. He says the reality on the ground is far different from the propaganda coming out of Washington.

Scientific study reveals conspiracy theorists the most sane of all (NaturalNews) If you're a conspiracy theorist, then you're crazy, right? That's been the common belief for years, but recent studies prove that just the opposite is true. Researchers -- psychologists and social scientists, mostly -- in the U.S. and United Kingdom say data indicate that, contrary to those mainstream media stereotypes, "conspiracy theorists" appear to be more sane than people who accept official versions of controversial and contested events. The most recent study was published in July 2013 by psychologists Michael J. Wood and Karen M.

All European newborn Babies will be Microchipped from December 2016 Détails Are you prepared to live in a world in which every newborn baby is micro-chipped? And finally are you ready to have your every move tracked, recorded and placed in Big Brother’s data bank? According to the Finnish article, distributed to doctors and medical students, time is running out for changing the direction of military medicine and mind control technology, ensuring the future of human freedom.